Oh Now That Is Interesting

So I have in recent days spoken of childhood fascination with ants and likewise we can of course add beetle’s to the collection, generally regarded as more harmless than many a crawling bug, though in more recent years it does appear that some of the larger beetles and so on have gradually begun disappearing from gardens and so on.

I typically as a youngster recall seeing lots of creatures such-as ants and beetles and these days since all these industrial weed killers and bug killers have become popular in gardens you tend to see an increase in particular variety’s of bugs. I have come to the conclusion that the larger like beetles perhaps used to feed upon the smaller bugs and the gradual erosion of the insect food chain is what has led to people seeing huge increases in so-called mozzy’s and green fly like variant insects.

What else, well we can of course talk bat’s they do strangely still exist in the World and we of course today hearing of Legendary Dracula Actor Christopher Lee’s Death, his role of course in think in some versions involved turning into a bat, and of course the Superman versus Batman movie or film is also gradually making its way to the cinema’s and associated promotion thereof.

So Christopher Lee was the Vampire Benchmark, I typically of a generation that was perhaps first in considering having multiple TV’s about the house or premise and likewise on many an occasion I could have been asleep getting a good night’s rest for school or whatever I could typically on many a night be found staring wide eyed at some Hammer House of Horror movie, just as Christopher Lee was quoted as saying there were to many to remember, I actually concur as a viewer whereby the very many films kind of blur into what you remember most and he and his co-star Peter Cushing were often at the forefront of those memories.

So it is interesting perhaps today that in terms of news reports he is actually taking all the major headlines spots across the very many World-wide news agencies and so on, that perhaps a reflection of the fact that despite the films being regarded as “less than” in award winning terms, in audience terms though they gradually grew ever increasingly a staple diet of late night TV audiences and slot fillers and he became perhaps the Icon of what or how this characterisation of a creature of the night is defined.

Typically we have seen a million and one vampire variants appear in a broad and wide appealing selection of shows though somehow you do often get the feeling that whilst many have been good within their own right, no one has really come close to matching how the British stylised such portrayals and so on.

Likewise of course Christopher Lee actually starred as one of my favourite Bond Villains, Francisco Scaramanga (The Man With The Golden Gun) the film perhaps typical of the time it was made, though somehow again had one of those kind of charms to it. Elsewhere of course Pope Francis being highlighted along with Putin of Russia on an Italy visit.

Yes Charms is perhaps one of those underutilised phrases in modern society where anything that might be regarded as quaint and charming is regarded as old fashioned or out-of-date though it is of course true that when we look to some of Christopher Lee’s later life appearances in The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and The Later Star Wars movies we perhaps see that the fans of his earlier works who had been inspired or however were genuinely taking the opportunity to have a mass appeal legend within their own works whilst he was still able to continue to perform and so on. Rest In Peace Sir Christopher Lee.

Elsewhere we are also seeing that another “villain” actor has died, a chap who played Fagin in Oliver, I typically unsure as to whether I ever saw the film, though I do know or recall the Fagin Character from other variants and adaptations of the Dickens character, the most recent of similarity in story terms potentially actually Slum Dog Millionaire (I think) where much of the Dickensian Britain was transferred to modern day India (I think). So yes some concepts and so on demonstrate that no matter what part of the World you exist within, there is a likelihood that somewhere else is traversing or going through a developmental stage that a more prosperous or advanced nation has already experienced in some fashion.

Difficult of course to accept for some because much of the playing catch-up for Third World Countries has involved the integrating of both more recent developments as well as very often intransigents based around older generational beliefs, typically I think we saw some Holiday makers arrested on decency issues in some part of the World and it was suggested that they had in some fashion caused an Act of God elsewhere within the nation and so on.

However much they may want us all to be shocked by how a Countries treats visitors it may be suggested that the most sensibly option is to abide by and respect the laws and so on of the nation that you are in.

So what else, well of course I today or this morning found myself catching up with the most recent Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now module on creativity and I was of course not fully fresh and coherent having finished a night shift and Sam Horn did seem to be communicating at a somewhat accelerated pace perhaps demonstrating just how much information can be packed into the allocated slots and so on, likewise of course, the module much like many others will be added to my online Library so I have the opportunity to go through all the modules again and see what other ah-ha’s I may or may not have missed within any given Modularity.

Elsewhere we are of course seeing it slipped in to various news reports also that Rupert Murdoch is once again considering handing over the reins of his own Worldwide Media Empire, I of course unaware as to how such things go on though would have thought that given the lifetime and service and dedication and so on, that he is fully capable of making such decisions for himself rather than feeling pushed through the door or however.

Yes so two acting deaths famed for portrayals of villain’s and of course Mr Murdoch has often found himself perhaps under the so-called “villainy” spotlight for right or wrongdoing’s within his own Empire, though of course it is typical that journalists are supposed to at least give an impartial view whereby they themselves are not stepping into the roles of what they are informing the readership or whomever off.

So we the public can learn techniques and teachings and learnings as to right and wrong from any number of peoples and persons and sources about the World, and then perhaps decide as to best courses of action and navigation and so on within our own lives and inner and outer Worlds.

What else? BISCUITS

Yes strange though true, I was wondering as to what linked many things that I have been considering in self-inquiry in recent weeks and the answer to life the Universe and Everything at the present moment is BISCUITS.

Okay, so I as a young child visting elder relatives whether here in Hereford or up North in Crew was nearly always finding myself waiting for the Biscuit Tin to appear. Unsure as to the reasoning behind such things, though perhaps that demonstrable of a generation of my family that would have a biscuit tin and often bring the biscuit tin out upon visitor’s and guests arriving. This thought was strangely somehow confirmed in a news article this morning as to a dispute between Cadbury and Nestle over the copyrighting a chocolate bar shapes and forms and so on.

Yes some of us have other things than biscuits on our minds of course though given the value such companies see in the products that they release and create and distribute it does seem that such petty goings on can be a demonstration of not letting opponents “get away with it”, especially if they have perhaps overindulged in any given belief as to how much Power or pressure or influence and manipulation they can maintain over any given individual’s life.

Anyway that is enough for today, I think many a headline speaks for itself.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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