Okay So I Spoke On The Idea

Okay so I spoke on the idea of how life may or may not have panned out or otherwise for various peoples and persons and we can of course often think, well actually in this instance within this mental compartmentalisation realm zone of my life over here, that strategy was a success and in this other instance of mental compartmentalisation zone, the strategy was a fail, so we can see that we do not have to throw the baby out with the bathwater with any given methodology that we utilise so much as understand the most appropriate tool or strategy to use at any one given moment.

So you could of course think of them as having a kind of rotating index card system that spins perhaps like a casino wheel and you typically have to go with where the ball lands in front of you as opposed to wanting to shift the ball to the next spot that you have backed and so on.

Likewise of course in talking about the reflections nature of learning and so on, we can come to see that if I return to the playground model then we might suggest that we are on a SEESAW mechanism.

All sorts of variations have of course been demonstrated as to what can be achieved when you place a plank on a pyramid, person on either side is either going up or going down dependent on various computations as to push and pull and gravity and so on, not only your own but with the other person. What happens for instance if both persons on the seesaw kick of from the ground at the same time, we can of course introduce various combinations into the mix whereby our seesaw turns into some kind of pump mechanisms that with various other cogs and springs in place creates a propulsion system, I think I spoke on Blazing saddles and that typically had an old fashioned railway carriage where the seesaw effect was utilised to propel the open carriage along the track.

Likewise of course we can envision that all the various pulleys and mechanisms designed within industry or indeed within watches and clocks are very much of the same design and processes in the sense of thought before physical.

One person may typically follow an idea through to completion whilst another gives up in some fashion because the mental computation or database that they are operating from is simply a differing demographic distribution model. You could well have all the very best of calculation mechanisms going on within your system or indeed the very worst or typically more often than not a collection that is somewhere in between. We can of course ask how I can genuinely get an individualised feedback and return system going on the up and up that has the very worst of starting positions demographics and statistics.

Those things all speculative of course though we can as I have stated previously focus and concentrate on larger or greater vision in an all-encompassing longer term fashion or we can typically choose short term small and narrowed focus investigations and explorations in a “what happens or occurs if we do this or that” and so on.

Of course knowing is said to not be of much use unless you are able to translate or transmutate such things into genuinely useful actions and purposes.

So we keep often returning to ideas of survival of the fittest and best and competition though we can see why some folks choose to lose, it does not make sense to some, though given some circumstances and indeed some kinds of algorithms at a young enough age that they are operating unconsciously within your person or being, we can see those “everyone eventually dies anyway” calculations and kinds of results. Typically it has been demonstrated of course that in fiction and fantasy realms idols and so on never die as long as they exist within the imagination and so on of the peoples and persons who knew of such individuals.

Some ideas as to future prospects are always of course difficult to come to terms with especially if you as many of us have done in taking up some of the technologies that I recommend feel like pawns playing out some out-of-your-hands decision making processes. Clearly it has been said over and over again that we are generally known to have three mental realms or progressions of walls and barriers to work through all often genuinely seeking to PROTECT, PROTECT, PROTECT and getting those shifts has to often occur over and over again in some kind of exploding symphony of fireworks and TNT like chains. Yes many a modern explosive of course is often located within one segment and area or region without any seeming connection to elsewhere, though remote control and other PUSH THE BUTTON kinds of mechanisms are also demonstrated within modern World Science and so on. So if we can in real time make phone calls and communicate internationally any place in the World, who is to speculate that the same things cannot occur through time.

This has of course been show within Science Fiction realms, whereby peoples at one end of a Worm hole spoke to others within another dimensional time and place of the worm hole and we can say well that is what authors do in the way that stories are handed down from generation to generation and so on. It might be suggested as the long route, though clearly any dimensional shift that can occur in awareness and so on-once established can surely be repeated by anyone who has experienced or had it demonstrated to them.

So yes I was thinking about Daniel Dennet (I think), whose thinking tools books and so on I read a few years ago as part of my research and they were typically ideas and algorithm that are recognisable as being the same through many realms though simply perhaps of a particular kind of language for a particular kind of audience.

So yes the very old joke used to run, How many ears has captain Kirk, and it was always answered the right ear the left ear and the final frontier.

I of course then thought, how many pheres has captain kirk, and we could potentially of course answer, the right fear the left fear and the final front fear.

Given that sequence we can potentially ask what are the right fears and left fears and final front fears?

Anyway I once again going on and on

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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