So Why Are So Many Systems Useless

This typically a question that many a person can perhaps ask early on within their enlightenment experience and typically I think it comes down to hidden motives and hidden incentives. I of course studied many Religious texts and cult like groupings as I have progressed and typically it may well be suggested that many of them are always operating at the level of awareness and so on that they have though very many it does seem to myself have a small collective of elite like characters and then various levels and layers of believers who may well be regarded as having some internal desire or wish, attribute or value, and so on satisfied in some fashion.

Clearly then given the amount of sources and resources and so on that we are potentially born with and the continuous attainment of further sources and resources as we are growing up in the World, coming to any kind of conclusion as to reasoning’s for any kind of events can leave many of us scratching our heads.

Typically of course one such Cult grouping that is often not far away from News is Scientology created by a science fiction novelist and he typically chose some really quite outrageous or out there kinds of doctrines and beliefs and so on to share with followers and still they followed. So the only reason I mention that is because I do think that one of the IDEAS that grouping introduced was a kind of Battlefield Earth. This of course typically can be suggested goes on at all levels of Society and interpretation is of course dependent upon your own advancement and awareness. I personally having perhaps had a fill of people and persons wanting to do battle in some fashion simply continued to release and let go. We can of course suggest that many a battle is represented in multiple fashions. One business against another business or one Country against another Country or one grouping of individuals against another group of individuals typically characterised by the so-called war of the sexes or families or however.

Anyway it might be suggested that few of us escape completely from the underlying cause/effect ratio of such goings on because just about all and every media highlights or gives examples and so on and indeed it might also be suggested that for many it is built in as part of the human psyche.

I of course think that you can open up many a compartmentalised models and replace them with more generalised relationship like pointers that says-that example within that realm or field of life is the same as this other example over there. In truth I generally find that many a “common law” taken for granted “old wives tale” is often FALSE when put under some of these self-inquiry mechanisms and processes. A typical example is claiming that all wars are caused by Religion and so on. In fact it may well be suggested that the truth is characterised by a number of alternate factors and indeed trying to explain such things can often seem like banging your head against a brick wall.

Many a person of course relaxing into some false belief system of my stereotype example has worked this far within my life and existence and I therefore have no reason to give it up.

We could of course suggest that “Rights” fascism is the cause of many a war and indeed it can be demonstrated over and over again that for every grouping being given “rights” someone elsewhere is likely paying the cost or suffering the consequences, and again when you understand the so-called reasoning being given you can see why you are often better simply taking yourself out of many a debate, once having released on particular topics and issues and so on.

Clearly in Parliamentary terms for instance (within the UK) we can suggest that when The Conservatives are in Power they will typically vote to support designated “Rights” of their followers and likewise when the Labour Party are in Power they will typically vote to support designated “Rights” of their followers and typically we can also say as is well known that both Parties can claim to have broad spectrums of constituents within those categorisations, so again as much as some folks want an all-encompassing grouping you are often better understanding that the extremists are pretty much the same (however much they protest otherwise) and that trying to do right by all constituents and parties and groupings us unlikely to ever occur, most folks once attention is placed upon more rewarding IDEAS and uses for the technologies I promote do seem to realise just how futile many an intransigent position is.

Typically of course everyone said after WWII “no more Wars” thank you very much and some said well what about to much population and so on. Typically of course in order to not be able to send folks to war you have to change your laws and governing bodies and keep so-called lines of communication and business and so on open. That typically where many a person fails to see the money trend going on elsewhere or within disregarded sectors of their lives. For all the mudslinging at Russia in relation to the Ukraine state of Affairs we can see that they still supply gas and other fossil fuels and so on to vast Quantities of Eastern and indeed parts of Western Europe. So International Business has within a certain degree or context continued as Normal. That perhaps differing to WWII and WWII where the Allies simply broke many of the German supply lines and many of the support infrastructures that many an Army needs or requires to keep going.

Yes I saw a strange set of questions being asked within an inquiry this week as to deaths within a training exercise, I would suggest that within certain life zones and IDEAS as to SURVIVAL, there is no such thing as training. I recall as a youngster being told to stand at a line and when they say go or fire the starting pistol you run as fast as you can over that line further down the track.

I was very good in those days at simply outpacing or being quicker than other competitors and ran in interschool competition and so on as a result, and whilst it was kind of natural, I do recall that I simply adopted a win at everything approach, there was no such thing as training. That perhaps coming from a family background without a car and trecking vast distances on family visits about the City. Once we had left a home premise, there was no returning until the destination had been reached, IRRESPECTIVE OF WIND RAIN, STORMS, SUNSHINE AND SO ON. Whilst I am not best placed to comment upon those kinds of exercises, I do recall being somewhat stretched as to going through so-called pain barriers and being tired and whinging and so on, though typically of course as a growing youngster, I could have not complaint as to the knock-on effect of perhaps being stronger and fitter than kids who lived in the parental car for every trip and journey. Yes I am perhaps a long way from the growing health and fitness from those years of my childhood and youth, though typically I did also not treat each and every circumstance of competition with a WAR like mentality of must win, I was competitive in a self-fashioned style or way where I was more upset with myself internally perhaps on occasions where I was not performing at best.

So it may well be suggested that the self-referencing is the best reference that anyone can establish for themselves within any field of life and any endeavour and it is perhaps why so many struggle in terms of schooling and higher education and indeed within business and industry at lower levels because typically you are always being asked to defer your self-reference to an external entity or being who may or may not have your best interests at Heart.

Typically of course each and every person can potentially have the opportunity to cry-wolf when bad or other than wanted or expected events occur, though you do have to take into consideration your own input or otherwise within any given sequence of events.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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