The Deep Pan Time Sieve Company Model

Ok so you have 3 People within this model that I am hopefully going to describe to people so they can develop a better understanding of some of those algorithm like computations and building blocks that generally most of us have some variant or otherwise of within our very Soul or Being and Body and so on whether you believe you can have any influence on events or otherwise.

So person’s 1 and persons 2 are kind of going to be our active participants whilst the 3rd person is going to be a Witness to all of the goings on.

So person 1 gets to an age where they leave school/college/university and any other further place of learning in between declaring that they are going to save humanity and the human race via their skills and abilities at creating The Cosmic Sieve Company.

Person 2 gets to an age where they leave school/college/university and any other further place of learning in between declaring that they are going to save humanity and the human race via their skills and abilities in believing themselves to be the natural born heir and saviour that the World has been waiting for.

Person one enthusiastically creates his first panning and sieving tool and receives a warm welcome and reception from his early clients.

Person two enthusiastically goes out into the World and begins telling people that he is the one that they have been waiting for all their lives as prophesized within these legendary texts in indisputable fashion and manner, and is given a boo hiss and exceptionally negative reception from those about him in the World.

Person 1’s clients are enthusiastic about his tool though feel that the cosmic sieving mechanism is not sufficient to the degree of accuracy that they would like, so he sets about enthusiastically creating and designing his 2nd generation tool.

Person 2 undeterred by early response to his declaration of Saviour casts his net a little broader and wider in the hope that someone somewhere must surely know of the truth of what he says.

So at this point we can introduce the IDEA of a Pyramid like mechanism.

Person one develops tool after tool with ever greater degrees of accuracy and acknowledgement from peers and clients and is gradually creating a step-by-step process of self-advancement and indeed an ever expanding client base for his wares and products. Ascending on his own self developed “Stairway to Heaven”.

(Typical modern time examples can of course be peoples and persons such as a Bill Gates within the computer industry or typically you can of course find peoples or persons across many realms who had advanced unimpeded in developing tools and skills and products that people want and request and so on, feedback and return systems and mechanism.

So Person’s 1’s Pyramid is ascending in a positive fashion.

Person two feeling that he has failed to get his message across though struggles with finding mechanisms and ways and means to get the message across continues in his belief that he on some deep non-conscious basis has grown up studying and experiencing all these things that tell him he is the one Saviour and so on etc.

His pyramid of course perhaps a downward or water reflection of the successful person 1 pyramid (they perhaps forming a Diamond shape within the mind’s eye) (his step by step course perhaps walking to ever seeming depths of a personal hell and a collection of failings and failures that few would envy. So each person has somehow found a life course, one ascending and one descending, and it might be suggested that whilst person one continues his ascension and creates and develops ever more powerful sieving tools that can be imagined to swoop down and sieve to ever greater degrees of accuracy that at some point within his timeline or future, he is going to create some tools or sieving mechanism that captures person 2, by that it might be suggested that many a person, not knowing how to best direct life after failing after failing and ever greater depths of despair and so on looks about perhaps changing mental attitudes as to why is this not working and decides I must need a Saviour myself in-order to get what is occurring or happening. Both models of course can be suggested or speculated to be working from positions of INTELLIGENT INTRANSIGENTS in the sense that person 1 has no reason to believe he can fail because all he has known is success, whilst person 2 whilst setting out into the World with all the best of positive beliefs and intentions and so on, has experienced them all gradually eroded away by each and every new course of action he has sought to take.

Now it does of course not justify, death and the very many horrors that we see in the World, though we can clearly see that in drawing terms, I drew a sequence of progressions of each gentleman ascending and descending staircases, that with our Cosmic Panning Tools and Sieve that Person 2 has on each and every occasion fallen through the present level of panning tools sieve, think like you are sieving the vegetables in the kitchen and the sieve you have used has wholes designed for sprouts capture and you not being a sprout fall through the gap.

So we can suggest that for many peoples and persons and families and so on, that many a tragedy or otherwise is simply the result of either action, thoughts and feelings taken by a person or individual themselves and not the presumed action of some external being or entity that we may or may not otherwise want to point finger at and blame. Blame generally a position of staying stuck. Though likewise if you cannot think through to new options and choices and feel stuck you can of course continue in your downward spiral and stuck in quicksand mentality of rabbit caught in headlights.

So you can die as a result of falling through the gap or failure to listen to someone who has created a better way or however though the lifetime model and pyramid can be seen through drawing our the steps.

Eventually in theory at least at some improbable distant future point even if person 1 or person 2 is no longer with us, it may be suggested that the entity or Business or however created with the feedback and return system tools (if it stays true to the core concepts and algorithms or principles that it was created with is going to be all-encompassing and finger in every pie and so on, the accumulated knowledge and learnings and teaching of a race.).

So again this is perhaps part and parcel of those ideas that if you are stuck and are not operating from so-called best practice and teachings and learnings that no matter where you are either ascending or descending ladder or staircase or pyramid, you can look to the reflection to see what can be learnt from the opposite person, person 1 looks to person 2 and person 2 looks to person 1 or however. The third person has perhaps neither suffered failings and failure though has also not ascended any kind of success ladder, person 3 had just witnessed from the centerpointe or position that all three began the journey from. (Much like that Universal energy principle of a neutral presence that exists within and without, though not participating in all the variations and twists and turns and so on and so forth.

Yes so that is one kind of drawing exercise that peoples can carry out to get some of those questions going as to why do all these mega and monolithic corporate beings and salespeople’s and persons and so on say they learn more from the failures than success.

I think in general we can see that anyone who wants to be a in a high position of self-control or abilities and knowledge and awareness and financially secure and so on, with perhaps a desire to share and teach what they have learnt can of course seek to be altruistic or indeed wonder as to why this system that they created or may have had a hand in has not worked for these peoples and persons over there despite POTENTIALLY starting from the same knowledge base and so on.

So yes lots of things can be researched and idealised or otherwise as to directions and life courses whether established within your own life realm with your own life purpose or indeed in asking what I failed to do that these other peoples and persons did do etc.

A lot of these kinds of IDEAS are again perhaps related to IDEAS as to TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS and we can of course wonder as to who is best placed to serve whom or indeed how can I harness and accelerate these peoples and persons who up until this present moment may have existed in freefall so that they are able to see the light or change direction in some fashion that was previously obscured to them through having failed so many strategies previously.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

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