Let The Games Begin Mwahahahahaha

Yes I know these things are all somewhat strange, though strange are some of the headlines appearing at the present moment. Typically of course I having been writing regularly for a year or two and carrying out various courses and indeed studying what master craftsmen do in various scenes and scenarios according to pre-existing and known literature. That of course includes film plots and movies scripts and all the rest.

So anyway apparently a major response counter terrorism exercise is taking place in London for a day or two effectively demonstrating that we have the capability and capacity to respond to and take action when seemingly dealing with Terrorist like Scenario’s.

Of course I have suggested that in many ways much like my walking out of the family home and making my way to a distant relatives home, irrespective of weather, you cannot really have exercises, and therein lies the immediate or apparent flaw in any goings on that occur, the mental disparity between beliefs as to reality versus exercise.

Of course anyone who has taken to carrying out many a study will typically have come to see that you can tell this plot within a story and that plot and many a writing strategy very often involves taking a writing or thought strategy of (For example) What would Conan Doyle Have Professor Moriaty do? For instance.

So typically when you start thinking about those FILM PLOT Strategies, you come to see that you can have any number of variants along a theme.

The Global Magnet wanting to hold the World to Ransom through the theft of some Super Power weapon Development. If they can just get hold of the radioactive substance required as a trigger. Likewise then of course you have these other aspects as to Foreign Powers and Enemy States. Would a foreign power or enemy state seek to take advantage of knowing that an exercise is taking place, it is effectively a red rag to a bull situation in a calling people out or seeing who is bluffing and so on.

Likewise of course a Moriety type figure would probably want to break the communication network that the Organised Defences were operating on, forcing people on the ground to have to operate from pre-existing plans within the own heads. You then of course can presume that such a character will have carried out investigation or hired Mercenary type individuals with previous experience of the operations of counter terrorist units to know what those in-head-strategies likely are.

Likewise of course it does seem to be revolving around this IDEA of time, typically we are seeing reports also today of atomic clock time and a quantum leap second being aligned with, whereby Midnight is going to be delayed a second, look the reports up for yourself.

So all rather exciting stuff, likewise of course you get into the so-called realm of does everyone have a price? Clearly again the issue is one of alignments, I think or have seen it written and suggested that what was called Stockholm Syndrome (in captives aligning with captors) is often trained as a strategy to Armed Forces and so on, as a way or improving survival.

So in reality you probably for a Global Magnet Enemy, would see multiple independent organisations and operations occurring, whereby The Jidahi Group who thinks they are being funded my Al-queda or one of those Yemeni like groups is actually being funded by Mr Illuminati.

Likewise of course the TRUST BETRAYAL issue also comes to the for, anyone wanting to disrupt a City would target infrastructure and likewise anyone wanting to simply make Political Statement is not going to care about any given RESPONSE, so The Wild and Mad Gunman in Trafalgar Square with his strap on bomb is a differing kettle of fish to what is occurring elsewhere, interesting of course that talk is of coordination and choreography of emergency services, fire and ambulance and so on, though again whilst they may have helicopters and so on and eyes everywhere in terms of cameras, many of those facilities can be disrupted and such things can be utilised for misdirection, much like that fire was said to have been utilised by the bank raiders jewellery heist gang.

Yes it does not of course help that I have already suggested that in Which Mapping Terms, London is of course the backside (so to speak) and whilst I am sure those who live there may well disagree, that opinion is one often strangely shared by those who are not capital obsessives. The days of having to be in London are of course over in terms of Communication Systems enabling people to not have to go to larger Cities and so on, likewise of course HERD Behaviours and psychologies are often utilised by Bombers and so on abroad and can be expected here also, without speaking greatly on the issue I have strangely seen within my note taking over recent years a popular trend of cyclists with pouches and so on on the read much like horse saddle bags and indeed those often suggested as being used by the Foreign Office (in days of old) when take Diplomatic Papers from one sector of a location to another location and so on, very often the hidden in plain site IDEAS ar operated upon for a reason, so as much as London proudly proclaims being a Multi-cultural International Hub you do of course see that flaws can be picked within each and every area that an Organised defence force might seek to operate upon.

Returning to that bombing issue how many times do you see a small explosive go off, sending crowds straight into alternate bomb positions for instance, much like those Wild West Canyon traps and so on.

So In reality Large Cities such-as London and indeed smaller Cities such-as Hereford often operate on the Goodwill and behaviour of the populations rather than otherwise, that is why when the French Union’s Rush to Revolution, the Governments KNOW they are in trouble.

Will Greece Go The Same Way? Have you got chills? Are they multiplying? Are you losing control?

Yes strange though true I suspect that Greece may well opt for pulling out of the Euro and given the so-called International History of Law and Rhetoric and so many other areas and aspects of life allegedly beginning with the Greeks, one can wonder as to TRUE INTENTION.

Yes so Will Hero public step forward to save fellow man unaware that events are an exercise, will real life bombers decide the exercise is an opportunity not to be missed, will CRIME SYNDICATES seek to take advantage of the distracted counter-terrorist units?

Yes one giant leap for man, one humungous clusterfuck FUBAR for those at the sharp end of the excitement, possibly, depending of course on whether you have a better to burn out than fade away attitude to life or whether you have the intention to grown old and grey and so on, yes technology of course is another MAJOR DYNAMIC to take into consideration.

American Forces for instance are well known or it is suggested to be well known that they OVER RELY on technology, and likewise us Brits have a tendency to over rely on brutal training regimes and in reality I think all those at the higher levels of their game and so on probably can find a balance and equilibrium between what they know and trust and otherwise.

Of course I say that as a third party observer though apparently the last exercise in 2012 whilst regarded I think as a success, was exceptionally BORING from the News story point of view. The TV Film and Movie industry has done such a great job of crafting realities with gaps interchange here there and everywhere, so that we do not know where the continuity is coming from or occurring that when faced with reality, the waiting and waiting and having to be patient and so on ca really be PLAYED upon, especially when it comes to the Psychological Aspect. I recall from childhood vague stories of Terrorists on an Airplane and indeed of the Famed Embassy Siege, though likewise modern following of those sorts of events seemingly lacks the INTEREST SPIKE that we may normally get because we have been so oversaturated by those industries.

So yes what might make those activities more interesting from a public point of view is the releasing of details of what differing groups are supposed to do, quite simply so eggheads can pull apart the plans and intentions and so on and see that for any given quality planning and application of planning, you are always going to have those who operate in win at all costs and achieve this goal and those who will have a change of Heart given some NEW criteria or information and likewise that keep it simple sweetheart planning can make all the difference in the World, when you have been around the block a few years.

Yes I was trying to think of a new angle or perspective that some clever criminal or organisation might come up with though typically, all the seeming best IDEAS have often already been devised in some fashion and whilst some are surely FEASIBLE others are at this moment in time best left to those of future Generations to sort out, yes like anyone could create an Electro Magnetic Pulse and release nano bombs in the water systems and poison gases in the air and the mind boggles.

That perhaps security services best defence, keep themes and outlines and guidelines simple, and implement according to best knowledge and pre-existing knowledge until things occur to wipe the smile from ones face.  Yes if everything is within and without the mind then it really perhaps is better to be without many a psychological definition of now.

Yes good will comes in all shapes and forms though given the events elsewhere in the World the Call to Arms or real Jihadis and others bored with life will likely be put off on these hot and Sunny Wimbledon Days, Or Will they, tune in for next weeks exciting episode of: Boring Boring London.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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