How Can I Quantify If The Spike Anomaly In The Distribution Demographic Is The Way

So returning to ancient pasts-another area that I have found myself wondering upon over the last week or two has in fact been the benchmark.

To what benchmark am I referring?

Okay so many seeming years ago I like many other peoples and persons was caught up in home computing and comparison. Comparison was all the so-called rage at one point with company after company releasing so-called BENCHMARK tools often typically proving that there hardware/software combination was superior to that of competitors.

In fact the field and range of such tools did reduce as particular independent Companies were rightly or wrongly generally trusted more for the independent benchmarking tests and given parameters than those Creative companies whom had a vested interest in the results.

In fact you might say that the system worked well for everyone, (at least in theory) because distributors and manufacturers once again had some standard measuring tools and gauges and scales that they could typically point at to demonstrate performance or otherwise within a given field.

Typically benchmarks were not just oriented to one function, they would be a range of tests that computed how well any given part of an operating system functioned, and of course some folks were interested in high graphic intensive games computed in real time above and beyond all else, whilst others were merely interested in large memory for the business database or indeed other area of measuring that you wanted an underlying measure or comparable scale for.

Typically Central Processing Units were measured not just for processing and calculating speed but interchange with other components within the system and those components themselves were very often from differing hardware manufacturers. So you might have had an INTEL versus AMD chip test for instance though at the same time you might be comparing against a Hitachi or Toshiba Hard disk drive and so on, typically of course as the early market entrants disappeared or became household names and monolith like companies formed you typically saw more and more buyouts and indeed competing CIRCLES of companies, so a bog standard PC was rarely bog standard because you were in fact investing in the entire chain of distribution demographic (in a way), the magazine you may have seen a review in and the advertising seller, the assembler (who ever put a machine or model together), the component manufacturers, the software creators and so on. Quite large and according to legend “by the seat of the pants” manoeuvring and corporate shakedowns were occurring almost seemingly on a week to week basis, everyone very often having created a large money valued culture that was not necessarily reflected in sales or reality when STOCKMARKET ADJUSTMENTS happened, as they always do when independent accountants come into the mix, typically I spoke on the issue of dominoes and the so-called principle of cascading stars and the same idea can be applied to many fly by night companies that appeared and disappeared again and again, very often a same head personality starting up afresh after the last start up failed and so on.

So of course, many people kind of twigged that the World perhaps too operates in similar fashion that can weave its way through many an area of life, though of course, few can genuinely say that they could get the necessary mental shifts or understandings to so-called stay the course in working through the differing questioning strategies and overwhelm that was going on, the one thing often found within the “ENCOURAGED TO COMPETE” market place is of course breakdown and overwhelm and being unable to come to terms with some failure or failure.

My own life model for instance has again and again suggested that I have genuinely often taken a non-conscious or semi-conscious “GRIT your teeth” attitude to many a going on about myself, or indeed even if things were not happening as I would like, I think that part and parcel of many a Brits attitude of no pain no gain and so on.

So yes of course the HUGE and MASSIVE problem (in my opinion) with for instance “sampling” and this is not a CRITIQUE, though I think a reality that many who have studied such things have come to see is once again that issue or topic of CONTROL FREAKERY and indeed as the title suggests Noting or seeking an ANOMALY or SPIKE within your expected results and then simply not exploring it any further, in an “it is just that” fashion, many models within many realms are designed to remove or ignore the Anomaly or spike because they often DISAPPEAR within the PERCENTAGES of various matrix like calculations for averages and so on and few are necessarily sharp enough to gain some AH-HA and investigate the clue further, that is of course differing to SPACE SCIENCE where lots and lots of same old boring stuff crops up and they pray and hope for a spike or anomaly just for something to do, typically demonstrated within many a film, where suden ALIEN invasion forces appear on your scope or indeed your team investigating algae in the volcano is lost contact with and so on.

So every area of life even with those who are best well practiced and versed in modelling techniques and understanding distribution can find themselves having to have an adjustment or ah-ha further down the line because some new knowledge or awareness comes to the fore. The issue or topic then may of course well be WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!

Yes of course we can typically find a planet of billions who all believe themselves to be the good guy or indeed bad guy dependent upon the models and way that Life, sources and resources and so on has panned out for themselves.

Clearly it is repeated again and again that harking to the past or being overly concerned with futures based in historical knowledge can all act as hooks and distractions pulling you out of the so-called reality zone that all and everything can only exist now and whatever you are facing or thinking you may be facing is a “mental construct” and just like old tape cassettes and videos and so on, we can think let’s have a clear out and release all this bumph because clearly when we come to thoughts and ideas as to using a process to create a process we can see that we must have very much of the building block mental distribution demographic data and so available.

So we can not only think well I do not want to feel these bad or ill thoughts and feelings and so on anymore, we can also probably find alternate building blocks within our lifetime that can be substituted within their place.

I think a big issue prior to meditation for myself was indeed often knowing what issues and problems were though not being able to genuinely get the changes and ideas working in that kind of a fashion, typical of many people, we all know of the issues and choices and options we may or may not have taken throughout life though having the opportunity to expel and redesign and reshape according to ever greater process to create a process models is great.

The other issue of course with statistical anomalies is that they are often called outliers or mavericks in terms of being risk takers and so on, though typically were we took look at the relevant statistic for many a billionaire or millionaire and so on, they very often were likely those outlying anomaly’s within given classical standard models and so on.

Far more is understood on many of these topics of debate and theories than was known just a few short years ago, though likewise I think I have said that the sum is greater than the whole you also have to decide when you have any new kind of working principle as to how can I use my knowledge and history or awareness in the most rewarding fashion and manner now etc.

So I generally think that most peoples whatever the distribution demographic that they think or believe themselves to be a part of, they can accept that the World is always in some kind of gearing shift and trending and whilst you can want to have some global little bit of everything within your recipe, you do want such things perhaps to be coordinated and choreographed in such fashion that they not only work and serve yourself but your friends and family and so on and so forth.

If I am a Sim like piece of software programme that can only exist in some present place known as now, then I am going to choose those statistical demographics and percentages that best reflect being Healthy and strong and intelligent and prosperous and open and honest and friendly and so on and so forth. Yes the demands for perfection are a curious thing when you consider that such concepts and ideas as perfection exist once again only in the so-called eye of the beholder.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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