So I Happen To Look At Emails

And find myself looking at one from those Good Folks at the Sedona Method, I have of course spoken on having somewhat differing experience initially to many who took up that process until it was perhaps (for myself at least) given a super booster with a Holosync Paraliminal. Whilst I did not follow the opportunity to view the video clip explaining appropriate usage it did tell myself of a very powerful question

What is beyond this?

I may well go back and view the video, and also potentially use such questions in combination with tapping routines, though I in doing one or too other activities have been carrying out rather a lot of self-inquiry and questioning mechanisms anyway, so more of an addition or addendum to my own thinking and so on at present.

Anyway I write that because again we can all of course come to see how questions strategies and so on can help or hinder as to getting those mental shifts and breakthroughs and I of course have invested heavily in various courses to get those step by step principles working for myself and so on.

So anyway on reading that email I almost immediately because I was thinking about an ancient Star Trek TNG episode where the character or android known as Data was within a Holosuite discussion with a Holographic Professor Morriarty (within a kind of Sherlock Holmes programme that was I think said to be popular with the crew), and the Computer had been given a kind of challenge to create a gameplay that could match Data’s investigative abilities and so on. Unsure as to the details because it was a long time ago that I saw the episode, though effectively we had something related to a kind of ship in a bottle effect (similar to that snow shaker and other compartmentalised Worlds) whereby it became difficult to tell which World was genuinely real and which was one simple imagined, I think the Professor Moriarty Character was demonstrated to have become intelligent aware in a sort of awakening fashion of ENLIGHTENMENT. (They the crew enabling his programme to continue running in the background, where standard procedure or protocol was to shut a programme down or end and finish and complete when the crew member left the Holosuite).

Anyway many of the experts and teachers and lessons and learnings gradually lead you up and up through the various levels of mental debates and so on until very likely you find yourself accelerated into ever quicker awareness as to issues such-as The Biology Of Belief, and indeed formulating your own kind of inside outside World Questioning Strategies. I mention the biology of belief because it is the name of a book I read at some stage, though my own interest was perhaps in visiting the Cathedral during the week and being reminded of the famed Mappa Mundi, and typically it is perhaps in many ways what we might draw as young children in wondering what a CELL looks like. So you could get a pad and draw a kind of circular shape and then within that circle you could draw further items such-as a ship over there and an old boot over there and a rainbow there and so on). Of course those are all placing things into your cell and I was thinking of what kind of mechanisms you might use to get stuff out, and I kind of visualised it as perhaps each item being on a mousetrap like spring mechanism that flings the items out of our cellular suitcase, growing out in all directions and so on. Yes weird thoughts though interesting as to the further you progress the more it can seem like all you have known about the World is really genuinely all made up, fantasy all most completely like some of those Holo deck like programmes imagined within alternate Universes by various writers and so on.

A typical question that popped up within my own mind discussions and so on was quite simply

Are you a function of belief or a belief of function?

This typically can of course be asked of ourselves and indeed of items within and without our World, so you could in fact ask the question of absolutely everything, friends and relatives and household goods and whatever you find yourself thinking about within any given moment. I thought it may also be one of those questions that whilst meditating could be potentially used to overcome historical mental walls and barriers. We often wonder why such and such thoughts keep reappearing and often such things are down to many layers requiring working through. So typically at some point

Are you a function of belief or a belief of function?

Popped into my head in a kind of AH-HA fashion, whereby it perhaps becomes a kind of universal questioning mechanism to PERCEIVED mental walls and barriers that may or may not be real.

I will leave this one short though yes I may give Sedona another look when I can drag myself away from seeking to better orient myself with positive and uplifting thoughts and feelings and process to create a process like creativities.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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