The “Healingfest” is coming! I’m participating – join for free today.
How to help yourself heal – free event I’m participating in!
Use your mind to heal your body – starting June 22, I’m participating!
If you have pain – read this! Join me!
How to use your mind to heal your body…
How to take away stress, pain, and sickness from your body…
The Spring Forest Healingfest begins June 22. Sign up for free today!
You were born a healer! Prove it at the Spring Forest Healingfest! I’m going to.
Help heal your own sickness and disease using your own natural energy.
Apply an easy-to-learn healing technique at the Spring Forest Healingfest.
Learn how to use “Qi” to help yourself heal.
Join me to see how Qigong can help you heal.
Join me to learn how meditation and simple movement can help you heal.
Arthritis? High blood pressure? Diabetes? Join the “Spring Forest Healingfest” for free.
Join Chunyi Lin’s Spring Forest Healingfest free – starts June 22. I’m participating are you?

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