Does The Distraction Have A Pay-Off

So like many a person who has signed up for this course and that course and also has other aspects of life the Universe and everything to be continuing with. You can sometimes feel that some trade-off of some description has to be introduced in the sense of timetabling yourself in a more rationalised fashion.

I have of course previously spoken on how as a night worker I have typically found that peoples and persons who sleep through the night and have never worked or existed within some of the stranger timetabled lives do have a tendency to act as though you are fully operational and able to do this that and the other activity 24/7. The idea that you may or may not require the 8 hours or 6 hours sleep or however that you feel is your preference often goes unrepresented within many a person’s head or thinking until it is raised as a matter in a conscious fashion.

So yes that is a typical example of people and persons automating a conscious zone of people like me syndrome whereby they are the primary example that they have within their lives and anything that does not fit that frequency of thinking or spectrum of mind set is somewhat alien to them.

So I found myself recently writing various meanderings and thinking’s in one of my pads and typically when carrying out such activities you of course look to elsewhere in the World to see what or where the information may be being reflected in some fashion.

Note Witness Adjust/Release/Modify or however is the kind of cycle that you can go through, dependent of course on how you thought and felt as to what was coming up for yourself. Did this issue or topic sent myself into some negative like thinking or feelings versus possible alternates, likewise then we have those why so high like questions as to getting thought processes geared toward recall of the positive steps and feelings that you have already carried out or ascertained as the direction you desire to follow and however.

So anyway I digressing once again, I recently found myself thinking somewhat heavily on the issue and topic of infatuation. Of course we can say that some infatuation may or may not be a good thing depending on of course the subject matter and the mental reasoning model and so on that is behind such strategies.

So whilst we all perhaps when following herd like behaviours and so on can fall into so-called fatal attraction like infatuation though in this case my own personal model of explorations was as to wondering whether the building blocks of infatuation were the same across all areas of life.

Is the goal or target that anyone sets themselves in any area of live gained through infatuation, is infatuation with a Science or Hobby or Artistic pursuit what drives and motivates excellence. So where people often depict issues and topics such-as infatuation within thought realms as being fatal attraction like in relation to relationships, one may wonder as to where an infatuation with a particular Food comes from or an infatuation to GET what some other individual is repeating over and over again.

Typically of course for every study that you may carry out in witnessing terms, you can find someone (when looking at people and persons demographics, who represents particular dynamics of stereotype and then possibly wonder as to how to dissect such a model, what are the motives or incentives building blocks that brought this infatuation with this topic or subject matter to the forefront of that person’s life.

Within many a realm of course it can be demonstrated as simply wanting or desiring to be top of the tree, within a given realm, those who aspire to Presidency or Chief Executive Officer, or indeed Manager or Leader or owner of the Company and so on. Likewise of course many such things when looking to aspirations and influence and manipulation can be handed down from generation to generation, people who follow in “The Family Tradition” though of course it may well be suggested that many a “The Family Tradition” did not exist beyond a couple of generations and given that alternate perspective we can shift to wondering how I can tap into this aspect of a family Tradition (for instance) without necessarily following in the exact career path or lifestyle choices of a parent or however.

So yes infatuation can of course be demonstrated with TV shows and Personalities and walks of life, though identifying the underlying reasoning’s or building block processes that have resulted in repetition of particular choices is an interesting one.

We can of course suggest that in looking to building blocks we are better able to view and imagine that similar building blocks can exist within multiple realms and so on. The building blocks for TV shows and so on may well of course be suggested to be the Script and an awareness of generational repetition. I know that despite not having watched a Soap Opera for years and years that I could turn one on and watch some new generation of actors and actresses going through the motions demonstrated within a pre existing sequence of events.

I think the realm of Theatre perhaps demonstrates such things more easily to people than TV does, whereby you could for instance go to some Theatre Production and see a completely differing cast performing the same show each year. Likewise some folks claim to not like such changes and look for continuity and often of course continuity is often given to those adopting or working within so-called Narrator/Compere like positions of show host. We typically see that within Radio land where by a Drive time show or Breakfast Show is hosted by X Famed Personality and Compere, though in reality you do then wonder as to what makes some peoples and persons stand out head and shoulders above others.

I know for instance that the BBC could plough on with a Top Gear show without Jeremy Clarkson, though very likely would miss his presence within that show (If I were a present or current viewer), given that he typically rightly or wrongly is the COMPARISON FACTOR. I recall the show that I mentioned a few weeks back “Have I Got News For You” and that typically again had a Compere who when leaving or dying or whatever, it was decided could not be replaced, they typically going to a system of Round Robin guest presenters, though it may well be suggested that many a FORMAT becomes tired and stale or the GUEST simply does not fit the FORMAT that they are being pigeon-holed to fill, those things typically of course may well reflect on present audience and how well they are able to carry out such activities.

So yes typically of course we are told that Comparison is wrong because at some point we have to be forthright and so on within what we ourselves know and accept as the direction that we ourselves are going to take in life, also of course what we are willing to learn and do to achieve results can make all the difference in the World.

So I found myself reminiscing with some elder colleagues as to some of the shows that we saw when younger and a typical response (despite my not being a present TV viewer/watcher) was that they as the elder generation simply did not find many modern day show hosts and entertainers and comedians and so on to FIT the model that they have within the brain as to what is funny and-or otherwise.

It may well be suggested that despite all the very many channels at the disposal of a given modern day audience, that huge sectors of viewing public are simply not being served in what they themselves Identify with and find amusing and so on.

I of course grew up in a generation whereby a certain amount of innuendo and sexism and banter was still generally acceptable within TV (Carry on Films, Benny Hill, Alf Garnett) and many peoples and persons felt that despite the potential for OFFENCE, they had the mental capacity to be discerning in knowing that what they were watching was COMEDY or however.

These days it does seem that the London Elite Political Correctness gone mad brigade have actually managed to alienate massive sectors of the population, typing them up so much in various political correctness notions and so on that simple forthright and funny things are lost to people trying or seeking too hard to be strangulated within the models that are being proffered and provided.

Yes so some kinds of humour and so on, body functions and so on never go out of fashion, despite the elite’s determination for them to, and likewise when a populace is not being provided or geared toward broader and wider mentalities or ranges of thinking you find that people lose the boundaries of what is or is not funny.

Typically of course we will all laugh perhaps out of shock at some subject matters initially though a wise comedian will often move onto other subjects and topics to take the audience on some kind of merry song and dance within his formula, yes some are branded as one trick ponies and if that is how they are identified then you have choice as to viewing or doing something else instead.

So what are the building blocks that we can use within our own lives that serve as part of the broader range and spectrum of formula’s and mappings and what are those that are keeping you stuck, typically of course we can say or identify that stuck ness could well be that the building blocks are fashioned into some format that is at too high a level of where attention is being paid. Think like those magicians “slight of hand” within the 3-cup find the ball type games.

You can be so busy looking or seeking to use some intransigent position to justify a particular position or belief system that you completely miss that nothing is being hidden.

Typically of course I can say well these letters and symbols are themselves building blocks and likewise we can say the same with pictures and sounds and so on. Yes some clearly like and love and want conspiracy and secrets and espionage and trauma drama as a way to motivate and incentivise themselves within life, though I have typically come to enjoy more of life when CONSPIRACY THEORY and so on has been removed, there is no conspiracy here.

That is often what you find in repetition of meditation and witnessing and note taking and so on. You remove all or many of those stupid paranoia’s and simply return to operating from being straight forward and not trying to hard to understand or get things.

I have actually on occasion discussed my note taking and had it suggested that I was being opinionated in carrying out such activities. I disagree as my own position was that I use such activities to be true to myself in what I see and know and it is a form of mentally centering myself. Whilst I can fully accept that anyone is entitled to opinion, far too much competitive bullshit and nonsense can leave anyone feeling as though they have done ten rounds with some present day boxing hero or however. Dazed and Confused.

Take notes, look to other realms for witnessing knowledge and feedback, and remove the so-called confusion and blindfolds of for what as you progress very often becomes more and more obvious, in many ways.

Strange though true whilst I felt early on that my broad all-encompassing window upon the World was perhaps too big and I required or needed to narrow focus, I do find that it is easy to narrow focus from the position of having a larger viewpoint than having some narrow window of focus constantly bashed over your head, as though it is the only reality that is allowed to exist for yourself.

Yes strange though true, I really do think that the model or framework and so on that gradually piece by piece and step by step builds itself into a best established model or group of IDEAS and so on has much to be said for itself.

So lots and lots of building blocks and what is the reason for this infatuation with achieving flow or otherwise and so on within this sector of existence over that area and aspect of existence.

So when massive gaps exist within what society or a viewing public wants in terms of leadership direction ideas versus what is being provided, you are going to see a massive or huge shift and increase in extremists seeking to fill those gaps, and not necessarily from a broad all encompassing position of comedy, that folks can genuinely relate to, whose race is it anyway, and might you be better of choosing to navigate a course or path that is more inclusive than exclusive as to thoughts become things.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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