So I Strangely Wake Up Today

Thinking about more esoteric like things such-as existentialism and of course typically follow the chain of inquiry with some research even though on multiple occasions I have already of course studied many of the criteria involved on such matters. Some things can of course typically be difficult to get ones head around, especially within the so-called lower levels tiers of enlightenment and so on.

Anyway another area I found myself thinking upon was of course the notion that I have spoken upon several times of “thoughts become things”, one can of course suggest that may of the modularity mechanism’s used and studied typically lead you through mental metamorphosis like models, typically one could look to the World of Fiction (for instance) and ask as to how do I go from this kind of model to this next kind of model or indeed can safe and effective comparison be carried out as to benefits and or otherwise of such approaches.

Typically I have of course grown up in a generation of machines and many a futuristic entity of being is typically a machine of some description, in stepping stone terms we can look back for instance to famed Wizard of Oz where you had A Straw Man and A Cowardly Lion and a Tin Man, we can also of course look to Classical stories such-as Pinocchio a wooden character, perhaps closest to the Straw man in terms of organic and inorganic material comparison, Star Trek like Universe’s typically have given us so-called Tin Man in the form of Data, and likewise we also saw the Borg Collective which were akin to a Dr Who Cybernetic or Dalek like race, they all seemingly asking how can I overcome the deficiencies of Body and life and death and seemingly opting for the replacement parts model and we do of course see this not only in real life bodily parts but artificial limbs and valve regulators and so on.

So clearly some it might be suggested work along the lines of creating and crafting such models within real World criteria that eventually serves humanity and so on for those with health problems and missing limbs and so on, and we can also of course look to the World of Computers and Psychology and so on.

We have this week seen the Apple Corporation within the news and I was wondering of course as to whether we regard any creation from such a Company as being imbued with the Creator and thoughts, feelings and processes that have gone into such things.

Yes the stimulation from Technologies such-as Holosync do seem at times lead you through those step-by-step like associations until you suddenly wonder as to the nature of your own being, that question of whether a SIM (for instance) would know of its existence as a sim and so on. Likewise of course you have the POSSESSION issue in the sense, that within fiction we usually of course see the CHOICE being taken by some meglo-maniac to remove the choice from other peoples and persons.

Likewise of course we also have to look to ideas such-as ghost possession exorcist like models to come to terms with, so clearly the standard model that is used by every generation is seemingly to imagine that you are modelling yourself on some famed person or character in History or storytelling, in an all-powerful and all-conquering fashion and step-by-step find yourself transitioning into such things or otherwise if you take the choice that you have progressed as far as you personally desire within any given teaching or doctrine.

Clearly we all of us can be demonstrated quite simply through peer groups and society and Cinema and Film and Radio and Internet and the very many other medias and outlets of Entertainment to be a somewhat large blend of many sources and resources and so on, some that we potentially believe ourselves to be in alignment with whilst others we have greater doubts about and so on.

Of course we can perhaps then decide as to whether choices taken are our own or have been planted within us on some non-conscious basis that is later going to bite us in the derriere and so on.

So yes no matter what level you find yourself at it does seem that you are to a certain extent always going to remain a seeker in some fashion, I think it perhaps simply that where you may once have believed yourself to have been a 100% or a 70% or a 50% seeker and so on, I think that once you have gained greater insight and awareness and indeed perhaps raised Threshold after Threshold and capacity after capacity you come to see that the various RATIO’S shift more and more as to where you turn your focus, concentration and attention, I personally of course have mentioned how at various stages of life, I shut up shop and followed a mental model whether conscious semi-conscious or non-conscious that quite simply told myself on or in a deep kind of knowing way “Been There, Done that, worn the T-shirt” it can of course be suggested that such thinking does not make sense in the sense that this location and that activity and a differing coloured T-shirt is not the same, though in fact I have generally the more I have advanced with the Technologies come to regard myself as in many ways having been correct in my overall assessments.

However of course we can say, well you cannot simply do everything there is to do once, so if you enjoy going to the cinema and rock concerts and sporting events and international holidays and so on, you are likely to gain enjoyment and satisfaction and so on and so forth in pursuing a more fun-filled and oriented lifestyle.

So what may or may not be responsible for not getting into such a zone and typically we often of course return to issues of belief and indeed intransigence’s as to competition or indeed possession, I cannot enjoy this activity whilst being monitored or pressurised or however. I typically of course have suggested that maintaining your own reality or focus and concentration under pressure after pressure and prejudice and perhaps the word I look for is “claustrophobia” and-or “suffocation”.

Yes strange though true we can of course switch on and off as to those kinds of thoughts and feelings and actions depending upon how much we feel we are simply getting on with things and how much we feel we are being spied upon or distracted from what we ourselves feel is fun as an activity or whatever.

So being in the zone can happen within working life and in social life and any area and aspect of life, though likewise we do of course live in Worlds where some activities are required to be carried out such as maintaining or otherwise a tidying like regime and washing clothes and housework and of course, it might be suggested that how you feel about the eternal is a reflection of the internal, so you can overindulge any kinds of thoughts and feelings and obsessions, though likewise can also shift or take yourself to far away from reintegrating some of those more basic of lifestyle type choices.

Typically of course, every area of life seemingly comes with a differing set of mental choices that others have made for themselves that we may or may not make for ourselves and likewise it is only when we are old enough to go out and do our own thing in the World and so on that we come to very often make some of those choices good And bad and possibly mistakes and so on for ourselves, we typically of course can see many a positive or negative kind of influence in many models of existence within the many medias, though identifying where a given thought process or group of actions is originating can of course be troublesome.

I noted an article today in the news suggesting that a famed internationally used Handbook is in requirement of some upgrade, simply because whilst the methods therein, were established many years ago and it has been used throughout the duration of that time, the Science and study of techniques and effective strategies for that realm have changed and many more studies have suggested that techniques used are simply going through the motions in many ways without actually given a genuine result.

We see that in many areas of life where some custom has been adopted that is functionary rather than required and I think of course that anyone can make personal choices as to understanding the underlying reasons that they may or may not carry out any given behaviour. Are you always first to open doors out of politeness for people or simply because you had it demanded of you as a small child from some dominating character or personality within your life (for instance).

I have come to see that in many ways I was doing and acting and probably behaving in many respectable and responsible ways with what may or may not have been a beneficial reasoning system, so what we often want or require to do with some self-inquiry is release ancient or historical strategies for carrying out this activity and simply transaction into a more suitably reasoned model.


Person one opens doors for all and sundry throughout his life because he had it demanded of him as a child and the fear of a punishment received for not complying with the adult request has stayed with him non-consciously throughout his life.

Person two opens doors for all and sundry throughout his life because he had it requested of him as a child and was often rewarded receiving complements and gifts for complying with the adult’s request that has stayed with him throughout his life.

So it might be suggested for instance that person one in carrying a demand like fear based non-conscious behaviour throughout his life, is more susceptible to ill health and disease than person two, I cannot vouch one hundred percent for the accuracy of this IDEA though think it does hold a certain amount of water or credibility, likewise of course not doing anything because you are trying or seeking to “break the grip” so to speak of oppressive characters within or without your World can also typically perhaps lead into a downward spiral.

What if person two finds himself within a realm where all his simple straight forward politeness is attacked and attacked and he chooses to stop doing those things, it may well be suggested that he too could then himself falling ill through what I have suggested as being “catching a bad dose” and his regular routine mental pathways shrivelling up and so on.

So typically of course those are personalised mental models that folks have to decide upon for themselves as to the mind-set that any given activity is carried out for, we could for instance say ah-ha but what if the next step does not occur for person two in receiving or being complemented and so on, he is a door mat etc. So yes you often of course can perhaps test theories as to what is being more Alpha oriented and what is not, I generally avoid the so-called negative tactics and techniques because they can potentially be more detrimental to yourself than otherwise, though when forced into such things you do of course potentially gain confirming insights or otherwise as to behaviours thoughts feelings and actions.

So yes meditate and study and reason as to your own reason, the layer upon layer ideas as to transitioning the reasons for behaviours is an interesting DILEMMA.

We often all of course think given the standard life model that all interchange between any peoples and persons is akin to a transactional analysis and the need or otherwise to feel wanted or appreciated or however like all things within processes and systems can require changing when you find yourself unsure as to cause and effect. We often for instance want cause and effect to be current especially if we have the opportunity to sue for vast quantities of compensation for where some ill health or detrimental action occurred though typically it might be suggested that it is of more benefit to anyone to simply seek ways of letting go the old patterns and cycles and growing or performing upon those behaviours that best demonstrate how you want to be viewed within and without the World.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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