And Then

David decided to use more of his free time up in reacquainting himself with the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now course, a strange thing to do given how I have been making steady progress with several courses at the same time whilst perhaps progressively and gradually filling out the so-called back catalogue, most often in recent years whilst seeking to stay within a kind of budget.

The reason of course very often centred around being somewhat distracted as to the best performing clue systems and so on that I could kind of get going whilst at the same time releasing. Strange though true as I have progressed with meditation and clearing I have also of course found myself revisiting topics and areas of interest that I thought I had moved on from in various fashions.

Many examples of course can exist though it is somewhat strange for instance that my daughter (who has access to my on-line streaming account with Amazon) has actually without any kind of influence from myself started watching one or two of the occasional programmes that I myself used to watch many years ago now.


Well typically of course, I being a bloke and part time single parent upon her visits when she was younger often opted for the Disney and Barbie and typical children’s fayre although I think I have mentioned that each and every collection seemingly accumulated over the years and I now seemingly have something of a stockpile of various series that are likely to never be watched again as she is now in later teen years, where rejection of what went before often comes to the fore.

Yes anyway one such show that I strangely watched years ago was called Supernatural and was a typical American show about a couple of brothers who went from Town to Town battling Demons and Monsters and so on, probably fits into the kind of X-Files and Charmed and Buffy zone of Teen like drama’s for folks and I did quite enjoy the show though likewise have suddenly found that the daughter has suddenly taking to purchasing the Collection for herself on my account, though I do not recall ever mentioning it or any other similar kind of material, Agents of Shield has apparently finished and she happened upon that series as a replacement.

So yes, it can often be benficial to go through any course a couple of times to ensure that you are getting what is being said or understood and likewise in following instruction as to best practice.

The Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now course was all about becoming a BETTER writer and indeed getting those apparently more established patterning’s and formulas working for ourselves. I of course said recently how I have had a habit of listening the following morning to some segments of courses and that was often being tired and not following to the wire and letter of the law and so on.

So I sat down and said right then David, let’s do this course a little more thoroughly, so fresh and awake I sat and listened and followed the instruction within the course as it was being lectured and introduced and indeed MADE NOTES, yes I often previously opting for a kind of Spiritual Note Taking, though now have a pad full of the scribblings and more detailed information contained within the course and indeed some things I strangely forgot or indeed misinterpreted or mentally misrepresented when I first listened to them, hind sight of course can be great for anyone though that is not the purpose of many of these courses.

So I listened and noted and now feel a little better acclimatised to the teachings and fashion of the course and indeed it does give further inspiration for my own writing that continues alongside the course.

Typically I perhaps someone who fits that “TOO MUCH RESEARCH” kind of model hence the IDEA of METRICS being most important perhaps in getting some of those shifts.

Metrics can be a period of time, or a length and scale and most folks understand various forms of metrics that they use, though likewise having metrics as kind of pressure deadlines can to a certain extent give you those impetus to actually have well fashioned achievable stepping stone goals to larger targets, that first, second, third hundred metres in an 800 metre race for instance.

So those IDEAS that stand out at present are what I have written upon above and likewise I think the one two three IDEA of steps or stages is akin to any area of life where you go through the stages of awkward, practiced, automatic.

That is of course the same as a kind of Trance that you can go through in many an area of life when learning something new and likewise is a present system is no longer serving you due to changes for instance, you often have to go through that sequence again, a new car that is differing to your old car, or a new washing machine or well any area of life really.

You learn how something is used and then you use it and then that usage becomes a kind of autopilot and typically when changes take place within any kind of realm be it working life or home life or social life and so on you have to once again go through those most basic of steps.

Likewise of course the Meditation especially (in my opinion) can help cut through or breakdown some of those deeper intransigent positions that may have been made at earlier times in life that may or may not be appropriate now.

Typically many of those are often again the same for many a person, though likewise finding your own voice is part and parcel of what much of this course is directing people toward.

The suggestion being that you could use the W5 form again and again for many projects and indeed use the Proust Questionnaire to bring up those long lost or repressed thoughts feelings and politeness that stifle CREATIVITY.

Yes you can become so dominated by rules and regulations and logic of the Left brain hemisphere (I think) that runs your right hand body side that the alternate Right Brain Hemisphere (operating your left hand side) does not get a look in (so to speak) possibly wrong, though one is suggested as Objective and business like whilst the Subjective potentially is the incongruence lock up and where all those questionable thoughts feelings and so on may be squashed up and so on.

So we want to bring a balance or equilibrium without judgement to what is occurring, and the Proust Questionnaire typically can open you up to long lost triggers and Ah-ha’s and so on. Yes so both personal and objective systems can serve you in one format or another though likewise often suggest that a lack of balance exists, and this course does seem to help in once again getting past those blocks and barriers that we all often have within our heads, of course we can all want to for instance be CONGRUENT, whether in being polite and respectful and seeing alternate angles and perspectives and IDEAS and if you are sitting on some sub-zone of accumulated or stifled real thoughts feelings and so on, those thing potentially have the wherewithal to make their presence known whether you like it or not, hence many a person have particular experiences when drinking or taking illicit substances and so on.

Likewise I have personally found that in releasing terms you are better off without many an accumulated repressed or stifled thought feeling and ideas and so on. Choice is choice of course and as I have progressed in writing I have suggested to others that instead of control freaking each and every aspect of life you need to acknowledge many of those influences and sources and so on, in order not least to be able to let them.

That is of course about finding your own voice and not the voice of a parent or boss or peer and so on, we all very often being a mixture of influences are all Unique as much as some want to pretend they are part of this faction or that faction and so on.

I personally think it is possible to be unique and still be part of collectives and so on, though clearly that is perhaps from a position of thinking in terms of certain levels of mental structures that we all often have going on and understanding how those things operate etc.

Anyway I am wittering and have to set out to work quite soon, Good Luck to the England Ladies in the Soccer this Evening of course, I also have to wonder as to whether Sam Horn is any relation to Daryl Van Horne.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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