So Two Very Differing Kinds Of Headlines Appearing At Present

One I notice is that Kensington Palace has released a picture taken by mum of the young Prince holding his even younger Princess baby sister; and likewise the alternate one of The Prime Minister going to renegotiate corruption throughout the World or something like that.

So of course we can look at the picture of the young prince and princess and think well that’s nice and very much of course such things place’s the future at the forefront of one’s mind.

Likewise whenever we hear any politician of any denomination speak upon corruption we do often kind of rush to heavy handed thoughts of “well actually” whereby whom among anyone in any area of life can potentially be demonstrated to be acting in a somewhat Holier than thou fashion.

As I have grown into the various lessons and learnings and teachings from the seemingly endless supply of modularity’s and new masters I have generally come to see that we go through level after level and gain new insights and ah-ha’s and likewise given appropriate stimulation we often find reorganisation upon reorganisation occurring whereby our cells and so on encouraged to grow and communicate with one another do so thus often enabling us to let go of long lost isolated fears and scares and so on. I think much of the IDEA of energy is that the stimulation keeps mental cellular pathways and routes open that may or may not otherwise have shrivelled back in fear and so on.

Is that not what we do when placing a hand on a hot stove and so on and likely of course we have a collection of all sorts of falls and incidents that we have from various ages of our lives and so on.

Likewise we return to these ideas of building blocks in the sense that all known or speculated upon building blocks are eventually named and labelled and located and so on within our brains and of course it has seemingly been demonstrated that Science has gone into a kind of supernova of explosions over the last few short years as area upon area of the brain and body has become associated with this value or attribute that was previously unknown and so on. Again very often of course whether we take such information in consciously or non-consciously we can think well I want that super healthy segment of brain operating for myself and likewise perhaps re inspect old thought patterns and beliefs against how the World and view of the World has now been shaped and formed.

So yes it does seem that in distant futures kinds of terms, the so-called building blocks will become increasingly more novel and fashioned as to identifying what does what though clearly whatever level of building block you presently believe yourself to have, all must exist as some kind of energy, we of course have a long tradition of My energy matrix and construct is more powerful than your energy matrix and formula (within fiction) and indeed to a certain extent within real life.

Many of those things of course typically keep folks distracted from the reality that whatever we increasing identify such things as, they must always exist in some kind of contained energy field or cycle and so on. How for instance are our bodies held together and wired in such a fashion of energy so as not to pass through these hard substances whilst being able to pass through these liquid substances?

So yes it really does seem that much of life the Universe and everything is as you progress more and more seemingly like some groups of programmes that we are either running consciously or non-consciously and given choices we can of course choose to have those programs that are not sending us further and further into decline and negative spirals of hopelessness and helplessness.

No, we want programs where we can reinforce being healthy and fit and energised and exciting and lead us to AH-HA’s as to how we can redirect ourselves into positons of upward mobility and so on.

Yes typically many seemingly early on can send you into mental conflict though likewise we must remind ourselves as to what is actually occurring and happening over the longer term period. It is up to us as individuals as to speed of progress and personal development and life course. Yes some folks decide that they do not want to travel or take such life courses alone, and prefer the options of family and friends and social groups and so on. Some of course perhaps feel isolated though again I have generally found that the sharing philosophy and getting things out of your system again more beneficial than constantly struggling to repress things simply through some historical situation or scenario that is no longer relevant to life in the now ever present moment and so on.

So what headlines are most appealing and why, which are upbeat and positive and inspirational. Yes of course we can say that all politicians can also act and believe themselves to be acting in positive and uplifting and rewarding fashion, though typically we can often see others not feeling so blessed about them.

So no matter what area of life you may or may not choose to focus upon there is always the potential or possibility that someone nearby is suffering in some fashion. I spoke on watching the Adam Sandler film Grownup’s where one character was somewhat la-di-da in the manner and fashion that he presented himself to the World throughout his life, that was until that is a spear of some description went through his foot and when offered one of his own fashioned and styled la-di-da like remedies and solutions he went somewhat mad and screamed for a regular painkillers and doctor and so on.

So yes it really can take a few years to go through all variations on some of the themes though likewise is well worth investing in when you are able to find the funding and so on.

Anyway it has been a lovely week of Sunshine here in Hereford and I of course have very much enjoyed going for walks and soaking up some of the Sunshine.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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