Yes So Sometimes I Look At The Daily Headlines

And simply cannot make any sense of the themes that are running through them at all. Today of course we are seeing some exceptionally contrasting news and as always such things are dependent on where your own focus is being placed.

This morning for instance I saw calls to remove the “Rebel Flag” from South Carolina or something like that, and I of course have spoken of classic western’s and indeed growing up watching The Dukes of Hazzard, the famed classic car from that show “The General Lee” sporting the flag in what may or may not have been regarded as holy innocent usage, beyond of course the family often running into trouble with the somewhat shady goings on of the local Constabulary and Landowner.

So that from my point of view a distraction that does not deal with the issue being presented, much like telling people to remove Jamaican Flags with Bob Marley or Flags with Fidel Castro and his buddy Guevara (or whatever the name was).

So should any or all signs of youth rebellion counter culture be swept under the carpet because one youth took such things to level of extremism, it is not dealing with the actual issue, that is perhaps required in separating wheat from chaff and so on.

Elsewhere the Queen and Phillip are visiting Germany and we have seen a great deal being said “Historically” as to the Royals of course historically changing family lineage names to “fit in” with British Culture, they often despite serving and leading our Armed Services for many years being lambasted for being Germans in disguise, Harry of course famed for his fancy dress causing outrage at one point “allegedly”. Yes it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time as someone somewhere can always highlight a potential ERROR or perceived SLIGHT.

What is more interesting about the visit is in FACT of course the relation of Germany perceived as being at the highest level of Control of Euro Finances and the Greece issue.

Likewise stories regarding the French are once again coming to the fore, so anyone who makes their own notes and meditates for a year or two can generally come to see the patterns and cycles and come to see things with greater CLARITY than they may have done previously.

I have of course spoken on being somewhat under pressure and such resistances of course can come about through particular mind sets running through any given grouping or environment or however, and very often are related to prejudice of one sort or another.

Strange though true how some folks operate is often on an out of sight, out of mind basis, though I have generally found it better to clear or release many of what is in mind hence my mentioning that Proust Questionnaire like strategy and so on. Some folks often through repression of one description or another layer alternate prejudice on top of regular ones. Typical examples are of course related to how many a person learns to think within given groups.

So whilst one person might consider themselves to be overly objective others might find that further inquiry demonstrates that they are over subjective, strange though true that is why I have in multiple ways rubbished the so-called COMPARISON aspect, because we potentially want a kind of UNIFIED Comparison point and comparison in traditional terms is often considered an Objective Strategy,

Using a strategy that you know is of one hemispheric dominance to seek to give yourself some kind of equilibrium is of course SKEWERED, that is why so many of us go wrong early on within our enlightenment paths and courses.

We have to use or do something, being that get some motion or movement going mantra. So the visualization aspect of some EXTERNAL point such as that of the Wizard or Witches hat can help in removing inherent hemispheric bias.

What else, well Machette Killer and Sex Predator seem to be heading the regular news, one chap a Lord of the Labour Party and the other a Female Headmaster, whilst at the same time some new 50 Shades book or variant is grabbing headlines. I think it perhaps safe to suggest Mr Machette is doing what is often done in classic Literature Separating Head from Body, though as to cause and effect, only he perhaps able to say what was occurring within his own mind.

So how do any of those things make sense when transferred to more immediate realms of our lives given the “inside outside” model, well clearly that is where METAPHORICAL and ALLEGORICAL meanings perhaps come to the fore, even if people are not acting such things out in a physical sense, there may well be a non-conscious transference or behaviour going on at another level, very often that only those who meditate for a year or two can see (in all honesty).

This why the finding your own voice can go hand in hand with knowing your own mind and how it operates and works and so on. Typically within any given working life realm (for example) we have to align ourselves with working practices and that is generally acceptable to most folks, however it can often of course be demonstrated that such things are given with a TWIST, and that is of course akin to the famed Hollywood “Casting Couch”, (perhaps for the ladies) whilst for blokes can often simply be agreeing with points of view that may well return to bite you in the arse at some future point or date, so what are ACTUAL Company Policy (for example) and what are a given INTERVIEWERS or EMPLOYEE’S personal SPIN on the Company Policy, finding that separation or gap can make all the difference in the World to operating from a point of integrity, many a Multi-National Corporation for instance is known to have hung groups of Managers and abusive individuals “out to dry” when they have been HIGHLIGHTED for abusing positions of Authority and so on. Yes many a topic is potentially swings and roundabouts related, though finding CLARITY as to topics of Subjective and Objective and so on can make all the difference.

Likewise of course writing regularly whether you like writing or otherwise can REVEAL non-conscious Communications goings on within a given noggin.

That is why I often typically say you do not have to read in classic word after word fashion and can go up, down left, right diagonally and so on to break through those mental locks and TRADITIONAL HABITS that we give ourselves that on meditating we come to see are NONSENSE’S and potentially often highly detrimental when working and living outside of so-called Learning Establishments and so on. (I think), yes given the PERCENTILES of those with awareness to those seemingly without awareness, it is of know wonder, that knowing who is operating or otherwise from a position of truth honesty and integrity and so on versus otherwise can be a continuing debate.

As I have suggested previously most folks when they realise HOW MISGUIDED some points of view may well be, often opt or choose more positive and motivating IDEAS to work from, likewise of course you will always find HEAVY DUTY STICK IN THE MUDS, it perhaps all comes down to how you are affected or otherwise (perhaps) by a given realms influence and doctrines and or WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO ABOUT IT!

I have typically stated for several years I have a go to work do a respectable standard of work, go home again and collect the wage at the end of the week attitude, and that falls outside of what some people seemingly need and require, they wanting to know that I too am a racist fascist or indeed even though I am not that they can portray myself in such a fashion.

One of the most difficult positions for anyone to shift from is that of playing VICTIM, unfortunately especially in some roles such as Management you are often going to have that VICTIM PRESSURE POSITION placed upon yourself “The Rock and The Hard Place” in decision making, yes most of negative consequences can be moved from when you understand what and how some such things are occurring, though shifting does often seem to be somewhat GRADUAL, because for every new AH-HA or position or Manoeuvre or realisation you have, you will likely ENCOUNTER some NEW resistance that you may or may not have considered, typically especially early on with Meditation and depending on how PASSIVE or WARLIKE you already are, you may well find yourself seemingly among high levels of


Now I know a classic saying is keep your friend’s close and your enemies closer, though do not mean that (having WITNESSED 2 Mafia Empires Swapping Factories over the last couple of years) so much as folks potentially thinking they are well meaning or operating from a standard best practice, seeking to maintain some “Status Quo” that may well be keeping a Company STUCK or not gearing up appropriately to MODERN TIMES and all the very many irritations that Law and Order and External Auditors and so on can muster.

Yes the reality that many a person in aligning themselves with a Company Policy is failing to realise is that most of these rules and regulations and best practices and so on are MADE UP and therefore not OBJECTIVE, they are all SUBJECTIVE, and when you advance with meditation you then often shift from the SUBJECTIVE position also, hence I suggesting that both are typically made up positions that do not stand up to SELF-INQUIRY at HIGHER or MORE advanced LEVELS of Meditation.

I saw an Open abandoned UMBRELLA this morning about my travels and of course that is a strange thing to see on a dry morning as you rush home to write what you have seen though typically I can of course perhaps also mention that a great deal of NEW GRAPHITI has been appearing about the City Zones I have traversed suggesting that some want to be ARTISTS have moved into the zone or Region.

So I do have to of course Wonder if I should be crying out to some Computer System “OPEN THE SHUTTLE BAY DOORS HAL!”

Yes Space Odyssey or as suggested by Sam Horn AIR ODYSSEY could well be the KNEW FRONTIER.

Thank you for reading and remember whatever your focus and point of interest “YOU ALREADY KNOW MORE THAN YOU THINK!”

God Bless and Be Well 😉

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