The Angel Of Islington, Isla St Claire and The Blue Rizzla Packet

Yes strange though true, I did within my note taking exercises take to recording even the most seemingly innocent or ridiculous of items and the various routes or areas that I carry out such exercises with often go through various stages, the clean state, the mowed lawn the cemetery full of litter and so on.

Anyway you often can see random items appear and disappear and some are perhaps more interesting than others, though knowing or separating clues trails and links or indeed getting yourself in an inspirational like zone is again perhaps dependent on how you are able to relate any given item to your chosen sport.

I typically in suggesting gambling linkages (for instance) suggest that no matter how indirect the link may be, that a 6 Degree’s of Kevin Bacon like game can be brought into any given realm and scenario, to validate or indeed invalidate any thinking lines that you may be working along.

So yes, I of course a smoker and indeed have on occasion gone through stages of being a loose hand rolled Tobacco smoker, quite strange though true they actually sell differing weights of rolling papers, hence the differing coloured packets. I can honestly admit that whilst I have gotten into a habit over the years of asking for red or green papers or even so called liquorice flavoured, the one paper I never went to was so called blue papers, they I think the finest or thinnest and so on. So I see a packet abandoned loose papers and think ah-ha.

Few people who do not smoke perhaps potentially do not know the trouble you can get in finding yourself short of a packet of papers, you can either have papers and no tobacco or no tobacco and papers.

Anyway I mention that because I saw a packet of blue papers along a route and strangely found myself making those link connections within the title, Angel Of Islington of course a place on the Monopoly board a game I have not played for many years though also apparently some place in London, Isla St Claire (I think) was a Generation Game Hostess or TV personality during my younger years I think typically appearing with Bruce Forsyth.

Yes so I could then of course ask do any teams play in blue, or is it simply a question of going through a sequence of that CONVEYOR BELT game of trying to recall or remember all the prizes at the end of the show and what of course is relevant about the Angel Of Islington?

So that is of course for the London Board game and not any board for other Nationalities, though the position is next to a Jail Cell Position/just visiting and a Utility Company position, yes so weird though true you can of course go on and on with those kinds of exercises, though extracting useful information of course can be more troublesome.

Likewise I spoke on some local murder issue a day or two back and news is now apparently that an arrest had already been made, so Amateur Sleuth Dave is clearly surplus to requirements and can maintain a focus on more important issues and uses of the teachings (at least for himself), people in that Community or indeed the Local Constabulary beating anything or however that Dave could come up with to the punch line, perhaps, yes an arrest is not a sign of guilt so much as helping with enquiries, though some areas and sectors of some Cities and Towns might be regarded as being akin to making an arrest in Prison (everybody already their having been found guilty of something already).

Yes I think I mentioned a Not The Nine O’Clock News sketch a year or two back in which an Officer Rowan Atkinson was told of by his line chief for arresting an individual for “looking at me in a funny way”. Yes Comedy of course one of those ways in which many a person enables or allows themselves to come to terms with some of the very real horrors that can present themselves within our lives.

Yes so another topic that many a person faces as they grow older can of course be that one of only being as good as your last job or employment and so on, and likewise of course despite the demand for qualifications that we experience within our younger lives, you do often find that they are perhaps only important (potentially) from a point of view of being a demonstration that someone can work within some given set criteria over a period of time to this standard, etc. typically of course exams can be much like that one shot race, where you might have a cold on the day or have had a family member die or something similar to that. I in fact seem to recall that some such event did occur whilst taking exams and yes I know they can be resat and so on, though likewise who wants to do any kind of exam twice (in honesty) unless the exam of course is in your specialist arena of you passion subject.

Yes strange though true we have of course seen some really strange titled Degree subject Matter Headings and titles in recent years, where the Magnus Magnesson’s among us wonder as to whether those taking such warped titled studies might be better of getting out the Schooling/Education system and gaining useful To SOCIETY employment.

Yes we hear a lot about how Graduate Unemployment is at an all time high though they Rarely tell you the break down of figures for those peoples and persons in terms of subject matter studied. Is a degree of Posh and Becks or Personality Study Based Degree that we have seen a huge rise in recent years valid within this Graduate related industry or Business Role and vocation and so on.

THE UNIVERSITY OF LIFE is perhaps the one qualification that anyone at any level of society can claim to have and in many ways may well be regarded as a truer qualification than many of the latest generation of whingers unable to gain employment with a degree in “Favourite Toilet Roll Studies of the Lesser Fascist US Southerner” or whatever.

Yes so again of more interest from a childhood perspective is that Actor Patrick Macnee has apparently according to the Flashing Bar recently died, he of course played Steed in classic Avengers TV series and often the Suave like English Gentleman kinds of Roles, I actually also recall I think he was in the classic Version of Battlestar Galactica or provided the voice for some characters possibly something like that.

Yes these actors and actresses all look the same to me is one of those kinds of phrases can can upset and cause hurt feelings though in all honesty, you do find that GENERIC popular models (of how peoples fashion and style themselves) do appear that seemingly blur into some kind of one dimensional monster.

Yes so they do say to take any and all attributes and ideas that you may have about yourself and how you personally prefer to identify yourself and life and then ask those self-inquiry questions, I have on occasion historically of course spoken on ideas as to “Take A Weapon To Work Days”, those kinds of days clearly perhaps related to “Major Bullshit Jockey” days, tough much like that Prison cell Estate idea above some other environments may find themselves crafted or steered into similar like thoughts and feelings and so on, some had such thoughts and feelings about school and likewise some working life realms can seem that way, or indeed home life realms, if you are growing sick of the four walls that you live in or however.

So I mentioned Swansea recently and I did actually visit the place at one point in relation to possible study at Degree Level Electronics, they offered a course more in alignment with my Electronics Engineering studies at lower level and whilst I eventually opted for Computers the Robotics AI side of things was the hook, or TRADE-OFF in the decision making process. I cannot do exactly what I want though can do a course that has a cross-over section that covers some of the same materials.

Yes Trade-off might well be a term or phrase that everyone knows though does not think of consciously in terms of decision making processes and how you go about things in life the Universe and Everything. Is getting sucked into Trading Blows in nonsense and bullshit better than otherwise.

So returning to the themes we can often think that a particular person is responsible for the cause and effect of a given scenario and then later realise that it was in fact Originating from elsewhere, and one or other idiot was simply stirring or getting innocently involved in subject matters and so on that they no nothing off.

I can of course say that I did make a comment on the Write Fast Write Well Write Now page and it was typically related to the themes and threads that a particular young woman on the course was choosing as her Facebook posts and so on.

Typically of course, I promote or have a basic Pre requisite IDEA of Money on the table and Food in the belly, and that of course comes down to seeking to extract any useful information and turning it into a Wealth of some description, money of course a “Means of Exchange”.

Typically what that for myself usually means is not getting dragged into FUTILE nonsense and debates as to war of the sexes or indeed ENTRAPMENT, entrapment is often akin (in my opinion) to those no escape claims that some peoples and persons think they have in false branding an labels, though clearly anyone who meditates can see that those positions are often simply GROOMED INTRASIGENTS, and the best position for anyone of any bearing or stripe to operate from is one of not being extremist, yes extremists might have more fun, though you likely will ALIENATE large percentages of any given possible AUDIENCE, the VOICE you wanted is disregarded because you have not made a case in the fashion and manner that a given grouping can relate to.

Everyone often of course only relating to the World within their own head and not other peoples heads, that important because you can see that particular peoples and persons may well be more susceptible to some events than others.

The best way to stay centred and grounded is perhaps asking though questions as to is any given interaction going to put money on the table and food in the belly (those questions can be utilised across many if not all realms), or is it better to ignore dismiss and move on from, likewise if you feel turning the other cheek whilst being TARRED and STAINED by character assassination from some TOXIC INDIVIDUAL is worth the burden.

I historically of course suggested that Management REFUSED to deal with INHERENT CULTURAL ATTITUDES (within work for example (historically) because they themselves were part and parcel of the CULT that established the TOXIC Nonsenses in the first place, right’s of passage bullshit again.

The protecting an IDEA for a friend versus what you and your own body knows of itself and so on, so I can typically be polite courteous respectful of most people’s irrespective of many a presumed CHARACTER FAULT or FLAW, though likewise when you know some folks refuse point blank to respect yourself then you can be better of going elsewhere or indeed simply going to the LAW or HIGHER POWERS, if you are aware of their existence and presence. (Sounds like hunting down “The A-Team”.). Though in truth many a taken for granted attitude and culture within environment often starts with someone seeking to be in alignment with a nonsense that they have no real vested interest in being in alignment with. Likewise whilst I have seen many a colleague move on over the years, I have also seen replacement like for like individuals come in and start some nonsenses all over again, typical CONTAGION issues, the debate then is “Get Sucked in” or ignore and maintain focus on more important issues and topics that most can really relate to, wonder where the next pound, dollar, euro and so on is coming from.

Thank you for reading and it is quite true that no one is perfect, though we can all have aspirations that a realisable goals above and beyond stretch goals that themselves are beyond achievable.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well, 😉

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