So I Am Strangely Feeling Quite Shocked This Morning

I typically of course work through the night and then journey hope and make some notes as to what I have witnessed along my route, typically of course you can often fall into routines of reporting similar scenes to yourself day-after-day and then often start thinking I need to see something else and so on, although several modalities do suggest not being overly concerned because your non-conscious can often take in far greater detail and awareness’ than you may be recording consciously, so my notes are typically conscious high lights of my travels and whilst I did at one time record them as private within this blog, I eventually began simply jotting things down in note pads and not carrying out the so-called transfer to blog because the repetition can be quite time consuming and indeed so can filling in gaps that you find within your recollection-hence many a teacher and so on suggesting making notes as you go about your walks and life and so on.

Anyway so I typically get home and make notes and think I’ll check news and I check local news as well as some of the international news and of course it is in fact the local news that left myself a little shocked.

Yes apparently a murder was committed here in Hereford on father’s day (Sunday) and this morning was the first that I had personally heard about the murder or indeed any kind of details and so on. So typically such things do go on from Town to Town and City to City though typically such Violent Crime Deaths are quite low when you turn to population figures and counts and so on. Anyway I saw a headline in the local press and then saw a video clip that apparently was released on regional news and so on, so I perhaps inadvertently kind of rubbernecking.

Whilst I have never heard of the victim and so on I was kind of shocked by some of the detail and indeed an interview with a local resident. The murder or crime was a stabbing of a guy on his way home from (we are told) visiting his daughter on “Father’s Day” and along his route, he has been stabbed. He continues on his journey into a street addressed location where he knocks door to door shouting and asking for help because he has been stabbed, eventually apparently collapsing by a friend’s house and eventually passing away in hospital. Anyway of course what is shocking is an interview with a women saying how shocked people in the area are and complaining about all the blood that the residents had to clean up of their doorsteps etc. (At least that is how it came across in interview).

So they all rushed to call the Police or Ambulance in neighbourly fashion then?

Yes Society should perhaps have a competition to see what area or region of your town has the highest rate of NIMBYISM “Not in my back yard” or doorstep according to the reports I have seen this morning, of course it is easy to rush to judgment on such issues though unfortunately the area these events took place does “Rightly or Wrongly” come with a reputation all of its own, I in fact whilst having never lived there did spend a great deal of time in the area as a youngster going to the local primary school and indeed having friends who did live there I used to visit and play on the streets and old railway lines and riverbanks and so on.

So the local nickname for the Estate is of course Shanghai, though in fact it could well be suggested that multiple so-called South side estates have gone through regeneration like processes, though at the same time, housing policy seeming and strangely did have a habit of using particular areas as so-called dumping ground’s for peoples and persons of particular “Stereotyped” backgrounds and indeed I think many a person when applying often asks for places where friends and family and so on already live, so some estates also have “rightly or wrongly” a certain amount of associated NEPOTISM or NARCISSISM, is probably the best way to describe such things, and also of course any kind of PREJUDCE or JUDGEMENT learnt from a young age as to areas and social classes and all the rest can go on to become something of a lifetimes worth of baggage.

I do think whilst many of us have struggled with such things that when you have access to technologies that can potentially super boost your way out of some of the negative life cycles and so on you are often better of taking those opportunities, though likewise you can only ever make recommendations that others follow suite and so on, most of us from perhaps lower class working family backgrounds perhaps know the so-called value of money more than those perhaps used to always having money and so on.

So anyway of course I note that they are appealing to the Community for help and probably want friends and family to fill in background kinds of details to see if any premeditated motive may have existed or whether it is simply one of those RANDOM like events, some communities may well often be regarded as more closely knit than others, though likewise if not the community various groupings and families within some communities. I am quite sure that some folks down that way (for instance) use some of the techniques and technologies and strategies I have recommended to improve their lives and family and friends lives with, though likewise you also potentially run the risk of “other people’s perceptions”. That perhaps that age old issue or

ADMIRE and ASPIRE, versus Negativities and jealousy and putting people in there place bitterness’ and so on. As I suggest once you can see cause and effect and greater bigger Picture schemes through meditation you often pay less attention to these negative events though someone, somewhere is always about to remind you that they can occur and exist in the World however much we want to shield ourselves away from such things, FEAR of course is perhaps in many ways related to those layers and layers I have often spoken upon, though clearly some fears are sensible and others are perhaps perceived though not real.

So what are the big issues then, well typically I started taking notes and so on, long after I started meditating and wish I had done it far sooner, quite simply you can come to trust your own mind in what you are thinking, feeling and saying above and beyond what others say to you, I typically mention that because on return to Hereford and gaining employment one of the MAJOR issues was finding myself surrounded seemingly in the land of BULLSHIT JOCKEYS, people whose lips you typically can never trust anything from and indeed simply in confused and conflicted fashion gradually erode your own mental capacities to the level at which they are operating from, fine and grand if you are rich and living in some mansion on a hill, not so great if you are borderline starving close to homeless and being abused on topics and issues you know nothing off.

That is of course predominantly historical now, though the question remains, is anyone likely to step forward with their INTUITIVE Capabilities usually dismissed within Society as a Whole as LA-DI-DA and say they can help the Police with their enquires.

I typically as suggested above know that I take notes every day and witness materials and can put clues and triggers and points of interest together quite well along both linear and non-linear trains of thought, though that is of course as an AMATEUR SLEUTH who has grown up watching and viewing a million and one crime thrillers and detective shows and police dramas and so on.

So anyway I write upon this because I do have to admit that on leaving work on the Saturday Morning (a day earlier to this murder) I did find myself being somewhat spooked along the route, and it must be stated that I have taken similar night time cross City Journey’s for quite a few years, much of the time things are fine though Saturday morning was different, especially given the levels of Threshold and so on that I become somewhat accustomed to have, and no I am not just saying that, I did write such detail within my notes, so spooky as Supernatural like whispering on the wind and noises from the darkness can seem they are all part and parcel of that greater cycle of the World in terms of patterns and so on that go on and it can be useful even for macho man blokes to record such things.

Yes exceptionally creepy and further to that of course was my Joker Reference Titled post on that actual day of those events, so given how well attuned I have seemingly become to many of these cycles and triggers and witnessing of the assorted and very many kinds of patterns and so on, I am damned sure that many other folks must also be making or keeping similar kinds of records.

The problem of course is that everyone in courts of law and so on wants SCIENCE hence forensics and DNA testing and so on coming to the fore, given the stabbing one can assume that DNA from blade is probably within victim’s autopsied body and so on, though separating the victim’s catalogue of DNA and such things from potential Attacker is another debate to be had probably.

Yes what kind of motive and incentive might exist for anyone to carry out those kinds of attacks, my brain is strangely whirring on that one, though I shall hopefully have a sleep and move onto other things, the problem is of course that I and others who have taken up these technologies often know that all things are relevant all of the time, and therefore any of us (who have taken up these teachings and technologies) in VOLUNTEERING ASSISTANCE could run the risk of INTUITING things that only the attacker or murderer and so on might be expected (within the normal run of things) to know. We have of course also seen quite scary Horror like stories reported on those topics and issues also, I think one such film or movie was “The Eyes Of Laura Mars”.

Anyway I have gone on and on just putting thoughts on paper, of course one would like to help though one feels that one would have to do so off the books in some fashion were one approached or indeed asked, otherwise typically fear of reprisals for being regarded as a LA-DI-DA spring to mind, given that whilst I know I am normal and correct, and regular guy, bloke etc, Society does have strange and weird views as to how you are supposed to be in order to have any super intelligent or intuitive capabilities etc. Yes strange World indeed, I am half tempted to start writing up my private notes online again, though did feel that feedback wise it was not worthy of the given time investment, doing it all twice and so on, only hackers or more advanced peoples and persons knowing of course what I may or may not have been recording.

Thank you for reading, and apologies for anyone I may have mislead into thinking that the Netherland Ladies would go through, shows how much I know about Women’s Football really, Japan World Champions (WTF?), had I known that little detail beforehand it would likely have influenced what I myself was gearing toward, typically of course that a demonstration of how differing perhaps the Women’s international rankings are to the Men’s in similar sport and competition and so on.

Thank you for readin, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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