So I Have Been Thinking Heavily On 3 Points Of Interest

And whilst I had intended to speak on all three when I sat own to write about it at least 2 of the points of interest kind of disappeared from within the noggin.

Anyway I have of course been doing The Write Fast, Write Well, Write Now course hosted by Pete Bissonette of Learning Strategies presenting in a kind of interview questioning and answer fashion the teachings and expertise of Sam Horn.

So what is on the mind at present is what Sam Horn Described as The Uncommon Way.

Typically the idea as interpreted by myself was suggested as being doing a common thing in an uncommon fashion or manner perhaps, so typically I then thought well do I know how to distinguish what is a common way versus what might be an alternate system of thought or process or methodology.

It is in fact potentially an area that I need to go into greater depth upon, in the sense that whilst I might think or call house or BINGO as to some system I suddenly find myself utilizing, it could well be already heavily used elsewhere and I am just unaware of that as a fact. How many of us explore beyond the Local World Boundaries or Country Boundaries or Various and inter sorted intercontinental Boundaries. The same of course can be said for what is occurring within the hemispheres between our ears.

Anyway I decided that the problem I nearly always seemingly have is not so much finding information, or indeed utilizing information and strategies, it is more seemingly getting the results that I believe myself to want and indeed effectively using anything that comes up in such a way and manner as to be able to continue to build that system or methodology into a trusted working tool.

Here is a strategy that is tried trusted and true and will gain you the results and outcomes and so on that you desire or wish and so on.

I still struggle with the IDEOLOGY that we chose this life and World and so on for ourselves, and likewise knowing is suggested to be the booby prize hence I investing heavily and concentrating perhaps in getting those sometimes small and subtle shifts in the percentages or fork in the road that can potentially make all the difference in the World to those thoughts and feelings and actions that we take and so on.

Anyway I recently thought about this IDEAS Game of six degrees of Separation or Kevin Bacon (as it is nicknamed) and imrpving the mental model and pathways and opening up long lost subterranean mental realms and so on.

So I was researching on Wiki some detail about Altringham, unsure as to why Greater Manchester was playing on my mind, though that town name appeared in the Noggin and I chose to follow a clue trail, again what do I want to know? Kind of questions and so on, typically of course it is up North and My Mother is from Crewe in Cheshire and I happened to note a link reference of some description so followed it, yes you can wiki hop forever and this touch screen gadget can annoy at times, jumping to some link when I wanted to simply scroll the page I was reading.

Anyway I thought ah-ha I shall have a look at Crewe whilst I am at it, I having not been there for many years though did visit as a child and younger teen and so on during my youth. So I read through and see that Bill Bryson (well-known popular Author) referred to Crewe as the Armpit of Britain, Crew was actually named after the Railway Station and not the other way around, I think it had become a kind of central community hub for the peoples and persons building railways and indeed the Station itself is known to be a so-called (Historically at least) major transport Hub within the rail network.

Anyway I like to, when wanting to think a little bit go for a walk and one place I will often go and sit is at the Castle Green, strangely of course knowing the names of inner city fields and parks can become somewhat confusing, I struggled with the name so though google map, and presto no name is presented. So Castle Green is just slightly north or the River and said to be the location of where an old castle or fort was built, it is now a square patch of land just north of the river, where another seemingly giant patch of land is divided into two names, The King George Playing Fields, and Bishops Meadow, divided quite simply via a path that traverses the sector.

Anyway Castle Green has a very nice Bowling Club and Lawn within the site as well as a Central War Memorial and you can see the River and Cathedral and so on from that location as well as a rather large group of Squirrels that live around the area, it having been shaped or crafted and sculpted and the outer section is a kind of mini woodland with paths taking you to the interior.

So anyway, when going up North to Crewe and visiting Grandfather, he seemingly belonged to a number of working men’s clubs and so on, and we used to do mini tour circuits of those clubs, it is hard to describe to a Hereford Person, who hasn’t travelled beyond the region, because those clubs were usually quite large (bigger than any place I have been to in Hereford) and fulfilled a wide range of Community like activities, everything from Bingo and card nights and various table game teams such as Dominoes, and indeed several all had rather Large Bowling Green’s and again whilst it is often shown or thought to be an old man’s like sport, we did often go and play games of Bowling, and in many ways it is a bit like golf in that fashion of trying to get these bowls as close to the jack as possible (the jack being a nickname given to the target ball).

Yes so anyway that a digression though the game of Bowls has been on my mind perhaps and likewise in 6 degree’s fashion I happened upon this chaps name as being a famous guy from Crewe

So that is potentially for myself a strange anecdote as to an indirect linkage to Mickey Mouse, I of course several years ago had Mickey Mouse “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” from Fantasia as my Facebook Avatar, I think I was tired of photos and so on, so opted for something differing and widely recognised.

So anyway I mention that just as a strange 6 degree’s like link that occurred for myself, I can also comment that he has a remarkable resemblance to my deceased Grandfather. Yes so I opted for the Mickey Mouse, because I had purchased one on a trip to Euro Disney at the same time as the Disney Wallet and a few other Souvenirs.

Anyway perhaps somewhere within the Psyche or hemispheres between our ears (so to speak) is an unregistered ability to distinguish regional language accents and variants that we are somehow familiar with and more importantly that DISTINCTION or ability can occur irrespective of a voice being Disguised or altered or however in some fashion.

I think you perhaps in modern language terms find such things related to the idea of memes though I think classically or historically such things were linked to engrams.

Another topic or research area that came up was in relation to a couple of names I mentioned over recent days. A chap called Garner wrote a book entitled Red Shift that mentioned Engram’s and likewise I as a youngster found myself watching “The Rockford Files” James Garner, who was said to have punched Glen A Larsen for theft of IDEAS and so on. Garner of course also played Gambler Brett Maverick and typically Poker, so lots of closer links and triggers can be gotten at when you continue so to speak to research and push through those walls block and barriers so to speak, of course if you are able to do it with direct relevance to your own life in a positive fashion (such-as my Mickey Mouse link above) all the better though likewise time line explanations and proceedings and preceding’s are still not fully practiced and rehearsed as much as one would like.

Clearly we all know more than we think though finding or deciding what is The Uncommon Way?, versus otherwise. So 6 degrees perhaps a common way know though getting those strange inadvertent points of interest coming up is again an encouragement to think, what or how can I use this present information in a rewarding fashion and manner and so on. Likewise repetition of some teachings of course carve out or widen and broaden mental pathways and routes and structures within the noggin and of course given very many prejudices and bias’ that one can accumulate throughout your life, they potentially open up those long lost realms whether memes or engrams or other recognised inherited systems and so on that you may have going on somewhere within your noggin.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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