Did You Go Through A Chewing Gum Phase

So I recall that as a youngster at some point I went through a chewing gum phase and as silly as it sounds, I can imagine people claiming no such thing, we do very often go through a phase of this favourite food or habit or whatever and of course some folks stay with some habits and move on from others, unsure as to the cause and effect though in high likelihood I think I found that making bubbles with chewing gum was tougher than bubble gum though likewise they perhaps having differing audiences.

I mention this for unknown reason really, I think once again I was reminiscing you see I recently saw a headline related to some clothing item called skinny jeans and then some work colleague mentioned them and I have a distinct recall of excessively tight or skinny jeans and so on from my youth or younger childhood and in honesty you would not get myself near some of the more extremist fashion trends for love nor money. Thou I do recall having a phase of squeezing into some super tight jeans and so on as a youngster. These days of course super stretchy fabrics are often used to create the illusion of that tightness effect, though believe me when I say tight clothing, designed as tight clothing without all these modern stretchy fabrics is a whole differing ball game. The only thing worse than seeking to squeeze into a pair of super tight trousers was trying to get the things of again, peeling yourself out of them and so on, often involving the potential dislocation of ankles, the trend as I recall was also often paired with very often heavy and clunky footwear, this was prior to all the Trainer Wars that appeared late 70’s early 80’s when very many “comfort” clothing became fashionable. So clothes perhaps once regarded as a TOOl to cover yourself with, was also given a new purpose of designers and creators seeking to make them lightweight and air conditioned and comfortable and so on.

Yes fashion perhaps regarded as being at the sharp end of Trend as to what takes off and what does not. I actually joked and laughed because we used to have one chap working with us who had what was for most people the most ridiculous of personal like dress habits of so called straight pulled up socks, and typically now one of the younger generation crew members seemingly has it as part of modern fashion, though in reality his “Modern Fashion” looks like a 20 year old dressed as a 3 or 4 year old INFANT.

What else, well we are of course having an Armed Forces Day here in England and the United Kingdom and typically this follows a day of infamy in many ways with various French related Countries experiencing ISIS troubles and tribulations. Yes you do have to check history to know the French Connection, though likewise a million and one other Country connections can be made elsewhere, the French One perhaps an obvious for Tunisia and indeed France whilst the Kuwaiti France link is less obvious, though reliable information suggests that the Law System in Kuwait is based upon the French Model.

Yes so go to war or otherwise, and likewise I think I suggested that in order to change the map or attitude (of let’s have a war and send lots of people over the wire to their death etc.) they (whoever they are) decided to give so-called rights to various minority groupings and cults and so on and typically one such cult group is having its annual London Pride Parade.

Yes pride is another one of those multi meaning words of course, you used to have a Pride of Lions in the Wilderness and so on, though typically more seen in zoo’s now and for most people a well-known quote is “Pride Comes Before A Fall”, so you can of course demonstrate an alignment with a million and one “Models Of Reality” and existence though likewise you can very often find a scale or associated measure, the EXTREMIST factions very often from differing Models, and to those who can see such things very often falling into the same shades and areas that most moderates (I have found) from all quarters have little interest in. Of course it might be suggested that Extremism for one person or group is anything but, to another group, though the more research and turning around and reframes and going through stepping stone models of learnings, I have carried out, the greater distance I find having to be bridged as to real reality versus what some of the more extreme like peoples claim, you can in fact take some groups “Favourite quotes and saying” and return them to those peoples themselves in all honesty.

So of course I have commented upon topics and issues that probably do not fulfil my “Worthy Of Attention” Criteria following the “Does this subject Matter and Topic Put Money on the table and food in the belly?” I can suggest of course that 2 very distinct Models are highlighted though beyond that, no they do not really fit where I could (as a more advanced studying meditator, place my attention).

Of course all information from any source can be regarded as having seeds of enlightenment within, though early on you can find yourself being pulled all over the shop as to where attention is most appropriately given. I typically of course suggested the simple methodology of Identifying a Sport that you desire to follow and identify the Terminologies and names of items used within sports and then see what relational links you can find within your World already, so if you purchase particular Magazines and Newspapers and you viewing of TV is dominated by particular Channels, always seek to identify themes and linkages from what you are already at present following, that perhaps a possible better way than adopting some HEADLESS all over the shop doctrine of switching and switching and seeking and seeking an never finding and so on.

Another Major Annual Event as present is now seemingly Glastonbury ( A MUSIC FESTIVAL) and of course that is or has fallen into those realms of camp in some muddy field, queue for hours to try to get a decent position to see a stage from, or queue for the beer tent (if there is one) or queue for the toilets and yes strange though true I have not gone to those sort of events in recent years though did happen to go one or two when younger and typically FACILITIES are claimed to have vastly improved at many such an EVENT over the years, though likewise the TRADE-OFF is often that, is wanting to listen and see and hear a favourite performer? (whom-ever they are) worth the trade-off of the other so called coin that such festivals and so on can throw up. Typically of course some events are well organised and managed and so on though likewise, you can always find groupings and idiots to demonstrate to yourself that some generational behaviours and annoyances and so on, never go out of fashion.

We can perhaps think of such things in the fashion of a RELAY BATON that gets handed down from generation to generation and just as one group of individuals have found more MODERATE opinions and lifestyle choices and views from the mountainside to view greater realities or indeed zoom in and focus on smaller narrow focussed detail, you often find the Head of The Hydra Syndrome always appearing across many realms also.

So this a “was it worth typing or reading” kind of post though in witnessing terms and having something to actually link back to from a later point one of the wise option may well be to keep on going and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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