How Can I Renegotiate Reality With Awareness

So typically I see lots and lots of headlines speaking upon ideas as to renegotiating for a better deal and also of course anyone’s ability to carry out such ideas is dependent upon how high or low they feel they are in starting position.

Of course the simple option is to perhaps follow a similar pattern to that carried out by myself in wondering as to the cause of any given Present State of Awareness “Thoughts, Feelings, Actions”.

Typically of course we can state or jot down what we are or believe ourselves to be aware of at any given point of our lives and indeed INTERPRET such thinking or feelings in a manner that is consistent with current ERA or GENERATIONAL knowledge and teachings and so on.

The first thing is seemingly taken care of quite rapidly with meditation tools, in the sense that many a teaching says or suggests that one of the biggest issues facing any given individual is the cross-hemispheric communications and interpretation thereof that you have going on within your Skull.

Once it is established as to how differing sectors and regions of the brain are known for particular functioning then you of course think along the lines of having a complete toolbox or toolkit development process that can reformulate and restructure the information that you may or may not already possess and indeed create new tools or new systems that better integrate and further improve upon what is already present.

So I rushed through multiple Holosync Levels that typically cleared many confusions and conflicting thoughts feeling’s and so on, I typically having become excessively lateralised in the way my brain was working for myself at a particular time of life.

It can also be suggested that the PRELIMINARY studies of Hypnosis that I carried out before Holosync also got many of the so-called cross-hemispheric communications operating; thought also potentially left myself highly susceptible to influence and manipulation technicians, in the World about myself, simply through not having developed a level of Threshold of any given description for external behaviours and actions and propaganda that was seemingly becoming ever and ever more greatly MAGNIFIED via the various newly created mental pathways and thought routes and so on.

So anyway that perhaps why I opted to give many advertised Learning Strategies and other associated company products a miss when beginning my meditating, bad experiences in that realm of Hypnosis previously, this one (MEDITATION) seems more honest and above board in the fashion and conduct and the audience that it is aimed at. Okay so that is not to suggest I can claim bad experience with alternate company products, though typically having studied the somewhat loose PUA Organisation and Networks and purchased a number of products I then opted for products from folks such-as Paul McKenna whom I presumed to imagine would be further above board and so on, the UK often claims to have rather strict laws governing the usage of what advertisers and sellers of products and wares are and are not allowed to do.

So The United Kingdom of my youth especially was very much you can watch magic shows and indeed Hypnotist like shows from any media, though those shows are following rules and laws and legislation of the Country. The World Wide Web seemingly opened up Audiences about the Globe and wider World to facilities and products and so on that they may have not previously experienced once again beyond some impression given upon TV and Film media and so on.

So exceptionally strict United Kingdom governing laws of ideas as to truth and honesty and competition within the very many trades realms as to how any seller could advertise and promote products, whilst over the Atlantic a “Free For All/Anything Goes” United Stated of America. Typically I think I myself and many others who may or may not have harboured Dreams of having so-called American Dreams bought and paid and invested in products because those thoughts and feelings and so on were being hooked into, typically exposing us as lambs to the slaughter of the reality of those who had grown up in the excessively competitive and confusing and conflicting American Marketplace.

Yes all Countries can claim to have positives and negatives though I do actually think that looking back on those times, I would be unlikely to follow or go along the same thinking strategies and thoughts and feelings that I was operating upon. Some countries and companies within the market place say this is our product and we let the product speak for itself, the American fashion is often highlighting all and any deficiencies in alternate products that our product covers the required bases of.

Yes that not one hundred percent true because we can say such behaviours even if not demonstrably said in public fashion and manner (possibly more honest and open Americans) goes on behind closed doors in private, that is of course if you THINK any given corporate entity or shop keeper or sportsperson or worker is obsessively focussed and concentrated on presumed competition or opposition within the realm they exist within.

I for instance with this blog have generally kept it quite bland and boring and exceptionally rarely have I mentioned any given other peoples and so on within the World that in inhabit. Those things can often be suggested to be hooks and distractions and so on. Yes we can suggest well we do want the good and positive and uplifting and rewarding things, though typically you can potentially again lose sight of overall aims and goals and so on, though in the mental upgrading fashion each and every step of the way in seeking greater realities and clarity and health and wealth and so on, has often been met with non-conscious resistances occurring in the broader World about myself, and I can say that such things happen at all levels and dynamics or Society and Life the Universe and Everything, we of course aware that differing sectors and operations within many Organisations have pre-existing and pre-established behaviours and attitudes and doctrines often reflecting those who are in charge of such operations or indeed those who are firmly established as senior respected members of giving working life crews and so on, some Companies insist upon rotation and change of managers in order to bring about shifts in attitudes of staff and behaviours if a given area has fallen into disrepute or behind in terms of desirable progress, likewise some benefits can be demonstrated for keeping particular kinds of intransigent positions and so on in place, though likewise you have those long-term versus short-term issues to gauge and think upon and measure and also of course, you often have to come to terms with what you know now, not what was handed down as the way we do things XX years “in my time” in that role or job and so on.

Clearly then the more awareness that exists within any realm and the more peoples are operating from open and honesty positions and abilities of sorting wheat from chaff and cutting through the very many nonsenses the better. Few can of course be demonstrated to not succumb to some “getting away with it” tactics and ideas though clearly if you want to regain health and positive and uplifting and rewarding thoughts and are constantly under pressure from peoples using highly negative language and behaviours then you have to find ways and means to create or place distance between yourself and those activities and so on.

Anyway this is just meandering once again though yes, we can all of us seek to go clear of the mental fog and clouds and confusions, and I do think that a self-created tool box like infrastructure and framework that can reorganise and sort itself into continued models of improving excellence and navigation and so on is a healthier position to be thinking in terms of than sticking rigidly to patterns and systems that do not conform to real reality at any level of awareness and thinking and so on that any one brings about in their own lives and so on. So yes eventually I concluded that the Learning Strategies tool kit and development ideas whilst I may have already had many of those learning systems in place was a good option in making those things conscious within my active day-to-day life rather than having gone into some long lost subterranean mental cavity from a visit here, a trip there and so on from distant histories and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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