Is Having an Ah-ha Supposed To Be A Struggle?

Yes you do of course potentially find after writing and writing blog articles and Diary like entries that you can either opt for finding relevance within a title or indeed simply go with a so-called Date like log as you might find within a traditional Diary. I must admit to having done both on occasion where I am sure that I have repeated one or two titles forgetting a previous use though clearly a 2nd system of differing date come on-line whereby you could in Theory at least have exactly the same title day in and day out and whilst it might upset search engines clearly you are able to distinguish the difference, one hopes.

Yes so the reason I ask this question within my title today is that I recently had an email related to my Future Mapping Course and a teleseminar that is coming up and typically I do have the odd question coming up as to the ins and out given within that particular module, whilst I do like the simplicity and the design and so on I have found myself diverging from the designated design and was wondering as to whether such alterations are going to affect eventual results and so on, clearly we all perhaps can make and craft such changes though we are given to believe that a great deal of research and testing and so on has gone into identifying and utilizing ideas as to what may or may not be considered best practice, clearly I can typically say well I prefer to do this, though am unsure as to whether not conforming to the stepping stone nature of the design, kind of invalidates or reduces the possible benefits I might get from the course, much like a warranty disclaimer whereby in not adhering to the course structure and design I am not entitled to claim the insurance or get assistance and so on, anyway so yes I have one or 2 questions on that modality although that email in turn reminded myself indirectly that I have not yet crafted or written the homework for my other Learning Strategies course being taken concurrently at present Write Fast, Write Well, Write Now, the segment of the course was Write Creatively and asks for a full page written account of what is described as a BINK moment, or more typically what I have referred to as those ah-ha or Eureka like moments.

Yes I can of course possibly trawl through my life history and produce new version of historical accounts of some events though really I think I have signed up for some of these courses to get the so-called mental cogs working in a best fashion NOW and not for materials and things I have historically written upon. So yes it can seem as though I am trying to hard to focus and concentrate on having a BINK moment though in reality whilst I do feel a certain amount of being able to shoulder shrug it would be nice to suddenly feel as though one is living constantly in some kind of bink zone where ideas are coming thick and fast and my fingers cannot keep up with the flow and the flow is one of positives, buy a lotto ticket and win, gamble on some sporting event and win, and then another event and win and you know just living in a so-called best ZONE kind of condition.

Yes we do hear from experts that all life is suffering and no one can expect such things though one does feel that some of those saying such things are doing so from positions that many of us may envy, Sat as some of them seemingly are on very large bank accounts and living the life of their dreams whilst some of us are seemingly ever seeking to improve or find and experience some degree of shift or movement that is going to place us within a similarly crafted upwardly mobile trajectory and so on.

Yes so the so-called bink is of course allowed to be good or bad and the idea is to perhaps identify the lessons and learnings from such moments as opposed to possibly repeating the same actions and then wondering why the results have not changed. So lessons and learnings of course are often described as part and parcel of that feedback and return system IDEA though likewise it may well be suggested that some people may feel that greater or more heavy duty remedies are required to get any kind of mentl clarity or shift for some folks and so on, likewise is looking or searching to have a bink moment not being somewhat of a CONTROL FREAK again, yes strange though true, the more we seemingly want to grip tightly to the sand or water or whatever the substance is the more it seemingly slips through our fingers (perhaps).

What are the cause and effect of control freakery? And what are the cause and effect of fun? Clearly again it can often be demonstrated that one person’s idea of fun is what is courses someone else to become a control freak or indeed vice versa, someone gets fed up with someone acting in a somewhat control freak fashion and goes off and does their own thing without inviting person who creates or makes you feel bad about yourself and so on.

Yes it does not matter location or environment because the further you advance with several modalities whether we like such things or otherwise we do come to see that the same thoughts feelings and actions are often gone through by most blokes, most women and yes little subtle nuances and behaviours can be seen between differing realms though generally it might be suggested that you could draw an outline of some nondescript human and then place a cellophane sheet over the top and fill in with male or female characteristics and performance and job roles such-as attributes and values and pretty much you come to see just how Universal the so-called Human Condition is, and likewise perhaps what you may or may not need or require to do to get some differing ideas and thoughts and feelings and actions going.

Anyway that was all rather just getting some thoughts out of one’s head onto the page, I can also of course say well done to Prince Harry on his distinguished Military Career and Service and Good Luck in his future life directions and careers and so on, protecting ELEPHANTS is apparently among his intended activities.

Elsewhere we are of course seeing an American Youth having been rounded up for the shooting of some Church Goers, unsure as to what to make on the matter really, I know as someone who attended church regularly and reluctantly during teenage years that had I had a gun similar instance could well have occurred, and indeed again during some more recent years of my life, though likewise you would not necessarily be able to PIN A PREJUDICE INSPIRED LABEL UPON THE MATTER.

Can you defeat a prejudice with a prejudice? That is why meditating and clearing and moving beyond some of those mental issues and topics is a far greater and more empowering remedy (In my opinion) than simply constantly battling battles that you have little desire to be taking part in.

Elsewhere of course much celebrity news can be found and questions asked as to this matter and that matter and so on with regard to Parliaments and international monetary funds and who will win the forthcoming Formula One race in Austria and the Golf in America and the Tennis at Queens and the Football over there and so on.

Yes no wonder we all seemingly have our heads spinning round and round as to best courses of actions, strangely I of course suggested that go short go short go short was a bad idea though in reality the further I have progressed the more I have often come to see that being FLEXIBLE in the short term and understanding that some things really can change daily whilst others perhaps are more longer term oriented can be highly beneficial, yes I think the REASON for going LONG or the REASON for GOING SHORT is probably where the most importance lies.

So typically many of us in desperation go short, when were we able to go short from a rational or reasoned position of having studied and looked at incoming data and so on, we would likely be able to zone in on better actual short term results that can make a change or give us some of those boosts that we want or desire, likewise of course some longer term ideas are of course typically identified by some peoples and persons for themselves and families and indeed others when or if you are able to find people actually willing and able to listen to your VOICE, so to speak.

Anyway enough for the present moment.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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