So Some Folks Are Curious As To Energy Explanations

So some folks are of course curious as to energy explanations and it has been something I myself have had trouble trying to think around and about and so in into some kind of mechanism that not only is humanly possible for myself to understand but also possible for anyone else I explain it to, too understand.

So I once again have been playing the visualization game seeking to perhaps come up with a calculable model of existence that folks could relate to in some fashion.

This once again becomes tricky for some folks and easy for others dependant of course in your interests and where you place focus and so on and so forth, and also can again potentially bring up fears and long lost undesirable patterns and cycles and so on.

So I carried out a visualization and of course some kinds of games that we learn as children or as adults very often can become somewhat integrated within us on a non-conscious basis quite rapidly.

My visualization exercise involves the game of CHESS.

Oh great say many a person who has never learned to play chess or understand the various formulas and computations and so on.

This however is a game of chess with a slight variant TWIST.

So why the fear factor?

Well it can be demonstrated quite quickly to anyone who reads some of my blogs or uses some of the lower level technologies and so on, that seemingly supernatural occurrences can exist, and of course most of us grow up often playing so called hard ball games of black and white as to beliefs in good and bad and so on, I do not recall very many identifiable stereotypes whereby a role of any given performer within the film or TV show or however was not given some designated good, bad, and so on.

So how is my game of chess different?

Well typically of course whether we like such things or otherwise it has been demonstrated that modern learning supercomputers have been created to calculate all varying outcomes from any given distribution point on a regular (as an example) chess board. We know of course that many a World Chess Champion apparently can calculate non-conscious to the end game from many positional places on the board and the same is true that learning algorithms can do the same for computers and so on.

So with chess as the example and you of course have one side as black and one side as white, where many a person chooses traditionally for white to start. The board is a typical 64×64 (Whoops my error/mistake I meant to write 64 grid square made up of 8×8 pattern squares, I leave it in as an example of confusion when writing and typing and thinking and so on.) grid each side having 1 King and 1 Queen and 2 Bishops and 2 Knights and 2 Rooks and 8 Pawns. Giving a Grand total of 32 pieces that can interact with each other whilst the game is in play.

If you think along the same lines as TIC TAC TOE you very quickly come to understand various playing strategies and or otherwise where many learn at a young age to draw or neutralise all combinations and strategies until the grid is full of noughts and crosses. You also of course can apply the wisdom of the Meditational Experts that most have a WHITE MUST WIN attitude towards the game, though of course that may well shift if you have been randomly selected to be the black player.

So My game of chess is different in what way?

My game of chess is differing because another invisible energy piece exists that occupies each and every position upon the grid. (We can label this energy God or Universal Energy or however, those are just labels).

So what is the point of speculating upon a game of chess where each and every position is already occupied?

Well this kind of fits with the idea that wherever you are and whatever you are doing you are in some labelled description of space and when you are not within that space someone or something else likely was.

The problem then of course comes as to fears that folks have as to being haunted and all those horrible aspects of things that go bump in the night, though in truth with meditation and clearing out ideas as to residual energy always existing at all places and times within a Universal Energy Paradigm you come to see that no matter what direction or bearing or strategy that you adopt, it has already occurred or pre-existed within the more universal energy paradigm, that is why so many a modality recommends visualization constructs whereby you can witness yourself from some alternate point within the building blocks of the exercise, because the fact that you can imagine witnessing yourself sat eating your tea or carrying out this activity or that activity from some alternate perspective demonstrates that it cannot possibly be real-or if you really require and need it to be real then you have to come to terms with some questioning conclusions, all the conclusions that I return to again and again whatever modality I have sort to use or investigate usually conclude that in order for such exercises to be carried out I must be a part of that Universal Energy or indeed made up of the fabric of that universal energy.

Science of course always seeking and developing ever greater depths of calculations and identifying ever smaller substances that this energy is made up of or otherwise, typically so are so-called futuristic writers and creative souls for various medias and so on, though the very simplest option are those that most peoples and persons can relate to in some fashion.

Likewise of course we can it is suggested expel any energy that we possibly think of as bad or indeed seek to integrate good and positive and uplifting energy and so on. Clearly how we ourselves speak to ourselves and indeed others can have a great bearing when you understand various aspects of communication, do you say each morning each and every day I awaken in every way? For instance and then work through some list of selected attributes and values and so on.

That is perhaps why those morality tales often come to the fore in the sense that higher level experienced and wiser souls than myself often conclude or lead us to the teaching that it is all an inside job, and clearly given that parameter of being a Universal Energy within or without a body going know-where and not doing anything we perhaps come to see the manner and fashion of God or Creation existing in all things.

So I wrote earlier as to communications and of course whatever labels we choose are just that and do not generally do justice to the seeming magnitude of some of the realisation stages that you can pass through as you continue on your enlightenment and life course and journey.

So I spoke as to the idea of life turning into some form of the Truman show when in reality it could be wiser to think of it all as “The Energy Show” or “The God Show” or however you want to describe such things, these things are often of course related to aspects of what we believe and think and feel are good and bad and so on and of course when we look to teachings as to the Original Genesis and so on and interpret those ideas and or teachings from a viewpoint of metaphor or however rather than otherwise we perhaps come to see that the energy is like a kind of beautiful non-judgmental innocence and so on, by that we can say that all learnings and ideas as to sin within and without the World are again all variations of keeping you out of the so-called zone of now and perhaps the place that is more energised and containing of all things.

So yes the chess thing works quite well from a calculating perspective of wanting to maintain ideas to being in the zone and identifying or spotting best choices and options for your life long learnings and so on, though likewise it might be suggested that coming to terms with those fears and paranoia’s and patterns and cycles of inheritance from social groups and peers and experts can only every take you so far prior to you having to make some decisions as to how you desire or want to live, some say being naïve and gullible and innocent are qualities that get punished the most in society, though I have come to conclude that few rarely accept that if you are those qualities and open and honest and so on in a realm where other less than savoury ideas are prevalent you may actually have an advantage in what you know and trust and so on as being true and correct and so on.

So everyone perhaps saints and sinners, though clearly choice is choice as to any given continuance of behaviours or otherwise that are of little benefit to how you choose to live life to the fullest and healthiest in an awakened and aware fashion of possibilities over limitations and so on.

You cannot escape the energy because all is energy and given that 100:100 ratio of reality, you can certainly perhaps choose to release and let go energies that are shaped and formed out of fears and guilt and shames that are again simply often part of those mental building blocks and constructs and so on, imagined and dreamed though never real.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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