3rd Rock From The Sun

Yes strange how weird and wonderful the mind can become when you begin some meditation and learning and so on, even if much of what is being carried out stimulus to mental systems and subsystems that you may or otherwise potentially already have in a bringing then online consciously fashion. The premise often of course being that some systems are so unconscious after years of repetition that they may no longer be serving yourself as to the occasion where you may have previously learnt a behaviour or attitude and so on.

Anyway this morning I listened in to the most recent Future Mapping teleseminar which was the 3rd of a Group Of 3 Teleseminars filling in gaps and questions that people may or may not have in relation to this particular course, again one perhaps based in getting 120% Happiness for your chosen people or persons to make happy.

Anyway I was unable to listen directly live due to working the designated Teleseminar course time though did listen at the earliest opportunity just to feel and think that I have taken it in a generally live fashion, give or take a Planetary Clock zone and so on.

Anyway I of course listened and then typically thought right get some sleep and write later, I however often prior to sleep now opt to use my Floating Meditation CD’s and I did that prior to then seeking to fall asleep, though strangely find myself somewhat wide awake though tired in a sort or yawny fashion where the body and mind are perhaps slightly at odds with one another. So unable to sleep I thought get up and carry out some writing and so on and strange though true whilst meditating the title above popped into my head.

Whilst I think the lead bloke was more famed for a role in Big Foot and The Henderson’s possibly I strangely found myself thinking Madeline Allbright and I think she was the woman Teacher that the lead guy portraying an Alien was chasing in some unresolved and rather comical crush fashion, though the reality for many a person when not comedy is possibly that one of being stalked.

Anyway when any such things pop into mind always a good idea to make a note hence this note. What else well I was thinking about the death of Patrick Macnee also, I mentioned a couple of shows of course though in reality you can pop to wiki and see some vast list of films and shows that he was linked to in some fashion, again one of those working actors who seemingly never really stopped.

Now strange though true I have not mentioned another actor who appeared within mind recently and that was the chap from “The Men From Uncle” I think it was Robert Vaughn and he seemingly has been creeping around the noggin for a week or two now so perhaps I need to think in terms of following those links.

Of course more recent links in terms of lcaol and national news and so on, well we were told that the chap who was stabbed was traversing through a bridge like tunnel though it perhaps already dark and likewise nationally the United Kingdom was having reports of a Channel Tunnel shutdown between dear ol’ Blightly and our friendly neighbourhood Rioting Frenchy’s as they are often portrayed when going on strike. The French Culture of Revolution stills holds sway as a National Identity in many ways though when we hear the reports year after year it is usually Farmers and Transport Network Drivers so I was a little surprised I think to hear that another differing group had taken to the streets. Perhaps like that old adage of seeking to cut of the head of a Hydra and finding multiples popping up all over the shop. Yes those kinds of things from my own recall were originally within films such-as Charles Bronson’s Death Wish produced or written or something by another famed British rebel type Michael Winner.

What else well I have once again been told my hours are being changed once again so I no longer have as early a start on Friday though likewise do not have as late a start also. Who comes up with all these chopping and changes strategies I do not know though very often some change in one sector of a process requires or creates a knock-on effect elsewhere, much like squeezing into some old clothes and finding you have slightly outgrown them or indeed finding that some clothes placed within a tumble dryer were not tumble dryer friendly and have shrunk to some less than size as to what the standard size is supposed to be.

So yes exceptionally cloudy and grey over Hereford, England, United Kingdom this morning though it is forecast and indeed again on Sunday I think with a possible interlude of hot sunny Saturday (assuming of course that the Supercomputers are getting it right, which they very often do these days given that many a person makes their own mind up based upon the presented graphics, you can of course look at a Weather Map and turn the Volume of and still perhaps see the date time and hours as the super speed accelerated graphic whizzes through a couple of days forward.

What else well I recently stated that the Future so to speak was not set in stone though likewise also suggested elsewhere recently that you could play a game of chess with an undesignated extra invisible player (gad, universal energy or however you wish to describe such things), so that of course creates something of a kind of confusion or paradox for many a person, and I though well okay so prediction is never an exact Science, though likewise enough Historical Patterns are on record as well as possible predictive patterns to play an exceptional game of PROBABILITY PERCENTILES or PERCENTAGES.

That of course requires a couple of things, one clearing out much mental flotsam and jetsam so that you can actually acquaint and see the various patterns and cycles and so on and indeed LET GO of the very many INTRANSIGENT BIAS that we may or may not be carrying and likewise you then also require perhaps getting those mental linkages and tunings and systems working in greater alignment with those that you personally wish to monitor and be better attuned to whether following sports or whether keeping tabs on your Business Empire or the Markets or Economics and History and Favourite Colour Schemes and all the rest, choices are of course never ending though likewise we can say that given a choice between taking this stepping stone and that stepping stone that the clues or PERCENTAGES are better geared for this direction or that direction.

So that may or may not of course mean that whilst nothing is set in stone you have the capability for instance to mentally compute some ridiculous 0.0000000 to the Nth point of calculation’s that events will happen or occur according to this particular pattern or TREND that you personally can see.

Likewise of course everyone perhaps has to put the work in for themselves as much as possible as many of the Lessons are Learnings and so on are highly personalised however much we like to think otherwise, we can say well this teaching master has taken myself this far with this capability and capacity and this teaching master has led to this transformation within my life, though likewise whilst it can seem negative at times it is often suggested that those are the points of taking the necessary action or indeed otherwise, I have heard a reference to Chuck Yeager on several occasions and I think it was along the lines of focus on RESULTS above and beyond the risk’s that may or may not get you there, likewise I think most of us can concur with those kind of quotes (they can be look up as can many a daily inspiration quote) for most peoples I think you have to decide what laws of the land and knowledge am I personally going to abide with as genuinely true, and what are simple IDEAS that when dissected or taken apart are typically soundbites that may ring true though clearly are not.

Yes most of us can see that law and order and some direction is well advised as to good and well fashioned intention and the idea that your property is your property and your life is yours to do with as you personally script and choose as long as those things are done in accordance with what might be regarded as acceptable. Clearly some behaviours can clearly be shown to be unacceptable to differing populations about the World though likewise acting in accordance with Laws of the land and so on is not really a big ask is it, I actually think that so-called REBEL COUNTER CULTURES that many a Generation has sought tome come up with has simply run out of steam for many a Westerner brought up in the United Kingdom and USA and other European Countries, that perhaps why Extremism is on the rise. I also read recently on Winston Churchill and he was not so well known for his knowledge of History though wrote some works that I may well seek to look up at some point, they are well regarded within a non-politicised fashion despite him perhaps being most famed as a war time leader.

Yes it is easy to see why so many of us fall into so many pitfalls and traps in life though likewise wisdom of course is supposed to come from gaining ah-ha’s from such experiences.

Anyway that is enough I still require an hour or two and shall see if I can gain some now. Yes I have heard complaints that Society does not have the INFRASTRUCTURE for immigrants and so on, interesting that the same people saying that are often those most dead set against infrastructure in a very often Not in my backyard fashion and indeed having to potentially pay for infrastructure through or via the United Kingdom Tax System and so on, yes we are seemingly having in Political Terms a return to the 1980’s in many ways though likewise no one is seemingly left to strike, perhaps the sad truth of a British Populace that simply has no one to GALVANISE a large populace into ACTION and more ACTION to make themselves heard. Yes UKIP do to a certain extent though I personally prefer the Scottish Nationalists when it comes to those Austerity Dealings and likewise the European and Greece nonsense is dragging on in the most ridiculous of fashions, seemingly serving no one but those with vested interest in European Parliaments and all the ridiculous factions and squabbling’s that we see there at a higher level to that which we see at a National Level.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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