Yes I Said Narrow Your Options When You Start Out

Though it could well of course be cleverer to spread your options though again you do have to carry out the necessary studies of what you are monitoring in order to achieve that. I typically was quite fortunate early on in that respect in working with many multiple Eastern European Migrant Workers as well as some Western Migrant Workers-quite simply it became “OBVIOUS” as to differing languages very often when you pay close attention can still “CONSTRUCT” meaning words and sounds within your own head and so on-irrespective of genuine meaning given in an official translation capacity.

Likewise of course people ask as to power and why words such as abundance and in all honesty the further I have progressed and studied and cleared out ill thoughts and feelings old and new I have come to see how many translation like activities are quite easy.

I during my young childhood typically liked currant buns and raisin buns and so on and it is of course quite easy as you progress to simply relate all and everything to food if you so wish-especially as we all know many a “FOOD INDUSTRY” personality whether an ancient Delia Smith or who-ever modern day equivalents are often talk and use quite a wide range of words that cover all the bases of most peoples and persons sensory repertoire.

Likewise of course you can typically go to realms of fantasy and study ideas of perpetual motion machines and how nuclear power and so on works and very often many a book or wiki page is kind of like an inbuilt mini-application.

Yes many sporting events taking place at present, I seem to be attuned to the Women’s Football World cup as that has seemingly been what has been appearing on TV Screens at work during the night time breaks, though I know that when little, my Grandparents used to often leave horseracing on TV whilst they were working there garage/job and typically all those sorts of things whether we like it or otherwise are often taken in non-consciously. I know my own father typically has horseracing on his TV now when some larger events are on so can also see how some generational habits get handed down.

So we are of course hearing in the official and correct news that Greece is stalling or falling out of favour with the rest of the Euro zone as to how they can finance debt. Of course I can say well each generation leaves school and then has to make their way in the World and so on, and of course I can suggest that in order to not have conscription and go to war as was historically done, they gave rights to some minorities cults groupings, and it can of course be suggested that TV and media often gives greater representation to such groupings than they may or otherwise deserve.

Typical example is of course apparently new Top Gear Presenter Chris Evans, many peoples favourite Ginger or Glass Wearer or whatever, he seemingly managing to tick of many a base for a minority appeal though he has of course quite a long history of his own personal style of self-industry and promotion and so on. He is of course a well-known presenter come petrol head, though I do think that enthusiast is potentially differing to journalist, though of course Top Gear has history of breaking so-called journalistic rules of fairness and so on anyway.

Yes he may well capture a new audience or bring some audience from elsewhere with him though I suspect that if Clarkson and Gang also start a new show elsewhere they too would likely take an audience with them, I do recall that other CAR shows have appeared over the years when I was a viewer and despite watching them they were not Top Gear and they were not Clarkson (for instance), likewise they say that Evans will have a female show host, well again already been done by an alternate channels show (Frostrup (I think)) though again is it about the NAME & BRAND or PERSONALITY, they have clearly decided to opt for the personality option and most of us having watched multiple Brand Evans shows over the years already likely know what to expect, I do not think the transition for show or personality will be as easy as those making the changes think. Though clearly many a show can claim to have experienced a so-called REBOOT or REMODELLING during the course of its history.

Elsewhere we are hearing on scrambled RAF Typhoons as rapid reaction to Russian Military Infringement of NATO Military Exercises. That a typical well known “cold war” ERA event though likewise of course scrambled is a phrase used for eggs and indeed within espionage in terms of CYPHERS, scrambling and descrambling messages and so on. That again related to how you put information in and how you take information out. Think of those bicycle like spinning slot machine wheels that I spoke on over the last couple of months, and so-called methods of encryption versus otherwise.

Typically it can be demonstrated that those more advanced than myself can likely always be one step ahead because they are already thinking about the next generational advancement, and of course potentially are not experiencing the difficulties that many of us experience in having to have a day-to-day life and concern about bills and where the next meal is coming from and so on and so forth.

Yes an interesting article for myself was the former Soviet Space Shuttle Programme, and picture of huge massive hangers with multiple Shuttles abandoned within the now Russian Space Programme. It does in fact seem a shame that those programmes were abandoned as in all likelihood the lateness to the Shuttle Game would mean that those craft would likely still be in operation where the American NASA programme eventually ran its course. Both industries potentially deciding that little further achievement could be achieved with classical fixed wing design spacecraft perhaps, yes we know that many a SATELLITE (for instance) unfolds much like a caterpillar being tucked up in a Cocoon and then becoming a Butterfly and likewise of course many a present when unwrapped typically changes shape or form when you open the box or have to assemble your Air Fix plane or whatever your modern day gadget happens to be.

Another interesting discussion recently at work was related to time and the shortening thereof for everything, remote controls to change channels instead of having to get up and walk to the set and microwaves to save on waiting an hour for the oven to slow roast or cook and so on.

So just as industry seeks to save more and more time with gadget upon gadget. It may well be suggested that some activities and so on may well be improved through extending the time and returning to so-called classical methods and so on.

Yes preparing a meal in the kitchen might be quite therapeutic or indeed returning to those classical toys that have to be assembled in some fashion and so on.

Elsewhere of course the build-up to Wimbledon is occurring in the Tennis with the preliminary warm-up “Queens” event and the Strawberry industry of course expands greatly around this time of year despite them (Strawberries) very often now appearing all year round via Specialist Market Gardens and those Poly tunnel Tents and so on.

Yes the problem in fact with many a SUPERCROP is the lack of FLAVOUR, both sets of my Grandparents used to have gardens and used to regular plant their own seeds and grow just about everything and those home grown garden crops were often far more tasty and flavoured than these SUPER PRODUCED GENETICALLY MODIFIED “PERFECT LOOKING” crops we all obsess with in supermarkets. Yes the ancient phrase as to telling a book by its cover is a kind of double bind when you know you can bite into any given fruit and rapidly change opinion as to the delights or otherwise thereof.

Yes so choice is choice and learning to translate can be performed within many a manner, typically of course I spoke on the language issue whereby you know you are wrong in translation though in terms of CLUES you may well get an AH-HA, especially when you consider that each and every language has been created and designed in some fashion and given that criteria it can also be deciphered and unscrambled and of course many of those such activities are carried out through understanding of SOUND and MIXING and DYNAMICS of differing instruments and understanding the various OCTAVE RANGES and so on and so forth. Opening up those long lost mental or bodily archives and getting the internalised connectivity going so you are able to release can be an ongoing functionality, though likewise does seem easier in my opinion when you are able to cut through much build-up of detritus.

Yes another season I have failed to mention is of course THE RETURN OF ABBA, yes Greece and so on the Movie Starring Travolta of course appeared in the 1970’s and those years were seemingly dominated by THE BEEGEES and ABBA in terms of international appeal MUSIC and rhythm and sound and so on, yes many other performers and artists were around though I think so-called DISCO was at its HEIGHT during those years. I can also mention after my resent Simon and Garfunkle? mention that I did find myself thinking about CHARIOTS OF FIRE another strange film I saw as a youngster, though I think a certain amount of NATIONALISM went into supporting the BRITISH FILM INDUSTRY. The problem as always is liking what they are producing.

So many an INDIRECT ABBA reference is appearing and many multiple indirect BEEGEE like references for those of us in the elder generations.

More difficult for myself to identify younger generation material though typically I can point at the likes of OASIS and Robbie Williams for the 1990’s era as also being highlighted. It does seem that for myself at least 1980’s was a somewhat “LOST” zone in terms of inspiration and appeal, perhaps to busy with schooling and other things to have been watching “Top Of The Pops” as much as one would have liked.

Yes unsure as to how true anything is when you unravel and unravel and reconnect all the ever so many lifelong clues that we all of us collate in some fashion. Typically of course everyone perhaps has differing goals that they want to formulate as achievable and be asking how can I organise myself into this achievement or zone or whatever, for many it really is simply a case of KEEP GOING. I do have to be honest and say I promote choice and some choices and pigeon holes that some generalisations bring up are very often deeply flawed when investigated and indeed when meditated upon and self-inquired upon and so on. Many a styled fashion or cult seems to simply be people rushing to an alternate extremism to one that they adopted previously and I have generally found that everyone wants to bring about a state of affairs within their life where more than the options you presently have.

So I have blah blah blah blah blah and produced just short of a couple of thousand words, though typically of course this blog I think I perhaps need to pep up in some fashion rather than simply monitoring and witnessing and commentating and relating and so on. Yes a couple fo other bloggers that I linked up to both made posts yesterday or at least had posts that appeared to myself so they perhaps have some kind of timing mechanism and system in place that is absent within my own life zone perhaps.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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