So Top Ignored Story On My Gadget

Is related to some people or persons intention to carry out a head transplant, it has a somewhat fancy graphical image display and I am like, yeah whatever, no thank you very much. Yes of course such things are probably possible and for many of us the Ultimate Frankenstein’s Monster reality.

Of course when you know so many body parts and everything else had gradually worked its way into the transplantation zone you cannot really ignore the head. Likewise of course peoples and persons such-as myself of a particular generation can probably recall that such things have already been done in various fictional like realms. We of course had comedy Scarecrow Wurzel Gummidge often seen changing his Head whilst in pursuit of Aunt Sally. Likewise I think we have had one or two other Comedy show and movies over the years that have fashioned or styled characters around such ideas including of course genuine Frankenstein like stories.

So yes, the gadget collects stories from multiple sources and I pick and choose some to read and not others though it is interesting as to the sudden lack of real news going on at present.

We of course have some talk and ceremonies on the Wonders of The Magna Carter and related historical stories and people in or from Bradford doing what people from Bradford do or something like that.

So yes it really does seem like one of those turn off tune out like zones in many ways though typically of course the minute you stop paying attention is when you may well miss something important. Yes that of course is probably not really true for people who have taken up meditation and related modalities and so on, as you do often simply choose to let more and more things go that you may have previously shown an interest in.

So unless of course you have a vested interest in the very many medias or are indeed a Celebratory determined to continue being a headliner for whatever reason or purpose known to themselves most folks can comfortably perhaps switch of as to having or showing interest in more general repetitions of same old, same old and simply concentrate on areas topics and regions that are important to yourself in some fashion.

Of course those things are again debatable, do I require or need an external press agency or propaganda vested interest telling myself what I am or am not allowed to take interest in. Of course I do think that some stepping stone teachings and learnings to clear out historical mental flotsam and jetsam and so on can be useful, though beyond that many of the teachers and masters and so on, do tell people to make themselves the centre of what they are witnessing and writing and so on.

I can recommend the products and ideas contained within those products and indeed can suggest ways and means and methods to potentially demonstrate how peoples and persons can develop new income streams for themselves, though typically the follow sports and gamble methodology does seem to be somewhat hit n miss if you spread your so-called tentacles to broadly without some kind of narrowing down clues system.

I typically thought well you could demonstrate or create a mechanism to place yourself within a zone for a particular sport and that generally involves of course knowing sporting timetable schedules, perhaps a clue to a location and a clue to whether it is team or individual and a clue to any props or playing implements and of course you do gradually come to see that you may as well be talking directly on a given sport or topic. Though typically it can for some be more fun to work through various clue systems and likewise windows upon the World so to speak can be quite general in the sense of the coin side topic I spoke upon previously where a positive for one sport may be a negative for an alternate sport and so on.

So yes I really think most peoples are potentially better of gearing themselves and friends and family toward particular sport where they are having success and do not place all your eggs in one basket so to speak, until you feel confident or experienced enough to potentially step up such strategies and so on.

I of course in studying quite a broad selection of modules gave up on the gambling side of things quite early on because I was too scattered and under pressure to be able to maintain any kind of focus and so on, hence my more recent activity in taking writing like styled course that I figured I could potentially develop improved writing abilities with and of course were I to become a published author then I may have a small or regular income stream from those kinds of activities. We have seen the cost of books and so on slashed within online retailers and that of course is of concern for writers in general though likewise those already with established catalogues of books are perhaps able to do other things such-as Sam Horn does with her lecturing circuit and advisory consultancy work to other peoples and persons.

Likewise of course you see many a Star eventually reach the career point of wanting to put a book out of some description and of course a Star Name does seem to sell when you consider the so-called Numbers games, far easier perhaps for those established within one realm to then dip toes into pastures new and so on.

Yes I rarely strangely enough give that many clues away within my own writings and I think that has perhaps come about because I am not looking for clues within my own writings when perhaps I should be, though likewise I could probably then pressurise myself to include greater variety of detail and description rather than simply writings and writing and being a bore snore chore kind of writer.

I think in many ways that is a Solution within itself, be a bore snore chore so that those seeking adventure and fun and excitement turn attention elsewhere, or possibly not, I think anyone can perhaps follow typical “Keeping Up Appearances” identities and profiles and likewise clearing out less than healthy thoughts feelings and histories is of course a choice, though once accomplished, you can still maintain a healthy wholesome image or indeed whatever image you choose for yourself, it does seem that whatever IMAGE or BRAND of IDENTITY and DESCRIPTION you demonstrate to a given audience, others can likely demonstrate or show an alternate viewpoint that you may or may not have considered.

Blah blah season is upon us, I think.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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