The Encore Continuum

So I find myself seeing multiple references to this word Encore and of course like any word within any realm we can look it up to see what it actually means or is described as. Typically it is one of those words used within many Performance Art areas of Life, The Universe and Everything and indeed has been used as the title of many a musical album release as well as being used in description of actors and actresses coming back to take a bow after the final curtain has closed and so on.

It might well be suggested that the closest you perhaps have to an encore with modern day media film and TV is perhaps the so-called Sequel or even prequel, where the cast or group within a film is brought back together and assembled for a follow-up and so on, very often of course to performance that received or made or had wide public appeal and so on.

We of course saw this morning a video of a Parachutist being saved by another parachutist when his parachute failed to perhaps open correctly and I am quite sure that as much as we may want to see a repeat or being given an encore, those involved would more likely be thanking there lucky stars as to experience and expertise in seeking to remedy such a scene or scenario when such instances occur.

Elsewhere I saw news headlines stating that large numbers of anti-austerity protests and so on were to be taking pace across City’s and Town’s across the United Kingdom, and indeed saw some “The Usual Suspects” highlighted within some march in London.

I thought ah-ha I shall look up the local paper news online to see what is taking place locally and typically the Headline in Hereford is Cathedral School End of Term Celebrations and Party. Yes that perhaps typifies why many a Hereford resident perhaps exists within some cloud cuckoo land zone that those further afield do not understand or relate to. Yes I am sure some coordination goes on with regard to some national appeals and protests and fundraising activities though certain things are typically SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET within this region and ideas as to poverty and austerity and so on are among those issues and topics. We often see (for instance) low unemployment figures promoted as being better than national average though likewise many within jobs can relate to practically working for free, once cost of living bills and outgoings are calculated and so on.

So is Anti Austerity the way forward?

Well in Honesty of course I did suggest myself that it was a big issue following the last General Election and indeed where Scottish Nationalism had hit the Nail on the head and indeed why Party’s such-as UKIP were making huge great strides and leaps into biting chunks out of what are regarded as more classical “Election Statistics”.

The UKIP Party took 2nd Place across the Herefordshire Region and Landscape within the Election and that is part and parcel of perhaps tapping that great reservoir of swept under the carpet issues, or indeed areas and topics that many a person struggles to understand.

Yes as much as sensible people can seek to discuss topics and converse on areas such-as prejudice and logically conclude or draw up appropriate systemic like ideas as to cause and effect and so on, many a person when push comes to shove reverts to as many a prejudicial grouping as they can muster within themselves irrespective of where they stand on the Broader topic of Prejudice and scheme of things.

How many a person Denies being a member of this that or the other grouping, prior to then QUALIFYING what they are saying and doing with some other train of IDEOLOGICAL idiocy or nonsense.

Yes the great tragedy is perhaps that the AUSTERITY ISSUE is highly important and having people and persons such-as Russel Brand and Charlotte Church at the forefront of the movement is perhaps going to have more detrimental affect than otherwise. Okay so far more people may relate and like those characters and individuals than myself though I do think using so-called “Fallen” or “floored” characters as they have made a living presenting themselves as is foolish from the point of view of a movement that requires or wants to take itself a little more seriously.

Yes again it perhaps a demonstration as to why you can be better off, whilst wanting COMMUNITY ACTION and so on stepping out of the stranglehold of LEFT and RIGHT Wing Politicking and go and do what you yourself can do to focus a little more on issues and topics of importance within your own Heart Mind and Soul and body and so on, helping others perhaps only really works when you are perhaps in a position to relate or understand some of those topics and issues and as I have stated above The HEREFORD POPULACE and possibly local Establishment that owns popular means of information dissemination has a long History of not supporting anything outside of particular ruling Communities and that is often seen through the way the local news is presented and so on.

Can someone who grew up within a particular region or district or state genuinely separate themselves from being sucked into much of the inherent NONSENSE that is often given an INTRANSIGENCE within a given are or VICINITY of the Country?

Well I have typically mentioned moving away and that actually occurred on a couple of occasion one perhaps longer than the other, though what I found on both occasions was in fact being better able to SEE “Community Psychology” at work, people who leave a given area are sometimes BRANDED as Dick Whittington like characters off to make there Millions on the Streets of “Ye Olde London Town” or indeed traitors for not putting the local Community and network and Society where they grew up “FIRST”. Yes so how can anyone given or presented with such IDEAS escape some of the Greater Negative like Psychological IMPACTS that such ill-thought out logical reasoning can bring about?

Well I really do think that many such things are best taken from the viewpoint of “Build A Bridge” and “Get Over It” and if you do leave any given area and go elsewhere you very often come to see that many an area is identifiable to what you have left behind, though that may of course simply be a case of “Seeing what you want to see” as opposed to greater Diversity that some Locales can typically throw up that you may or may not be accustomed to.

There is of course especially within Larger Metropolitan like areas less of that Local for Local People Mentality, whereby when little and having to go out and perform in the School Play (as an example) you may feel NERVOUS as to how you may or may not be received. However when you think about it, you can typically think well I want to give the best performance that my practicing and rehearsing and so on enables myself to carry out, and whilst it would be nice to be appreciated and well received by the Audience, my own “SELF REFERENCE” and knowledge as to my own capabilities and personalised self-industry and or otherwise are what carry myself through when things are not going according to PLAN.

So as much as we can feel a so-called LIFETIME away from those early life experiences and so on you can (I think) return to tapping into some of those deeper realisations that you may or may not have experienced in young childhood or indeed in later life if that is when particular kinds of AH-HA’s occurred for yourself.

So yes, each and every person is putting in a performance of some description and typically some are easier to discuss and question than others, especially given local regional like VARIANCE as to cause and effect and so on.

The problem as is often described by many a so-called Master is this one perhaps of not being able to see the woods for the tree’s or indeed being unable to solve a problem at the so-called level (if any) that a problem was created or more importantly IDENTIFIED with.

So whilst many a person thinks they can escape this that or the other topic of debate, whether Big Time Personality or Small Little Insignificant Me, you will likely at some point have to do some clearing on some Psychology that you may or may not contain that is full of lies, half-truths and deceptions as to real reality.

Yes finding and establishing or gaining a greater broader all-round grounding on the pluses and minus’ of any given area of discussion can make a difference, as can understanding that what Peers, Family, Friends, Social Groupings and “CAMPAIGNERS” promote is potentially only a particular PICTURE or PAINTING that they desire or want you to see.

So topics such-as having FORESIGHT and PREDICTIVE Capability and being attuned to Greater Realities are often given with negative connotations though I have mostly found that many a selected label or grouping is a completely FALSE RED HERRING, usually being perpetuated by “VESTED INTERESTS”,

How Does Vested Interest Work?

I have often found that some “GENUINE” meaning is not given within a dictionary as to word meanings and so on, very often out of Politeness to Women (for instance), that has typically allowed others to come along and claim that 1 and 1 equals 29 or some other strange and deluded figure.

That perhaps why many a person can spend a lifetime swinging from one extremist thinking to another without finding the NECESSARY MIDDLE GROUND TRUTH that exists for all and anyone who takes the time to carry out the necessary research and indeed clear unhelpful negatives and indeed positives out of your system if they are not working or serving you as they could be.

Yes the idea that positive thoughts and feelings can be harmful is a strange one for many to come to terms with, though I have often found it is part and parcel of that putting new layers upon “What lies beneath” and so on, far better to set out with the intention to thoroughly work through all the various conflicts and confusions and then make COMMON GROUND decisions and have common ground thoughts feelings and actions based upon what you personally feel you can EXPLAIN and TEACH and SHARE as to the very many WHY’S and questions that can repetitiously occur over and over again and again.

Yes some folks know what I mean whilst others operate from many INTRANSIGENT position that they often non-consciously is protecting them from some harmful label or IDEA though in fact they could in reality be fighting against the very FREEDOM that they have quested a lifetime for and so on.

So peel back the layers and understand that whilst anything can be taught and anyone can teach these topics and issues really are very often highly personalised and the choice and options any given person currently believes themselves to have can often be broadened and widened and give new angles and perspectives and indeed perceptions when you free you mind of a lifetimes worth of INDOCTRINATIONS that you may or may not have chosen for yourself. “It is never too Late” is a popular statement in some quarters though One does even wonder as to the truth and validity of those words when you make further or deeper explorations as to the Nature versus Nurture of Existence and “Being Human”.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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