Cosmic Ribbon Initiatives

So I spoke at Christmas Time as to how the work premise Christmas tree or Xmas tree as some or many a non-religious celebrator calls it had at the top a ribbon and of course whilst that may not mean much to some folks I can of course get some linkages going as to either linear or indeed non-linear ideas of associations and so on.

Typically for many a person of course you will find a ribbon upon a gift and typically of course if you are carrying out a particular module where you are recommended to draw the gift and recall the gift and so on then it is perhaps a worthwhile venture to carry out.

Likewise of course I have spoken on this idea as to influence and manipulation and sources and resources and very often suggested force feedback, however it can of course be suggested that as young children or indeed viewers of imaginative futuristic realms on film and TV that what is actually occurring to you on those occasions is a kind of force forward, especially in encouraging the building blocks of thought and imagination and so on and of course it has been demonstrated that some folks find cross-hemispheric materials and ideas come to themselves easy whilst some of us perhaps have through schooling or peer pressure or however become over-lateralised.

So anyway I got to thinking about some of these topics and issues during the course of this week and found my mind drifting back to those ribbon like topics and thoughts hence my mentioning it.

Typically of course we can say well I remember the day when I got my first computer and it was full of those ribbon like cables and likewise others can perhaps imagine having owned belts and ties and indeed braces and genuine ribbon for ribbon uses during the course of their lives.

Anyway I did of course take the Spiritual Code course at one point during the last year or two and that course typically though unbeknownst to myself included some of Marie Diamonds visualization techniques and exercises, that I was generally at that time mostly unfamiliar with, still heavily Holosync Solution at that point I think and indeed simply listening and trying to induce as much overwhelm as at many levels at the same time as possible.

As I have reduced my Stronger meditation and started using more of the modalities and indeed carrying out some of those most simple of exercises included within the modalities I have of course started getting more and more ah-ha’s why did I not realise or see that earlier and it may well have typically been my rushing through the stronger meditation that left myself somewhat confused and conflicted as to many things going on about the courses.

Anyway I typically have come to see that the processes with long enough usage and repetition do finally start giving you those daylight breakthrough’s and so on.

So what am I wittering on about, well of course part of the idea of some of the attuning is of course to find some underlying foundational alignment with how we as a species and race arrived at present day teachings and lessons and learnings and indeed of course to perhaps contribute to speculating upon distant futures for the so-called next generation of peoples and persons who come to some of these Technologies and products.

One typically that I am at present carrying out is of course Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now and that is of course geared toward getting people to perhaps better utilise some of the teachings and lessons in a more cohesive fashion than they may be at present. Whilst I have not been writing as much on this blog I have found myself constantly scribbling and making notes in one of my larger books and so on. Typically of course given the round-robin like nature of cause effect and indeed progress As I have tried to explain on many occasion, it can be best left to those who have demonstrable strategies to teach them and likewise some of the circular arguments I think can also be left behind for many of us, it is of course interesting in that I have been seeking to think about writing comedy elements within my work and because of the way in which comedy often comes about some natural some well thought through, it can actually be a quite serious business, simply taking some news item and making a quip upon it is of course something that many of us are good at thought getting folks to genuinely think even deeper on some topic and highlight the complete and utter absurdity and bizarre nature of some events really can take some getting used to.

I see that Cern is once again being reported upon and the Hadron Collider has begun warming up for adventures in never space or however these theoretical realms and zones are designated.

So yes I spoke on CASCADES because I thought well if you want cross-realm triggers that bring peoples and persons to awareness and so on then you require some unilateral terms and phrases, typically some say well all these objects are all about us and they have not done me any harm, can I have next week of for a hospital appointment.

So typically coming to terms with getting to those deeper ideas as reality as process really is a strange concept.

I know for instance that I avoided doing mind maps for many books and likewise perhaps for my own life yet when I stopped procrastinating and said write here are some pointers about myself (these were based on the precept “WHO IS BEST PLACED TO TELL THIS STORY”).

So anyway I could of course say well Aunt Mona drunkenly told myself of at this age on this occasion (there were many) at this location. Or likewise I failed this exam and had to re-sit it during this year, or I lived at this location and these are the thoughts related to that address. Typically of course for any sequence of events we often seek to diverge about things we want to avoid discussing, when in fact I have often found as I have continued within my own blog whether private or published or within my other books that the best option especially in conjunction with the technologies is to face those things that we believe we are responsible for (whether psychologically concluded to have been good bad or otherwise because very often as the saying goes we can find benefits and greater seeds of enlightenment within our failings than we can in our success) according to many a guru.

So yes draw and draw and draw and write and write and expand the words and squash the words and curl your lips over your teeth and say “you never say tie University” and whatever funny combinations and quirks and stimulus triggers you can come up with or fashion for yourself and friends.

Yes I drifted once again though it is always worth writing and noting and keep on going, I had some strange thoughts occur today and ah-ha’s as a result simply through having kept going, I think that perhaps part of this idea of the recent Write Now Module Be Authentic and find your VOICE and so on, for many folks of course, early on it can seem as though you are in continuance of having your voice taken away though I really do think that the last year or so of new modules has gone into another orbit from my own experiencing of them and so on, as though something was not shifting the zones or processes or however fast enough.

What else well in fact part of my thinking and related to the ribbons was of course Numerology once again, I of course born on a 8, 11 typically like many peoples become curious as to meanings given to numbers related to myself and indeed interaction with other numbering systems and so on. Anyway I thought about the obvious many times in recent years, though clearly the number 8 is typically what might be used as a basis for a kind of feedback and return system and likewise when we drift into La-di-da realms for the ladies many a flower is begun with the drawing of that kind of shape and indeed when we look to wave forms and shapes within Science and so on, we come to see similar type patterning’s, it can for instance be suggested that the binaurial beat stimulus creates a patterning through your brain that again when looked upon at particular angle created a string of that 8 shape image. Yes strange though true I was thinking on this topic for my writings and of course given the spiritual realm teachings being included and so-called historical or classical Master Key Systems (that were developed apparently during 19th Century), I can to the conclusion that whilst each and every number was given a particular purpose, it does seem that 8 is a kind of global adaptor in the sense that it can be created for instance by overlapping 3’s (for those Pye officionado’s) and so on, so whilst I talk of catching a bad dose and so on it may well just have been related to the effects or benefits or otherwise of my numbers, a foundational teaching is of course that we all have to take what we have and look for the benefits rather than the otherwise. So I can perhaps say, well I understand the Universal Translator or Adaptor like functioning of the 8 and thankfully because I know have enough awareness and so on I can choose and have options as to who I do or do not become entangled with in some spiritual or indeed physical realm fashion so to speak, I perhaps throughout my life having gone through phases of having large entanglement and then limited and I can now see given the interaction between the physical realms and the spiritual realms and so on how I can better maintain being grounded in my awareness and knowledge, of auras and so magnetic resonance and so on, releasing when I have the opportunity to and so on. So yes when you bump into people and you learn of their numbers or indeed any alphanumerical combinations you can perhaps wonder as to the purpose of your numbers and symbols in combination with these other people’s numbers and symbols and so on. Strange though true I have come to see that whilst they say “all life is suffering” you can most definitely take greater truths with you on your journey and find the learning or answers to many a long held issue, quite simply through internal inquiry and indeed asking appropriate questions and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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