Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moon Light

Yes a strange line perhaps though one that Jack Nicholson seemingly managed to do justice to within his performance of Joker in an earlier Batman incantation.

I of course mention this for several reasons, one of course was that I think I have mentioned having worked occasionally for a production firm that used to make ballroom dancing video’s and so on, this was of course back in the day before all these more modern shows found their way to most people’s TV Screens.

Anyway on top of that and following the last Write Fast, Write Well, Write Now session I did find myself thinking about various kinds of DANCES, those traditional or classical like dances of course many of us admittedly mostly encountered through classic Movies and Musicals. I have of course mentioned My Fair Lady that was geared around a BET, that the lead guy could coach the Woman to be able to pass herself off as a Lady at a Ball (if I remember correctly). Likewise the recent release of Jurassic World has actually had myself thinking upon another tin man Cowboy like character portrayed by Yul Bryner within the ancient movie “Westworld” written by the same author as the Jurassic Park movies and in fact very much the same in terms of themes and so on, anyway Yul Bryner apart from the famed Magnificent 7 movies that he is probably most remembered for by us blokes also of course played the King in the Musical Classic “The King and I” and again I seem to recall that had some ballroom dancing like sequence. The British Nanny seeking to bring Civilised Society like behaviour and so on to a third World Kingdom, and I think some of those kinds of stories do have a certain amount of ingrained truth in the sense, that many peoples and persons in various Missionary like roles followed in the wake of the various Armies in seeking to take and-or Establish so-called Western Culture on the so-called infidels and third World rabbles and so on.

So yes strange though true a knowledge of various Ball room like dances can actually take you of in all sorts of weird and wonderful directions as to so-called AH-HA like triggers. I think one such dance is known as The Charleston, though likewise of course most folks have heard of The Waltz containing the most simple of sequence of steps, one, two, three, one two, three and so on at the most basic of levels. Yes so looking up various VERSIONINGS of those kinds of Ballroom like dancing styles could be another useful arrow in the bow or however for those interested in such things, you can actually find that a World Map kind of Exists as to where many a so-called Dance Originated, many a Country once established as CIVILISED often seemingly went through a phase of having or taking some traditional dance and putting it through the ballroom paces and so on.

The news is of course quite dull at present, the ANNUAL protest march gathering seemingly continuing into a couple of Days of squeezing every ounce or fibre of an angle out of the story. Some media’s perhaps unhappy if they cannot find pictures of extremism to support some point or view or other.

Likewise the 1 youth who used his gun in America, population 250-300 Million is strangely getting a coverage perhaps being exaggerated given the daily gun crime that goes on. Yes he had it as a present apparently and of course we all know how expensive presents are not to be used less you damage them or something, I think that has been part of the so-called joke with some Military Planes and equipment over the years whereby the so called Lifespan of some component and so on is so short that they are not really cost effective. Many years ago my brother or his Mrs worked assembling some parts for use in so-called Communication Systems and whilst we see in films, that the radio’s and coms systems are always on, in truth many a component only had a so called “Flight Time” usage of so many Hours and were often switched off or not used to reduce the requirement for regular replacement and so on. Yes lots of those kinds of facts can actually be confirmed for all sorts of systems by those folks who have worked within those kinds of production chains and so on.

Yes a strange local headline did also catch my eye, something about dodgy chainsaws being sold within the area, Ideas as the The Hereford Chainsaw massacre began running through one’s head, although that was quickly switched into Espionage like thoughts as to CH AI NSA W.

Does the American NSA have a secret operation within this region and should the local authorities be aware of their presence.

What else well it is all going on as to July’s budget apparently and the Duly Elected Government continuing with so-called Austerity measures and cuts to bring the Countries finances back to some semblance of what they say they should be. Yes always difficult to judge many a topic because we do have so many public services paid for by the taxpayers and so on.

Clearly the best option for many a person is perhaps to try out one or two of the Courses I recommend and learn some of those creating new income stream like IDEAS out.

Yes I did decide to Return to the Future Mapping a little further just to ensure that I am in as much alignment as possible, it is often easy to listen to any given course and then develop little habits and nuances that take you so far away from what you were supposed to be doing in the step by step process and so on that when asking questions as you can do within the teleseminars they do not know what the hell you are talking about.

So another phrase that stood out for myself within that was this IDEA of so-called Emerging Futures, this idea that the future is all present and correct and here now because only now is the reality as we kind of move from now to now to now or moment to moment and so on. The idea that many a course is designed around getting passed any given persons “possible” build-up of so called mental blocks and barriers to seeing things more clearly in that fashion. So whilst no future is written in so-called stone you can with some regular following of such courses broaden your horizons and options and choices and indeed follow some of those most basic of tips and tactics and so on, for whatever area of life the Universe and Everything that you personally are focusing upon at any given time.

I for instance returning to the Sports Gambling Idea suggested typically that you can say Favourites are Favourites for a reason (within particular competition) and indeed are often safe in early rounds Tennis and Golf, likewise some sports Horse Racing and other events such as Boxing are perhaps more kind of one shot events in the sense that apart from say the Olympics, few Professional like bouts with the same Contenders are going to repeatedly be seen day after day.

Likewise of course you can follow World Tours for multiple sports or indeed Sports that Pretend they are World Sports (such as many an American sport, baseball and Shoulder pad Rugby or whatever its called 😉 ).

So yes anyone can design a CLUE system around how the Sport that they follow is itself presented or set-up and designed.

Clearly for instance Tennis usually has multiple rounds at each events, hence I saying Favourites are favourite for a reason, because those higher up the rankings usually progress through earlier rounds within given tournaments, and the same can be said within Golf to a certain extent, thr problem often being one of understanding that Multiple Tour events can be operating at you do not always know who is within what Tour and so on. Much like boxers having Multiple Belt Organisations and so-called Unification Bouts.

So within a number of sports it can be demonstrated that at some point some folks have a fallout with a designated Official Body and they set up a New official Body with a New set of rules or standard and so on, and again that has happened across many sporting realms.

Likewise of course you can go to many a realm and see that ready established Brands will appear over and over again. I saw an article yesterday suggesting look at this list of 139 forthcoming movies for the next couple of years that are all sequels of one description or another, everything from now ancient classics such-as Alien and Terminator to more modern favourites and so on.

So given the choice between new and established it does seem that so-called ESTABLISHED s becoming a more popular option in the World at present, better the Devil We know syndrome perhaps going on unconsciously in some World Wide Manoeuvring, though do not be surprised whenever you see Governments and Larger Brands and Corporations opting for “Better The Devil You Know” that you will often see some so-called NEW BREAKOUT occurring that they all claim to have missed the boat on, that of course always a danger in many an area or region anyway though it does seem that with the advent of World Wide Communications and the breakneck accelerated lifestyle options that are now fashionable you can well be advised to be stricter with yourself as to where you pay attention or otherwise.

Anyway that is enough rambling for now

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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