Bjorn On The 4th Of July

So I of course recall early Tennis Matches from childhood with wooden rackets and screaming angry tennis players. The top players that stood head and shoulders above all others during those years (especially to viewers of Wimbledon) were seemingly Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe in the male tournaments and I can really when thinking from my own memory of that time period single out one female Star who again was so more advanced than her competitors that t can be wondered as to why they showed up, that was of course Martina Navratilova.

Of course that was when I first encountered tennis and a year or two later by the time I was able to take up the challenge of playing myself, other stars such as Boris Becker had come to the fore and so on, so during our lives we often have an interest developed through an ability to see or monitor an activity and as I suggested, Sky TV effectively stole just about each and every sport from Terrestrial TV effectively wiping out entire generations of British youths ability to watch and view and learn and develop interest in such things. Yes TV is not the only source that interests can come from though for many especially in younger years of life they (TV’S) are a dominant feature of many a household.

Anyway that once again a digression. I saw a brief headline that I did not read further suggesting SECURITY BEEFED UP for American Independence Day and thought Ah-ha I can combine that one with that one, though of course a Bjorn Borg reference is meaning less to most modern youth or game watchers and so on. Likewise unsure if I spelt the name correctly because I did also think of the SINGER BJORK at one point, you was the lead singer of an indie group I followed at one point and she later went on to record and make one or two albums in her own name. She was one of those quite abstract or possibly regarded as avante garde in her approach to music though did manage to make some highly memorable pieces of music, the one that sprang to mind was IT’S OH SO QUIET, though I do not think a SHHHH was involved.

So what do I know about American Independence Day and does it have me singing Underground, Overground, Wombling free. Yes strange though true I like the movie that Will Smith starred in and have never seen the Tom Cruise portrayal of the title. Though did recently see an article or mentioning of Dianetics and that was of course another one of those Rob Hubbard Scientologist like systems of thought and teachings.

What I have actually found as I have studied across the realms of religion and science and the various ideas as to what is best is that a certain amount of overlapping and so on takes place give or take a phrase of terminology. Likewise of course it can be suggested that all incoming information whether as in the Game of Charades Book, Film, Theatre and so on, can be regarded as data or inputs and outputs of information that we all typically send and receive and broadcast as to like and dislike and all the rest. Likewise is does very much seem that some modalities do kind of assist in reformulating all that mixed and confused and conflicting information into some kind of understandable ORDER, and likewise I think Sam Horn in her books and works demonstrates such things over and over again.

Likewise of course having studied some Hypnosis materials early on I was somewhat upset by some of the reactions I experienced and so on when demonstrating and explaining the knowledge to others, the general reaction being that you have to be a part of this cult group or that cult group, very often based around words used to refer to peoples of sexual deviances or non-standard practise and relationships and so on. Eventually I was relieved to happen upon Holosync that made the entire System of Enlightenment easier to understand for everyone irrespective of a starting position of belief and so on and likewise as suggested on the centerpointe Research Institute Website, it brings any given user of the Technologies to an awakened state and likewise perhaps enables the release of thoughts feelings and ideas that you may or may not prefer to have, typically the idea I suggested as to contagion can act in both positive and negative fashion, though whatever your current viewpoint you very often come to loosen ideas as to going to war with this group or that group and indeed obsessions as to extremist ideas being all that important in the greater scheme of things. Likewise you come to see that just about everything within your mind, body soul and spirit and so on can be kind of reformulated because much of what you have collected and collated are akin to machine systems.

Yes of course ideas as to how anyone wants to be can be a toughie when you might simply want to investigate what all the fuss is about though again some folks perhaps have lived blessed lives whilst others amongst Society, have constantly found ourselves at odds with how externals want the World to be versus how we ourselves very often come to see how it really is.

The classic quote perhaps one of “You can lead a horse to water though you cannot make him drink”, likewise as also suggested when you come to see that just about everyone is a performer of one description or another without exception, usually going through a variety of strategies and skills and so on; accumulated through-out one’s life you do come to see that extra pause positions or indeed breaks can be inserted to slow down and consider your actions prior to embarking on what may or may not now be an appropriate strategy.

So Yes I began writing simply because I saw a headline that linked American 4th July Celebrations to Wimbledon in what I considered to be an uncommon manner, though likewise it may have been common when Bjorg was at the height of his fame, I of course too young (at that time) to know what American Headlines were, without investigating Historical Newspaper reports and information’s and so on, and likewise I think that something that often gets pointed out about all these INTERNET and WORLD WIDE WEB TECHNOLOGIES, they the TECHNOLOGIES themselves are generally like the UNIVERSE in being somewhat NEUTRAL and it is then a choice as to whether you regard something as personal or otherwise or subjective or objective and so on.

Though again you do come to see that as mentioned within multiple courses (I think) all these Global Communication Systems have really only come into being in a relatively short space of time and we can perhaps see that the World is IRONING OUT THE ROUGH SPOTS.

So plenty of Clues in the Headlines (I personally think) for peoples and persons of all Generations, though likewise once some INTRANSIGENTS set in, it can be somewhat troublesome without appropriate lessons and learnings and stimulations to move on from those positions and beliefs and all the rest.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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