So Desperate For Something To Write About On Blog

David turns to the news articles and headlines upon his gadget and, oh is that it, the Duly elected President of FIFA resigns shortly after winning the vote to retain his position, okay kind of makes sense given the timing of the International arrests shortly prior to the day of the vote.

You are not guilty of anything, simply for being INVESTIGATED, that is one of the great tragedies of words and phrases such as helping with enquiries and so on. Clearly many a person throughout life especially when a little older is likely to be guilty of something, even if not the deeds and so on that they are being hauled in and questioned about.

My own interest of course comes from the fact that in those preceding days I saw a report that stated that Sepp Blatter’s name was Joseph Blatter. Wow REVELATION.

I have on many occasion of course tried to demonstrate the breakdown between language and symbols and sonic’s and sounds, speed them up and slow them down and spell it out in in untrained or untutored fashion. Anyway I have long maintained that little difference exists if any between YOURSELF & JOSEPH and several other variations when put through sound bite analysis.

Clearly such things are not all that big an interest to vast swathes of population earth ZOO. Though those who kind of understand all the various international mechanisms and so on and that all life is seemingly creating or contributing your part of HISTORY can of course reinterpret or translate into another format and so on to facilitate mental breakthrough’s or otherwise if none are forthcoming or shrugged shoulders at in a kind of taken for granted “everyone knows that” non-conscious fashion.

I however say that everyone knowing is not the point. Especially when it comes to seeking to create remedies as to understanding conscious versus non-conscious issues and the effects they may or otherwise be having upon any given individual within a populace.

What else stood out, well I saw an article reporting on the son (potentially) spoilt brat kid (even though he is a grown man in his mid-twenties), of a major film star and some of his behaviours in attention seeking to make himself a celebratory. The phrase that had myself laughing was that he was said to have APPROPRIATED THIS PARTICULAR CULTURE. So the belief is that you cannot be a rich middle class background and then sing the blues or rap and swear in offensive fashion/manner and whatever though clearly who is it we can ask that is setting our bars and limitations on life and so on. Okay it might not seem the most or best advised of career choices though possibly more interesting and entertaining than some of those more typical of wealthy backgrounds and so on.

I think the IDEA might be suggested to be true that no matter what level of Society you exist at very often pigeon holes and bars and limitations whether perceived as internal or external can exist for you, we can of course as always suggest that when you have a moneyed background you have far greater breadth of choices and options and indeed fall back positions.

If it were myself and I were a reporter, news editor and so on I would likely discriminate against including such stories, they are simply content fillers and why propel “The Son Of” or indeed “The Daughter of” to success or however for negative articles and so on when in terms of culture he is not someone who is able to latch onto or relate the qualities of his father and that is perhaps a big one for many a person. How do you walk in this persons footsteps, of course those kinds of things depend on upbringing and societal influence and pressures and many families at all levels of society often seek to wisely or otherwise SHEILD there children against some of the harsher realities found among some aspects of the World about us.

Clearly then that might be akin to having been brought up with blindfolds and such things can of course lead to naivety when such individuals are a little older. Yes any given learning that someone can gain within their own life is of course a combination of multiple factors, as to family and peers and the influences and choices you make for yourself.

So what else is grabbing headlines, well actually very little, we are seemingly within one of those hear a comment and make a comment kind of weeks, so a famed Politician dies and a rollercoaster accident at a large amusement park and missing peoples and so on and so on.

The World of course continues to spin and it is up to any given one of us as to where we place our own respective attention and time and energies and so on. Though likewise such things may or may not be dependent on variables and factors outside of our own control, so for instance, it was suggested within one module that you might want to find a favoured inspiration or writing place, places such as a café or diner where you can sit in the corner and write to your heart’s content whilst mini-triggers and ideas may drift toward yourself from the conversations and so on about you.

Whilst I like and do relate to such ideas and so on, that is of course one of those preferential things, am I someone who wants to feel blood sweat and tears working or crafting away in some darkened room somewhere or am I someone who wants to exist in a bubble of clashing bubbles and so on.

I think I spoke previously and it has been mentioned within another course that when you remove many a blindfold as to interpretation of a given INTERATION whether people in conversation, the scene or location, and so on, you come to see that exceptionally few stories exist in the world. We can typically write a thread or SPINE list of what we think or accept those stories are and then WITNESS how many stories are being played out about ourselves.

Some say that it is not that simple and of course witnessing or having a higher threshold helps, though often when you remove names and IDENTIKIT stereotypes, you can nearly always see an aspect of your main spine or thread list.

I created fictional Bongo and Mona letters as examples though I also typically suggested that everyone has a certain amount of such characterisation within them? Why? Well I usually never gave a description of any kind saying rich or poor or fat or thin or male or female so in many ways the attributes and values are what any given AUDIENCE or reader themselves LATCHES onto or is triggered by in some way.

How you relate to others is perhaps down to your own thinking strategies and how your internal dialogue and so on is running. Many a person struggles with finding their own voice of course and it can again be demonstrated that in finding your voice and expressing your voice you kind of give such freedom to others to also find their own voice, likewise that is how some of the greatest resistances can appear, people who belief they have a mandate or otherwise to spy or bully or use positions of authority to try to stop you having a voice. Clearly these things again are somewhat Karma related in many ways, I can of course say well I have cleared huge quantities of mental and physical detritus and indeed ignored many such attempts at manipulation (people seemingly trying to influence or force myself to stop writing a blog, or indeed possibly get a mention), if I was encouraging terrorism and bullying and writing huge amounts of offensive material then you might think such action is justified, however this blog has not been used in that fashion, which brings into question the motives and or otherwise of those peoples and persons, anyone can write a blog for themselves and invest in the Technologies I have promoted for themselves, so choice and options are of course choice and options though strangely some choose to operate from win/lose systems of mental computations whilst others operate from more enlightened positions of win/win, at the end of the day rich or poor, good life or bad life, you will likely have a funeral and despite us seeing that so and so had a big or small turnout for such things, I think they are again irrelevant. Yes we want to feel or think that our lives gave some meaning or contribution to the whole going on of it all or otherwise that we came to terms with ideas such-as all is impermanent and you can only do what you can only do, very often at the level of awareness and teachings and learnings that you have. For many, those somewhat potentially troublesome characteristics are somewhat set in stone at quite young ages, and it is of course interesting in being around small children and some pensioners as to how they can potentially be alike.

Clearly within the mental realms folks do of course have choice as to how they want to envision themselves at any given point along a timeline, do I envision myself as walking tall and being strong and fit and so on throughout or do I get sucked into wrinkly and bent over and hobbling. Likewise we can of course always seek to be fair and give the best impression with any given hardship or otherwise ailment that is pre-existing within us. I mention that of course because I have never had a walking stick and despite heading toward the years when I may require a walking stick, I generally think that such a PROP would be unnecessary and just that a PROP, A DEVICE, how many elder folks suddenly take on attributes and values and characteristics of STEREOTYPES whereby someone within some TRIGGER has occurred in some fashion where they SWITCH into I am this age I now fall into alignment with this PROFILE and the PROFILE or THEME of course again typified by the influences we were very often most influenced by within younger years.

So pluses and minuses exist with the assisted meditation technologies and arguments both for and against are interesting, I believe that whilst I have removed much detritus and flotsam and jetsam that I would not have been alive were it not for some of those younger years mental decisions and actions occurring.

Yes we can all joke and laugh as to wanting to be like Han Solo or Superman ro whoever current popular culture hero’s are for guys or indeed Hannah Montanna or Taylor Swift for the Ladies or simply a member of the Scooby Doo gang or some other created fantasy realm, though in reality I do think that whether you are aware of such things or otherwise aspects and attributes that you picked up whether you regard them as conscious or non-conscious can often serve you for many years without you realising the patterning’s and cycles you are latching onto or playing out and so on.

I have of course neglected sporting stars and heroes within the selection though it is interesting of course that I spoke on all those things sports entertainment disappearing to Satellite Companies and being at a level within society of when push comes to shove decision making simply given many aspects of life the universe and everything the CHOP.

Does being a fan of this sport place money on the table and food in the belly, clearly ways and means can be demonstrated that they can, though likewise it can also be demonstrated that such things are akin to going short, going short, going short, week to week short term mental attitudes over longer haul styles of WRITE YOUR OWN OBITUARY, WRITE YOUR WILL.

Strange though true I thought that such a practice might be suggested to be a good IDEA.


WILL: I leave all my possessions and Worldly goods too…

Yes of course it is fashionable to have joke versions of such things though writing with the end in mind is another one of those course tips that folks can use to make some life decisions and choices, and likewise such thinking can of course demonstrate FLY-BY-WIRE strategies, whereby whilst we draw curved lines for flights going from A to B very often the reality is that they head EAST for a few thousand kilometres and then head North for a few thousand kilometres and then course corrections are given over and over again giving best routes through the clouds and taking into consideration fuel consumption and what is appearing on your radar and sonar and what Countries you have permission to fly in Airspace of and so on.

Yes huge amounts of decision tree options within your simple flight deck computer and typically our own brains may of course be considered within a similar fashion, strip back to the bare minimum all that is superfluous to you long terms goals and hopes and dreams and aspirations, failure to do such things is or can of course be demonstrated o also have been choices, those ascertaining levels of awareness and personal growth is not the same of course as giving voice to any given teachings and lessons and learnings or coming up with some more formalised system of IDENTIFYING what makes any given person or thing or operation TICK.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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