And Another Area I Found Myself Thinking Upon

And typically of course we are seeing so-called news as to Anthrax being distributed by The American Military Machine, though in fact recent weeks has noted greater observation as to thoughts feelings and actions related to ANTS.

I like many a person recalled times from childhood and having something of a fascination with those tiny creatures crawling around in some organised fashion as to how though go about there life and working model.

Yes I perhaps cannot remember specifics though am sure that memories of eating an ice cream and having ants running up my arm or crawling on such foods when a toddler and the reaction of adults can of course stay with yourself for quite a time.

The difference perhaps between a calm relaxed lets shake or flick this tiny unwelcome creature off or however and screaming as though some major offence is being committed. Clearly of course given the nature versus nurture debate and asking as to whom the primary care givers are of young children, we may come to see why some stereotypes and so on are ridiculous or have not be thought through in sensible terms.

Generation to generation handing down of thoughts feelings and teachings can surely be better served from positions of sanity rather than what are potentially more ridiculous behaviours. Yes they say that a mother and child’s relationship is closest though I often think that again in fact that makes the proposal as to the dominant personalities within children’s life and model and so on.

So yes ants are one of those ever present having to deal with issues for memory recall from distant childhoods and so on I also I yhink went through a stage of pouring boiling water on discovered nests and so on, though they rarely were discouraged and would not disappear for very long. I also noted myself thinking about Ancient Western’s Bonanza and The High Chaparral this morning whilst at work, unsure as to reasoning though gain clearly I have potentially worked through some blockages to longer term hidden memories (I was thinking), typically I asked a slight elder colleague as to which musical theme and score was which I typically recalling that they were Westerns and Cowboy show’s on roughly around the same 1970’s time period and ones that I used to watch, though I was unable to think beyond the most basic of details.

So yes I will follow those lines of inquiry within myself purely out of interest as to what or how my own life and the model’s I was watching and viewing within TV land may have influenced my life and actions elsewhere.

This one a brief, though always a good idea to mention any things that appear to be relevant to how you are or are not progressing with your activities and learnings and the reflections and conclusions that anyone of course draws are their own. How muddled and confused a brain does anyone have the potential to achieve in young infanthood and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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