So The Point Of Many A Teaching

Is developing ways and means to slow your thinking down and then perhaps reorganising yourself physically mentally spiritually in a more fruitful and rewarding fashion than you may or may not currently have.

Of course I have suggested that many a person develops such internalised systems or indeed inherits such things from quite a young age so any given individuals abilities are perhaps related to family and social groups and peers and so on, though I really do think that no matter where you may or may have started from in such explorations that improvement can be fashioned.

Some perhaps more obvious to peoples than others. Typically of course when we know many of these issues are somehow related to belief and we know particular groupings or characters within our respective Worlds hold incompatible beliefs we of course have choice as to whether we align ourselves with any given viewpoint or otherwise.

So of course some folks say well I do not know what to say or do or however whilst others have simply shut up shop and are writing and writing and fashioning their lives around being authors perhaps.

The problem for many is of course incentive or motive and again we can suggest that whilst many a person says money is not everything and so on, in truth I think many o us who have lived in the lower tiers of financial existence can perhaps better relate to ideas that I would rather be rich, wealthy and prosperous and unhappy than poor and unhappy and so on.

Swings and roundabouts of course as to the debate can take you know where, people often relieving or releasing tension simply in communicating on such things. Hence perhaps a better strategy being to think and ask those questions as to how can I achieve this higher level of income and finance and so on, typically of course many of us opt to return to college or higher education or indeed take an on-line course. Again how much you get out of any given course or indeed network that you join is debatable.

We then of course come to the so-called obstacles, what are the obstacles coming to the fore when I consider carrying out this activity or pursuit, you can then wonder as to whether that is some inherited resistance or whether such things are genuinely true, clearly many a clearing remedy is fashioned with a belief set that actually when you consider all is now then all is possible and the old adage as to what you believe comes to the fore, whether you think you can or you think you cannot you are right or correct and so on.

I generally think many of us in the earlier enlightenment like meditative levels have a tendency to react badly to others who are seemingly seeking to maintain what we now know to be a false reality or indeed premise. There are of course many generalised false premises that can be worked through though I also think that some of the most obvious false premise like ideas are rarely dealt with in a zero tolerance fashion.

So yes we all can sit down on a seat and start typing and look up and say I am reaching for this coffee mug containing coffee and staring at this green spiky plant that is sat in the corner and also overhearing a revving engine out in the street, so you can literally just keep on typing and typing based upon what is within your own realm and World and life and likewise speculate as to transform the dull and bland routine into so fantasy World adventure, what if the coffee has been poisoned in some fashion by evil nemesis, how did this other character manage to carry out such a dastardly deed. Is Mr Revving car about to set out down the road and become involved in an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) and so on, so in writing or storying terms you will likely never run out of resources given that everything has a label and it is then up to yourself as to how you convey the message within your writing or works.

So you can storyboard also which I personally think is great because of the way the brain works, it is easier to come up with random events spotted seemingly all over the shop and then see how you can bring them together into some all-encompassing idea or body of work.

I know the singer songwriter David Bowie was famed for instance, for typically writing and writing and then cutting words up and mixing them all about and then seeing how he could bring such things into a well-crafted song or however, that of course a well-known techniques used by many a person.

Some folks of course complain of so called writers block or lack of inspiration and again I think those kinds of more fun remedies can shift your mental model into activities of progress, so if you have a generalised story board idea and then feel stuck on a particular scene or location or character interaction, you could go to an alternate sector of the work.

Likewise such things are of course often about where your own focus is and how much you feel of your own focus you own, typically I have spoken on how resistance can manifest itself in your life though typically if you are maintaining a steady course and it is others who are seeking to disrupt and misbehave you can of course use such things within your writings and works, I strangely for instance could probably write “101 Fagins”, as though one in some fictional realm is not enough, some areas and environments do seem to have quite loose criteria as to whom they allow or employ and of course the knock-on effect can continue for years.

Likewise we can always look to the Headlines, and wonder as to whether they make any sense, I saw one entitled along the lines of visit by first lady and I am like what they dug up eve? Though apparently it is a strange title given to the wife of the United States President, will Bill Clinton become “The First Man” if his wife Hilary were to go on to be successful in the 2016 election. Speaking on that election stuff of course, we have been entertained by Jeb Bush and he does strangely seem to not be anything like his family, despite of course name and jobs and career course and so on. Is a seemingly regular cheerful chap going to win? I doubt it, we do seem to see more SOMBRE like characters generally being the ones who make it through to higher tier levels of Governance and so on.

I can also of course speculate as to whom the Last Lady is if she is the first and likewise who the last man is, probably the one who has to shut the door on the way out.

Elsewhere we are seeing how transparency of communication is abused at all levels simply dependent upon your sex and age and so on. Some Female Headteacher effectively a Paedophile, having relations with some school kid in her care, double standards of course used in that is typically give a snigger snigger Mrs Robinson right’s of passage spin, that was not given to peoples in the care or in contact with the likes of Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris and indeed we see Max Clifford once again in the frame apparently though I do think that some kinds of celebrity are going to have those kinds of goings on, the incentive for many of them in becoming celebrities in the first place, especially within more modern times, where you see all those idols having screaming fans and so on at their seeming disposal, yes biting the hand that feeds perhaps a phrase that springs to mind, though It can clearly be demonstrate that such things go on at all levels of Society and everyone is putting in a performance of some description, I think then with teachers in particular of course, as young children we usually have little to not believe what they say and do and so on, as we really do generally have more innocent use of mental capacities and faculties and so on, well that is what I think of course, though we do often see some children highlighted who have seemingly broken the mould of evil doing and so on.

Yes so the significant others in any given dataset often get zoomed in on or highlighted, hence many a person who gets rich or famous often doing so through bucking whatever a current trend is. Likewise it has been demonstrated with some reality voting shows that despite the best efforts of those within industries as to the long term plans of those winners, that society often opts or chooses folks who will not really go the distance.

Yes I have seen reports in recent years as to show like X Factor and Al Britani’s Got Talent and so on and it does seem that trying to do right by any of the performers cannot always be done hence this idea that once again it is up to themselves when given opportunity to step up to the table and so on.

Yes I saw that in a small report whereby those leaving these shoring and joining the ISIS fight are apparently being given an Al Britani name, and that of course goes hand in hand with many converts to ISLAM abandoning the names given at birth.

Likewise of course many a celebrity has done that and indeed some CULT LIKE groupings always also encourage such Strategies, so it may well serve a person to think of what an alternate name would be for themselves, especially if the given name has not worked in the fashion desired, it could well be suggested that carrying out such activities above and beyond nicknames of course can open up those long lost ah-ha zones and so on. Hmmm David Al Herefordi Britani nah will have to think on that, there is helpful EXOTIC and UNHELPFUL EXOTIC though of course one might be considered short term and the other long term-how many actors that you cannot recall the name of do you think of a character name for?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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