Wow So Many Topics And Areas Of Life The Universe and Everything

To comment upon that one genuinely does not know where to begin. Of course in reality that is why a number of Teachers suggest tuning out and turning of and so on, if something you are watching and viewing or however is leading you further and further into negative thoughts feelings and actions and so on then it could well be the best option and of course one of the reasons I personally opted for a certain amount of isolationism, simply to clear stuff faster than I could potentially catch some of those things.

Likewise despite best efforts of course you still have to interact and exist within the World and I do think that operating from a higher level of awareness and so on is a Solution, even if it does not in and of itself provide a kind of Ultimate Solution, you are perhaps less prone to extremist triggers influences and manipulations.

Many a person of course usually likes to think that they know and own their own minds and so on, and it does seem that it is only some of these meditative like remedies that bring up to the so-called surface long lost thoughts feeling actions influences and manipulations that you may or may have not been aware of.

Typically this morning we saw what has perhaps become the Yearly or annual “American Shooting” incident and whilst a great deal is done to highlight things such-as number of deaths, they are relatively small when you consider how many other similar events are probably going unnoticed.

Yes we all grew up with American cop TV shows where gun fights were common place in very often each and every episode, though there has perhaps been a gradual transition away from those kinds of show in some respects, they perhaps in looking for new angles came up with associative like industries hence a so-called rack of forensic like shows such as CSI or indeed alternate like show such as NCIS about the so-called Naval Police (I think). Unsure whether we have had such things in the United Kingdom in terms of show though very many a show has highlighted some alternate angle grouping either in good or bad light depending upon where you stand on law and order. Yes the Military Policeman in Dad’s Army was considered perhaps a jobsworth in telling them to put the lights out and so on.

Elsewhere within the United Kingdom we have seen some death in a Cemetery, unsure as to suitability of location though of course classic Western “Gunfight At the Okay Coral” was I think one of those Cemetery high-lighted like Western’s as was “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” where at least 2 of those lead characters were involved in digging up what was said to have been a small fortune hidden within the grave of a dead soldier, cannot recall which Army it was related to though I think the film or similar Sphagetti Western high-lighted how many a independent Cowboy like person would often switch or traverse between both landscapes occupied by alternate Armed Forces and so on. Of course in Europe during the War I think similar regions were said to exist such-as Casablanca where operatives from both Army’s, or factions within a dispute elsewhere could be seen.

Yes I of course take notes regularly and indeed traverse a Cemetery regularly though typically my noted often record such locations as Graveyard. I did find my wording changing in recent months though unsure as to influence or course beyond perhaps the Thesaurus option of being tired using the same tourettes like repetitions and turn of phrase.

So shooting in the USA reminding us all that too much Kentucky Fried Chicken or “Good Ol’ Boy” Southern Hospitality still exists despite peoples best efforts to focus on things of more importance and worth, the problem of course with any kind of prejudice and so on is that they can become a distraction to more life enhancing thoughts feelings and actions. Unsure as to the United Kingdom Scotland issue or murder thought we can see perhaps that whilst a Southern incident occurs in the US a Northern incident occurs in the United Kingdom. Typically elsewhere we are hearing the Battle of Wellington (whoops my error, I meant waterloo of course and not those famed articles on Paddington’s feet) and Napoleonic scheming’s and of course sadly despite those wars having been a reality at some point most folks when questioned would most likely recall a “carry on” version of some of those kinds of wars.

Yes unsure if correct though I think Sharpe may have also been set in and around the same kind of time period, unsure as to whether the French were a distraction to the Growing of The British Empire though perhaps the Empire is seen more on paper than in reality in many ways.

Yes that is something that many a film or show fails to highlight, the day-to-day reality behind the lines often continues with some level of normality, that is of course dependent upon how close or how fierce any given war zone happens to be and where you are in relation to that (possibly). We have all perhaps laughed at Allo Allo of course, though likewise perhaps seen how much tragedy was involved in for instance Saving Private Ryan or Schindlers List.

Elsewhere apparently the International Monetary Fund is making statements as to the Greek Situation, I am unsure as to what is occurring because I perhaps do not know enough History, though typically I think for many the issue and topic when looked upon through multiple windows and how these things are interconnected or interlinked and woven through History perhaps demonstrate that we all have a certain amount of choice even in the worst or dire of circumstances, why does Greece simply say we are Bankrupt and go without for a couple of years and then start over under some new name and scheme, is that not what Business and a bankrupted person in many a Country allowed to do?

Yes probably one of my own greatest regrets was not declaring myself bankrupt on multiple occasions instead choosing to pay off debts, given the dire circumstances and seeing others free of the same kinds of stresses and strains a year or two later, you do see that there is little value in intransigent positions of I will pay of my debts and so on. Likewise of course there is also the issue of Governmental like loans or loans that are claimed to be outside of bankruptcy measure. I think student loans for instance fall into such categorisation, despite many such things being placed out to tender in some ways and fashion.

Yes if you cannot go genuinely bankrupt across all and every debt owed and you owe on debts that are listed as being outside of accepted bankruptcy measures then it may be suggested that little value exists in what would be a makeweight manoeuvre. Why bother giving yourself breathing space on one aspect of life the Universe and Everything, if you are still going to have the so-called Guillotine hanging over your head at the end of a couple of years. It might be considered that your execution is being delayed whilst you say your final prayers or final words.

Yes that typically one of those more morose or morbid like things fashioned within many an Epic, do you have any final last words, for your audience, I think in American prisons we typically see portrayals in that fashion and manner prior to execution.

Likewise incidents such-as shootings and gang warfare and death by mob rumour and the madness of crowds demonstrates that as much as a person can seek to be honest and truthful right up to the end in the fashion of a 4 legged friend that someone else can likely make any unquestioned and disgusting or vile claim and a mob or crowd will form to believe such things.

Of course in the clearing out remedies I have studied you do wonder as to what is real within your own existential bodily thoughts feelings and actions and what has merely been witnessed via film or television and so on, I typically have spoken on that idea of imagine yourself outside of your body looking upon yourself and suggested that demonstrates the way in which we are all part and parcel of the same building blocks, though likewise knowing what is true and what is false can also come into question. Does such a thing as false repressed memory syndrome exist or indeed is absolutely everything whether we like it or otherwise completely fictional and made up.

Yes strange time of year of course though the best remedy for many is of course to perhaps look to be honest and true with what you know and do and how you go about life the universe and everything and never presume that what you take for granted is what others take for granted, because a harmless turn of phrase for one person could be something else entirely for someone else and likewise I still think that no one global umbrella like terminology has been found that unifies all the very many parameters of existence that a wide and varied and multicultural society can contain.

Better to perhaps identify your own skillset and pursue those things that interest yourself the most, turn a hobby into a business or whatever and ensure that the income you gain is above and beyond what you require for the most basic of living needs and standards.

I happened to chat with a Union official chap this morning and whilst not a member of the Union he does recognise that they have to represent everyone and I likewise of course suggested that the greatest block to staffing success is often any one given groupings personalised packages and so on.

Whatever grouping any of us exists within we want via “Comparison” to know that we are getting as much if not more than this other sector over there, most groups within any given business only relating to the wage and work that they “KNOW”. Yes difficult areas to discuss and debate upon though typically when a Night Shift Production Crew began (for instance) many other night shift workers began thinking “F this for a game of soldiers, I can do what that lot do for a very small reduction in wage” for instance. That of course judgement of looking upon another realm without knowing the full ins and outs of any given realm, much like that joke where the Devil tells the folks standing in excrement and having a cup of tea that break time is over and to get back on there heads.

Yes I continue in the blah of snore bore chore and seeking to extract the most useful of information pointers and directions from any given set of triggers and awareness and linkages and so on. Turn communication into extracting and identifying the muni from communication.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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