Let’s Take This Down A Tier/Phase etc.

So I of course have taken numerous courses and very often the blurb and email or envelope mail is full of superlatives as to why this course is head and shoulders above what you may or may not receive from competitors.

Typically of course it is well known, that part of my own strategy whilst taking up meditation; and after having experienced much nonsense related to teachings originating within Hypnosis modalities chose to go down the bore snore chore route.

So typically it may well be suggested that in reality you actually just like any other area of life require a BORE, SNORE, CHORE measuring gauge or scale of comparison and so on.


Well early on, particular imperialistic minded individuals decided that I was a rival of choice and/or the thorn within their own side and typically as suggested I found myself getting seemingly covered in ever greater levels of nonsense and drivel and garbage, in shutting up shop and becoming a bore, snore, chore (perhaps turning the other cheek) I typically simply ignored and did not respond to much nonsense and activities.

Typically we can say from an observational point of view that anyone within any realm and walk of life is going to look pretty stupid or idiotic or bullying if they continuously and persistently target someone whose own focus is completely elsewhere and they are simply not reacting or acting out in kind.

The problem of course is that for many peoples such thing lead to downward spirals rather than upward spirals, thankfully however I think most or many who took up meditation would concur that some pretty dynamic mental shifts and breakthroughs can occur and happen in very short spaces of time, I having eventually taken up assisted meditation quickly found that within a few short months many things that had previously affected or bothered myself either consciously or non-consciously were no longer getting the triggers and returning thoughts and feelings associated with such things.

So that might be said to just take it and take it and take it as though hoovering all and anything that can be thrown at you, and then eventually stumbling upon a remedy that cracks the mould or creates a fissure to let the steam escape or however. Enabling you to maintain you own focus more and more where you personally want your own focus to be as opposed to where others may or may not want you to be focussing.

Typically it is easy to give entire realms a complete bill of all-encompassing negativity or indeed positivity though I really would suggest to folks to do as I generally sought to do and be more discerning in where such generalisations are applied.

Likewise over the longer term it may well be suggested that things become somewhat topsy-turvy in the sense that if you are within a realm surrounded by folks who are obsessively trending as the next best must have thing and acting out accordingly it may well be suggested that someone who has become a bore, snore, chore and is exceptionally uncomplicated in how they speak and communicate and so on can strangely develop an appeal of its own.

How long such attractions or relationships or otherwise may last is of course debatable, many a relationship begun within realms of one dynamic do not necessarily stay the course when in other environments and so on when the pressure or dynamic changes in some label changing fashion.

Typically of course many a story follows the Romeo and Juliet model of dangerous liaisons and so on until competing factions give up the ghost on seeking to cause damage to a relationship or otherwise. Likewise it can of course be demonstrated that few movies at least, demonstrate later life models or underlying shifts within relationships.

How do you transition from one set of circumstantial dynamics to an alternate sequence or set of dynamics and does what brought any couple together maintain its presence under the new dynamic of whatever life, the universe and everything is throwing up.

Typically of course those of us who are divorced or who have been through multiple relationships, some possibly ended with classic quote “It is not you it is me” garbage, can of course come to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with us or indeed the external World.


I have generally found that I have encountered peoples and persons within both completely external and completely internal dynamics and again such things can appear or work their way into life through various guises. All too easy to say that someone who is externally referenced is selfless and internal referenced is selfish, though I have come to generally see that both positions may well be characterised in extremist like context and indeed that the inverse may well be true on both counts. Again I think such things are down to what you know at any given time of life and indeed can pass on to others and whether you are willing and able to share life experiences and so on.

So I have repeated again and again that all communication has information within it that contains value and can likely be utilised within some fashion, likewise becoming attuned to such things can take time and indeed understanding that any meaning and thoughts feelings and actions, that one person takes out of some script or movie or film is not necessarily the same as what another viewer takes out of such informatics and so on.

So we look for clues and seek to HIGHLIGHT clues in some fashion and indeed potentially learn best established practice from those who have gone before or been carrying out such activities for far longer. Typically the number one piece of advice is often to translate whatever it is that you are looking at into a differing format, that is why drawing pads and making mind maps and sketches can be so useful, likewise you can do as I do on this blog and simply change the text in some fashion such-as embolden in strange places or have weird underlines and so on. Yes we can say well that is no good to a business, unless of course the business is a comedy business seeking to poke fun at regular standard business models for letters and format layouts and so on.

So lots of things can be done to change the perspective and dynamic and any one given person’s advancement is not necessarily matched elsewhere either by peoples about themselves or indeed peoples that they are lecturing to in some fashion.

So we take notes and witness and then we apply what we witness to alternate realms, this politician is talking about this subject, though this word here triggered myself into witnessing this sporting realm over there and so on.

The more writing and making notes and so on that you do and the more you continue within such activities the more you come to see how everything is seemingly interconnected in the fashion described by Budhist monks etc.

Clearly what pain and suffering and so on that anyone given individual is willing to tolerate and so on is debatable, though likewise transitioning into ever greater levels of enlightenment is probably far easier for peoples who are not operating from difficult circumstances and so on.

Anyway, enough for today, I see that there has been a Horse guard Parade at The Palace and of course given many a news article and the preference of editors for conflict, hunting down positive and rewarding and uplifting areas and regions to focus upon seemingly becomes more difficult unless of course you operate upon another famed quote or mantra “Become the difference you want to see in the World”.

Clearly hand-in-hand with IDEAS that it is all an inside job, we can see that we can preach and teach love and happiness and amazing World amazing life though clearly some seemingly fashion such lives irrespective of Meditation or Hypnosis or many other Technologies, so clearly choice is choice and whilst a super booster is perhaps desired by some of us older folks I am sure the younger generation raise eyebrows and wonder as to what all the fuss is about.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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