Starring Cascades

Okay so a strange statement to make and one that can be troublesome to demonstrate to the most intransigent of peoples and persons or indeed typically those of us who have not experienced ideas such as Neuro plasticity and so on.

So also we can of course ponder as to meanings across multiple models. I was typically speculating as to whether I could or could not come up with some working or otherwise than enabled myself to stop using my regularly or oft used term cross-realm. By that I mean that if something pre-exists or indeed post exists as a unified model within any given person’s noggin then we do not necessarily require referring to the internal as a cross-realm, though of course the external for the vast majority of any given populace is always going to be referred as a cross-realm, in the sense of not necessarily being that attuned to any given persons model of reality.

So after suddenly thinking AH-HA CASCADES, I found myself then thinking about the so-called “Law Of Attraction” Dynamics that we are often being told operates as some kind of supernatural theory of everything and what is wrong with that idea as proposed by those who are most closely associated with the teachings and so on.

So before The Law Of Attraction was coined as a group of symbols together forming a kind of group branding, what was it that propelled differing peoples and persons to various versions of success, some who may claim fits the “Law Of Attraction” model whilst others more likely say or state otherwise. I know even some of those who featured within the film “The Secret” have often claimed that the underlying version that they have is given the wrong impression within the film, I not having seen “The Secret” cannot comment beyond suggesting that what I have read and learnt from various gurus within those “Secret” realms is the more classic model of Starring Cascades.

What is Starring Cascades?

Okay I wrote earlier about this idea of tumblers within an arcade machine all falling into a kind of winning formula jackpot sequence and clearly when you think about all the realities whether those proposed by Religious Gurus or those proposed by Scientific peoples and persons and indeed many others inbetween, what we can say is that STARRING CASCADES.

So some bloke called, Jesus, Mohammed, Budha et al, became so well known that followers wrote about them and then themselves became famous peoples and persons for having written about the starring person.

So some bloke called Newton, Einstein, Hawking et al, became so well known that followers wrote about them and then themselves became famous peoples and persons for having written about the starring person.

Of course one of those I have written upon is related to Religion’s whilst the other is related to Science, though we can demonstrate the same principle in action across any given realm that you care to mention whether it is Economics or History or Geography or Mathematics or English and so on and so on.

So some peoples struggle with what a cascade is and the easiest tool that I can think of is to get out a classic set of dominoes, stand them in a line and then tumble the first into the second and watch as they all succumb to the cascading principle.

That is of course the good news, as has been pointed out by several guru’s and indeed demonstrated within my life for a number of years, cascades are NEUTRAL they could in theory propel you to super heights of Success and stardom or just as easily to your grave and wars and friction and seemingly inescapable puzzles and conundrums.

So why do I think on the domino effect, well I was thinking about the realm of computers once again and I think I wrote upon the Arm Holding Technologies and why they are so popular now although when initially developed were somewhat way ahead of many a usage that industrialists and so on could come up for them.

Typically silicon chip manufacturing was in earlier days troublesome in the way that many chips created had to simply be thrown away due to impurities within the base silicon being used for production, the impurities often rendering any given point of imprint upon the silicon useless.

Arm got around this by changing the system by which the manufacturing process was conducted. They would typically (as an example) plot a set of grid points across a sheet of silicon and then some artificial intelligence styled algorithms would create circuits that worked around impure sectors within the base silicon. That is a typical waste reduction strategy and indeed maximisation of usage of a given material.

Likewise the Arm architecture is highly transportable hence its popularity within the Worlds gadgets industry.

So anyway I came to the conclusion that a similarly styled mental architecture or framework could be fashioned within our noggin’s, we are often told by experts that we are not utilising vast swathes of our brains and so on, and again we can see that particular words within our lives are indeed themselves more portable than others across many designated models of existence and reality and so on.

So what realms or models can we use the word CASCADE within?

Well waves are often described as cascade, and dominos as suggested above, and thoughts can be suggested to cascade into overwhelm, and I am quite sure that the term cascade can be found within science and within biology and in chemistry and that is why I think the IDEA of utilising a Principle of Cascade could do wonders for many peoples in bringing them to states of awareness and so on.

Clearly I think many earlier mathematic models used within theories such-as fractals can also demonstrate the so-called cascade effect and indeed demonstrate that idea of within and without and the idea of a zoom within a zoom and so on.

Likewise combining this article with what I wrote yesterday, you might consider time or the continuum as being cascade like in nature when we consider how many of us stumble upon the truth and then lose it again just as quickly as though the dominoes were slightly to far apart, another ah-ha perhaps for some folks.

So we can of course feel that we are highly developed with this set of ideas and principles within this realm over here without ever realising just how much are the same within this other realm over there and I was thinking you could develop some kind of cascade model that once having occurred on one level creates that new level of clarity and so on, and likewise can still occur over and over again at new levels and so on when cellular links and theories and so on are created or developed and so on.

So many of us are of course demonstrably suffering due to not experiencing neuro plasticity fast enough (I think) possibly wrong though I can certainly vouch for the fact that without The Holosync Solution Stimulus my somewhat aging brain was typically so solid in terms of blood cells and architecture that no matter how much I wanted to release the negative tumbler effect and follow some great wizard masters and so on, the old locked in patterning’s were somewhat locked in. Clearly I think that a neuro plasticity model + stimulus plus an understanding of some of those cascade like principles can change the perspective and view upon the World for anyone, at any time of life.

So yes that is a brief outline on a word combination that I thought more neutral perhaps than “The law of attraction” Starring cascades. What I also though useful was of course the idea of opening up unexplored mental territories, typically of course we often learnt to become dominant with one side of the brains thinking processes and systems of usages at pretty damned young ages and in wanting to bridge or regain or recover usage of those greater mental capacities I again though well a cascade principle or model based in a modular fashion perhaps working on some of the arm holding like artificial intelligence modelling that can be integrated through cross hemispheric communication systems would be fantastic.

That perhaps one of those great dilemmas of fear of the dark or unexplored ancient historical realms within one’s own noggin, though if you think of the brain as being akin to a castle in the sky with lots of secret chambers and hidden puzzles and doorways to be explored and then open those long lost regions and so on-you often come to see that fears from babyhood and so on are often no longer relevant to your life now and can be released, and when you release some of those ancient fears and psychologies, you are perhaps “POTENTIALLY” less likely to run into the constant war zones and negative frictions from peoples and persons about yourself because you are perhaps no longer holding the “like attracts like” model. Whereby being exposed to some TV/Film, media, radio or whatever show in young childhood should not mean you are forever going to find yourself on the receiving end of the jackboot crowd and so on.

These things are always up for debate, though I shall of course continue to monitor and think upon whatever comes up for myself on these journaling like soiree’s and expeditions.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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