Congratulations To Beijing On 2022 Now Where Can I Get A Cornetto

Yes so strange though true anyone who has spent some time witnessing could well have noticed a rather large amount of pointers to the language root COR, we have of course had Corbyn for Labour Party Leadership campaign, and this being the summer Season kick-off we can of course be reminded of going to some British Coastal Resort and finding ourselves watching a Sooty Puppet Show of some description performed by the Corbett Family. Likewise I used to work for the Foot health Service and many a foot complaint involves Corns not of course to be confused with Genetically Modified Corn that can be sown and cultured about this planet, and yes corn is of course also the reference used for “OBVIOUS” humour, that is corny. Yes I could of course link the foot corn to Cornwall, a favoured classical British Holiday Destination though l these little tid bits and linkages can take time for folks to either become accustomed to seeing and going ah-ha or indeed cause the comment, David you have missed the boat Cor was last week and now we are on to shoes and Cobblers.

Yes of course Star Trek and Science Fiction vessels often also known to have Warp Core’s that require ejecting when going into meltdown (some kinds of witches known to complain of “I’m melting”, and people also of course will often not eat the apple core of core of many a fruit and vegetable that contains such workings.

So corn on the cob of course a classic favourite eat especially if you really do get to eat such things as corn on the cob though typically we all often buy the ready prepared and washed and frozen variety these days on indeed the tinned or canned versioning’s full of sweeteners and preservatives.

Strange though true of course they do say that tinned foods are good value for money and I agree though likewise, once you have had say a fresh product, or a frozen product, and then move onto preserved products you have of course the potential to become OVER FUSSY, as to the rankings and rating and scale or measure of preference for such things.

This does of course relate to various realms and indeed History as to how and why many a Preservative methodology was developed. Typically of course foot stuffs found to last better in some climates than others and indeed historically sailing ship used to carry huge quantities of basic foodstuffs in Barrels, likewise the Military and Astronaut Realms still have so-called designer preserved Food Rations, often suggested to be something of an acquired taste, though the techniques and methodologies have gone through every finer degree of Science and I think some variety has been introduced where years ago a “like it or lump it” philosophy existed as to what was available, a favourite cited example I have heard a few times is of course the American (Only in America) PIZZA ration pack for their troops, unsure as to how many flavours are provided though of course, if you do not belong to those realms and have some curiosity, I am sure many other realms such-as camping and outward bound like adventure parks and so on have taken to providing some of those foodstuffs.

Yes one can of course write and write and write though in speaking as to Cobblers and so on we can of course shift to stories of Kurt Cobain, famed & deceased lead singer of Grunge Rock Band Nirvana some years ago, and references appearing to his death scene photo’s being noted as reported upon. Elsewhere the Town Kobane also having featured over the last couple of years in terms of The ISIS and Middle-East related conflict in general, I think it was one of those places that lies as some desired STRATEGIC Vicinity like location often regarded as a grab all the major highways and infrastructures and planning locations and hills, take all the high ground.

Yes even though many a Satellite and modern warfare Airplane and Tank or other vehicle renders Historical Strategies as less worthwhile, some are still highly regarded and followed by all major forces about the Globe, some regions have of course taken advantage of such tactics by not playing fair, depending upon what side of the warfare you find yourself.

So the Vietcong for example, built huge tunnel networks beneath the jungles and that of course typically something we Brits regard as something for rabbits and not humans, even though we ourselves can point to Trench warfare and bunkers and so on within our own warfare history. Trenches perhaps regarded as differing in the sense that CONVENTIONAL European RULES operated from a tradition of Chess IT IS YOUR MOVE, kinds of thinking, whilst small groups of Rebels and Vietcong like tactics adopted a differing approach not trained in conventional Western Military Academies and so on, they will say “Oh yes we do” and cite many Legendary Historical Warriors from about the Globe whose tactics and Strategies have been studied and dissected and IMPROVISED in some fashion. Likewise when any one given grouping comes up with a Strategy that defeats the mental conventions being operated upon by the Generals and Analysts you do have to think in terms of gaining some capacity of the MINDSET of the OPPONENT.

Yes some MINDSETS are suggested quite simply through GENETICS and CORE VALUES AND TRADITIONS to not be REPLICABLE, because they genuinely do belong to some distinct Tribal Grouping. Typically an example is that we often think of Classical Egypt and Beautiful Tanned Arabs and so on, when the Modern truth is that you often have vast swathes of some sub Arab Grouping having outbred all others, typically what on my own travels I referred to as The Grey’s, yes we can say and apply and pinpoint the same CRITERIA within white Western Cultures and Societies and Black cultural groupings and indeed Asian groupings, though typically we are often BLIND to what we exist among on a daily basis ourselves (for example).

This has been demonstrated again and again via Genetic Studies that show many a Brit who thinks themselves a Thoroughbred is in fact some indigenous long lost immigrant faction or type, that they would not mention to fellow members of the KKK.

Yes of course that American’s taking things to extreme perhaps though such Mafia’s and Mason like Society’s have existed throughout World Wide Civilisations, hence the popularity of Davinci Code like Theories of Evolution and so on.

I of course known to be more interested in developing a Clue Clucks Clan perhaps CCC, given my working life realm, though typically few of us blokes can stand long term being clucked and hen pecked at, whatever status we regard ourselves as being.

Yes in fact of course we can demonstrate that both sex’ male and female often prefer spending time and carrying out hobbies and sporting pursuits and other activities that often fit into some stereotypes of the sex’s and I actually think EQUALITY DEBATES and nonsenses have RUINED many institutions.

Why cannot Men Only Clubs and Female Only Clubs and so on be celebrated and allowed to exist in some harmless fashion instead of relentlessly attacked and abused by Idiots seeking to high light some “I want to do that too” mental floor. Many an alternate Sex variation exists now of course for many activities whether sporting realms or Scouts to Girl Guides groups and so on, though likewise it does not stop EXTREMISTS of both sex’s popping there head’s up and demanding equality. My view is to point to where such equalities already do exist, so folks can hop on a plane and go and exist with people like themselves.

Of course that does not work because such whingers and whiners typically want LOCAL for LOCAL PEOPLE versions of such things. Yes I of course perhaps exaggerate, though many an international Tourist or Holiday maker has done some activity abroad and then thought, hmmn, what would it be like to do those activities and pursuits or Resort like activities within my own neighbourhood, and then of course sought out ways and means to make such things happen.

Yes getting any kind of success or indeed overcoming local intransigent obstacles can make such things non-worthwhile though you could typically of course go to places (towns and districts and cities) that encourage New Industry and so on rather than constant NIMBY campaigning.

Yes my entire and complete lifetime whenever within the Hereford Region returns to debates as to the merits or otherwise of having a Bypass, a million and one other Cities have built bypasses and then other bypasses as they have grown, though typically those promoting opposition are often taking the easy cowardly line given that Parliamentary Support and Approval and Investment is often required for such Highways and Societal Infrastructures anyway. Oh look I am sorry chaps, BUDGETARY CUTS WHAT CAN I SAY, yes this reality happens again and again enabling neither side to LOSE FACE and zero advancement of a topic that should and could have been done and dusted many years ago.

We do of course take ROAD RAGE incidents for granted nowadays since the wording was coined though typically such RAGES are perhaps what lies beneath for many peoples and persons and on many a topic and subject of debate that has been repressed and repressed into some kind of mini TIME-BOMB just waiting for the right conditions to occur to go off, much like that virus or disease that has vanished returning when the temperature increases or falls below some activation SIGN OR POINT.

Yes some progressions and indeed INTRANSIGENTS really do require shifting and moving away from in some hierarchical order of merit of what is most important within any given individuals life and so on.

This another DRIFTER of course not to be confused with Cornetto that is of course a kind of I Scream You Scream we all Scream for Ice Cream.

Strange though true Ice Cream Manufacturing and preservation techniques is often cited as being one of the GREAT Forward Steps of Society, though I think that cannot possibly be true when you look to History and the very many other foodstuff preservation methodologies that have existed beyond those unexplored regions of Earth at the Poles.

What rules & regulations and ideas and intransigents have come to fruition, what rules and regulations and ideas and intransigents are passed any kind of usefulness.

What Solution can be proffered to come up with Superwarfare tactics unbeknown to any given opponent? Yes that of course a strange question, though typically of course all societies and hierarchies and indeed Military Minded Science Fiction Novelists speculate as to the next great leap of what can we do? Typical obsessions of course with super robots and androids and genetically modified humans and the same of course is often said for Dog Breeds and Many other Animals, I know that Geneticists in Japan I think created all sorts of weird and wonderful genetically created animals to put in there zoo’s (if the internet is telling the truth), though like all peoples and persons I would perhaps want to experience such things with my own eyes as opposed to what is being shown on some airbrushed photo in cyberspace in these times where so much oversaturation of TV and Film and Movies and Video Games, has rendered the boundaries between truth and fiction somewhat difficult to identify without of course, sitting and meditating within some CAVE in some outer reaches of a planetoid near you.

And Now from Norwich it’s the quiz of the week, what would a special species look like and think like and act like?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So What Kind Of Skepticism Is The Best Of British

Yes it is only a somewhat small story to most folks at present though self-publicists are continuing to keep the story up and running so one may as well comment upon it.

Mr Farage of UKIP fame who came to prominence and wealth fame and fortune via becoming a Euro MEP is high lighting that a No referendum Campaign has yet to have come to the fore. What the Country perhaps requires and needs are campaigners who have not operated on a TROJAN Horse scheming System, VOTE FOR ME I AM AGAINST THE INSTITUTION I am seeking election too, and the wages are lifestyle are dismal, and you can take my word for it having been your MEP representative for X many years blah blah.

Of course MEP’s are a strange breed in that they are lesser known to us mere mortals fed on diet of squabbles at Westminster, yes in Gravy Train Terms, it may well be suggested that creating some minority party that would not make the grade at a local or national level and then campaigning and promoting yourself as authoritative and knowledgeable on all matters EU, is the way to line your pockets and grease the mental cogs of peoples and persons who want some external entity to blame all the wrongs in the World upon as a focus.

We have already said that the EU can only ever ask for finance from National Parliaments, so we could of course simply stop funding them, and then see how quickly he Gravy Train Merchants turn attention from anti-campaigning to where are our wages campaigning.

Elsewhere some American Dentist is being high-lighted for having slaughtered ASLAN or some such Heroic Favoured Lion, we of course have a Great Hunting Tradition in the United Kingdom and many an old and Creeky Castle and Manor House can be found with the Heads of Slaughtered Animals mounted on Shields.

Of course, had such an activity been carried out with his bare hands then he would be regarded as a Samson, or even a Daniel in the Lion’s Den or Hercules type figure, though typical of American Tourists wanting adventure and to appear Heroic and so on, he hires local guides and pays huge sums and fee’s to carry out such activities in a mostly safe (for himself) fashion and manner.

Yes we would all perhaps prefer to have a gun to hand much like Indiana Jones tired of Fighting with sword and whipping out his pistol, though premeditated Hunting that is not for food or to serve some Ecological Topic or issue (such-as Fox & Badger Culling etc.) is generally regarded as an outright offence, of the just because you can kind.

Yes the Just because you can attitude and mentality to life the Universe and Everything, is one demonstrated throughout many realms of Society and of course just as an individual can apply some just because he/she can within some minor or obscure realm, we can demonstrate that the HIGH-LIGHTING of issues can place the boot firmly on the alternate foot in terms of knowing that we have institutions such-as the Police and Military and other External Entities that can also apply a JUST BECAUSE WE CAN attitude toward wrongdoers within some realms.

Of course that is often down to issues of judgment as to ownership and so on, where an owner for instance of a Business knows they have to comply with higher Societal wide laws and sectors, much-as my place of work has to comply with local Authority employed Vets versus internalised Company rules and regulations that may run fowl of genuine laws of the land because such internal business infrastructures and doctrines are often set up as ways and means to pretend and convince employee’s of lack of responsibility.

We have often heard for instance of Car Park type disputes as to whom owns them, a business or a local authority and of course more recent times has seen local authorities sub-letting such managements to outside contractors or indeed confirming that the firm or business is responsible.

So many a business’ and indeed management structures IDEA of taking responsibility is to try to give themselves get out of jail cards, that are based in complete falsehoods and do not stand up to the inspection of outside experts and peoples and persons with more broad and wider based knowledge sets.

Elsewhere we are also seeing The Top Gear Team Signing up with Amazon Prime just as I myself have switched to Netflix, Netflix is still predominantly operating from the Model that I signed up to Lovefilm for, a set fee each month and no surprises. I of course when Lovefilm was bought my Amazon expected the same service to continue though Amazon switched the Lovefilm model into a Pay per view model, and “child of mine” rapidly demonstrated why pay per view cannot be trusted, I typically getting email upon email of “Thank you for your purchase”, set up a pin they say, I set up a pin that only I could use and the PIN SYSTEM does not work, I know this because I continued getting “Thank you for your purchase email” and an ever increasing on-line library of what is best described as “Teen Junk” like shows and so on. Will I cut my losses?

Well I am tempted too, the problem of course being one of integration, So-called coming together of business and the respective hierarchies combining is leaving us users with less choice. If I do decide to completely ditch Amazon Prime, then I will likely stop using AMAZON all together, because they have tangled and interwoven all the business in such a fashion that leaves users with little choice other than to take the most absolute and extremist action.

So I did of course take that approach to Facebook, once I saw the way it was going and indeed the highly negative hate campaigning that it was utilised for.

Facebook in the news for growth and money figures, though it is perhaps typical of an end user delivery system, in the sense that a framework has been created (much as windows or MAC OS) were frameworks for software developers and firms. Facebook of course far more accessible to home user people in terms of super making things easy options and integrations.

So I returned to Facebook for the Learning Strategies Write Well Course Group, though given the lack of interaction I can see or indeed willingness of other course participants to participate, I will likely simply come to the conclusion to DISCONNECT from that service also.

So growth and expansion planning and so on only works if you trust and are in alignment with the feedback and Return systems you are seeking to utilise and indeed are within groups that are active, this group seems to myself to be dead in the water, or maybe that is just myself (who is dead in the water) and peoples and persons willing to interact with myself in an upwardly mobile rewarding and so on fashion is simply not occurring or happening.

Yes Windows 10 is here and free to all and anyone who already has a Windows operating system and account, apparently it is bing highlighted as being more geared to classic desktop pc style peoples and persons, though I typically bucked the trend in loving windows 8 and 8.1 on my Surface Pad anyway, I guess that was typical of cutting my losses on the traditional Laptop PC options, because all these WEB SERVERS and SERVICE COMPANIES (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn ETC) are ones often geared toward using END USER DEVICES as ONLINE DUMB TERMINALS, (dumb in this instance a word to explain that the ACTIVITY and so on is occurring “OUT THERE” in CYBERSPACE and not local on your PC.

So yes Windows 10 I am sure will be a hit though, I loved Window’s 8 and 8.1 anyway and my experience in more recent years with the Company has been positive, not always a fan of PC’s because I did grow up with INDEPENDANT Home Computers.

So intransigent are all well and good though typically levels of Threshold is perhaps returned to once again in what peoples and persons pupils and teachers alike feel that they can cope with and some stages of Holosync like meditation’s can leave you feeling somewhat shaken and stirred, of course given my early study of Hypnosis like materials, I know I would have typically preferred to have gone straight to Meditation Stimulation, though did not know that until I was Meditating, and few EXPERTS seemingly tell their CLIENTS to click on that little advertising Affiliate Button and go straight to the better all-round remedy, very often preferring to FLEECE CLIENTS in some never-ending spend your money with myself you can trust me fashion.

Of course in truth few can perhaps claim to have experienced or gone through some of the negative experiences that some of us might grab and claim as having experienced ourselves, or indeed those that are often high-lighted by some within CELEBRITY sectors, we often of course encouraged to not be selfish and feel for those poor sad externals rather than yourself.

Easy to say and promote though all peoples and persons perhaps wants to start with money on the table and food in the belly for themselves fashion prior to then highlighting that other externals want the same etc.

What else, well IMMIGRATION is still being highlighted as though it is a CRISIS for us in the UK, of course the sensible approach is to change the conditions by which Externals can legally enter the United Kingdom. How about entry being granted to those who agree and have chemical castration and the female equivalent, so as to not enable them to be able to breed.

Yes the truth of course is that we should get those Hunter types who want to Hunt and simply line them up at Calais and other ports and then say there you go chaps, fill your boots. Clearly all the wishy washy talk talk talk, jaw jaw not war war tactics are and have completely and utterly failed.

We clearly require and need more absolutist and hard line options, typically of course we also seeing reduction in Military and Policing Number Figures when such groupings are seeming being more and more required.

STEALTH PLOTTING and movements and manoeuvrings all round them HUH?

Yes so what next, well I did begin to write several Shirt Stories and often seemingly run out of steam so I figured I would bring together a GROUP OF SHORT STORIES into some Greater Collection of Short Stories as my Writings, the issue then one of shape and form and indeed writing something that I myself would want to read and-or be excited by and all the rest, easy when you are young and not paying your way, though typically maintaining FOCUS and CONCENTRATION when you have no food in the belly and live below the poverty line and are refused help from all quarters and are under seige from intransigents etc, can be difficult to shift or think beyond the most sensible of options, pull the rug from beneath feet of those who are causing the troubles and indeed find greater alignments with people who are one would hope genuinely operating from positions of greater truths and honesty and integrity and so on, rather than bullies and chancers and shysters, who are simply part of criminal networks and gangs.

Yes all have choice though likewise some choices that some folks operate and promote for all are typically exceptionally questionable and subversive in the extreme.

What else, well the Unite States is once again talking on developing a New NEXT GENERATION SUPERCOMPUTER and I of course think HELL YEAH, Let’s get some British Science involved in those projects so we can create our own hodge pot versions of a module here and a power source there and a calculator there and yes, we need and require a SUPERCOMPUTER or ALTERNATIVELY you could very well simply choose to become your own!

Yes brute force processing power systems are typically the stuff of science fiction though getting such systems up and running when CLOUD COMPUTING has seemingly overtaken traditional computing is going to be a somewhat difficult INTEGRATION to make.

I think a NEW MODEL is required, though deciding what is BEYOND present supercomputers, and cloud computers and so on is a decision that will alter the Course of history should the decision making process be found to be right wrong or inappropriate.

Yes a swarm is occurring and Mr Camerron is correct in his wording, swarm also a term of course used for locusts and bee’s and indeed within Computer Modelling to describe some kinds of robotics Modelling, so we can have particle swarm and likewise robots and nanobots can operate in a swarm fashion just as any grouping of people can operate in a swarm.

Yes Military and defenders are supposed to DEFEND barricades against Storming Mobs and Swarming runaways, though typically of course,

All and everyone will always in always return to the most basic of questions as to PURPOSE INTENTION


Thank you for reading and God Bless and Be Well 😉

Auxiliary Subsystems And Backup

Yes another weird and wonderful idea to get one’s head around though I do believe that some leaps of faith and imagination can do wonders for anyone at any time of life in not only empowering them to an improved life but also changing the ground upon which you walk and the esteem in which you hold yourself and so on and so forth, the ability to discern and trust and have confidence in your abilities to over come and circumnavigate obstacles and of course potentially otherwise.

So I have of course spoken on numerous occasion as to questions of existence and indeed questions of “why am I still alive” in instances of blood draining away or indeed witnessing alternate peoples and persons with ill-health and other conditions such-as Heart Attack and Stroke and so on.

Now those longer term followers can I am sure understand that all these signs and symbols and lettering’s are equivalents to various kinds of learning’s and teachings though clearly they are also kinds of programming languages and we typically learn such abilities and distinctions at somewhat accelerated paces during young infancy and indeed also distinctions between relationships between the differing sensory realms and of course how we may or may not believe such information is best processed and-or stored.

Everyone very often something of a confused and conflicting “body of evidence” and of course all body’s of evidence can have NEW Enlightenment’s at any time of life as to those eternal questions that we often grown up learning though very often struggle with making or understanding the answers too.

So anyway I figured well given the blood draining away like experience or the Heart Attack and stroke evidence, very often related to only one halve of the body and we often think and feel and hear demonstrations and examples of how the one half of the body mirrors or reflects the other half, at least on a surface level, though when you go into researching what lies beneath you do of course often only find one heart and typically whilst we do have multiple duplication’s or TWINSETS of organs some organs only come in one’s, so it could be suggested that you can survive with one of a twinset organ failing though may struggle with those areas where only one organ exists etc, though again do not take my word for it though do consider what you may or may not believe as to such things.

So yes I typically in thinking about the TRAUMA and related bodily like shut downs that occur thought well, in that case much like those futuristic like spaceships under assault and so on, we must perhaps have some auxiliary like bodily functions, we typically do not Consciously issue Heart beat commands to our heart, beat beat beat beat, beat beat beat beat, or indeed follow the classical David Beckham’s headphones falling off joke of “Breath in, breath out, breathe in breath out.

Of course we can demonstrate that many a MODEL, because human modelling very often began with thoughts of peoples and persons like myself can often be demonstrated to have so-called ideas as to backup and auxiliary systems and so on.

So when some experts speak on the issues of Threshold, it could well be suggested that those of us who suffered heavy trauma at young ages, may well have had our main online like programming system shut-down and we have spent many years running or operating from our Auxiliary or backup like subsystems, typically of course often demonstrated to be reduced or LIMITED CAPABILITY versions of the main bodily functioning’s and so on.

Yes it can be troublesome explaining such theories or IDEAS or indeed getting it across that many mainstream functioning’s, may well have healed overtime and indeed be available to us, though typically the mental or bodily pathways and mental structures of inner scaffolds have since become blocked or damaged or unused through lack of usage.

So a stimulation or an assisted meditation system that encourages mental highways redevelopment and indeed beliefs in integrative realities and higher powers can of course dig up those mental high way cave-ins and so on and indeed potentially KICKSTART up the original systems that had simply gone into some kind of HIBERNATION RECOVERY MODE.

I myself spoke on using the thought of Hibernation, to simply outlast times of being short of finance and other things, and that of course got myself thinking AH-HA so I was CONSCIOUSLY thinking Hibernation, perhaps because my previously regularly used mainline thoughts feelings and behaviour’s were somehow in STASIS or a Hibernation Mode, and I was misinterpreting the SIGNALS I was getting because I was unaware perhaps of just how much PROGRAMMING occurs to us all as a species in general.

Likewise of course those auxialiary systems are unlikely to have as high a Threshold capacity and capability as regular main stream systems though we can perhaps also think of such things as potentially being used as SUPERBOOSTERS.  So you have a regular system usage and never suffer trauma and you want to get a superbooster going and you think how can I gain or utilise the fact that I know I have SPARE CAPACITY within my bodily systems and subsystems that can give myself a short term pep up or pick me up and so on.

These things are all very worthwhile things to think about especially when it comes to understanding how much effect such things can affect health and so on.

Likewise the ability to shrug of negatives/positives (if that is your inclination) or better utilise the understanding of how electrics and magnetics and polarities and so on operate throughout your bodily heart and spirit can maximise you ability and potential to see through all the ridiculous nonsense’s and idiocies and delusions that many a person pretends and kids themselves are facts, when it can clearly be demonstrated that all such opinions are subjective, even if following objective guidelines, in layers and filters and typical the masks and shrouds and IDEOLOGIES and JOB LABELS AND TITLES that folks hide behind to make justifications for these or those events and so on.

The further I have progressed and continued to witness and write notes the more I have come to see PATTERNS AND CYCLES that can run daily and through the various TIMING SCALES AND MEASURE WE UTILISE though also through the career like zone of advancements and so on, whereby someone arrives fresh faced and enthusaisitc and then proceeds to have greater confidence than ability and then reins themselves in and so on.

No that does not always occur though plenty of people can rein those about them in, I limit and keep my input or commentary to a minimum because I do like to maintain some distance in consistency and greater knowledge’s that may or may not be applied to any given one realm.

Anyway some Appraisal like School Reports have recently being caught up with in respect of having all the paperwork dutifully available for inspections and so on, and of course we acn break down the word appraisal into constituent parts such as app raise all or app rays sall will SAUL SEE THE LIGHT ON THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS and change his name to Paul?

Yes strange though true of course, the further I have advanced and gained greater insights and knowledge the more I have seen it fully beneficial to stay on the appropriate side of greater knowledgre awareness and enlightenment stepping stones and ideas as to BEST PRACTICE and BEHAVIOUR and all the very many things that JUDGEMENTS can trip us all up with.

The self reference responsibilily does not mean you cannot help others though typically who wants peoples dragging them down when we can all get in alignment with raising constiuant parts and subjective beliefs and abilities all round.

Many of course complain about end to end manufacturing process and greater focus on smaller and smaller detail, though such practice when aligned with does enable all and everyone to “get on with it” so to speak in more improved fashion, the attention to the component and modular nature enables COURSE CORRECTION and like for like exchanges of communication and job knowledge without any one given grouping taking over or exerting to much influence whether that grouping is large or small.

So I think plaudits can be given out all round if I could just identify who it is that are staying concurrent and now and upgrading life and the World about themselves and who are determined stick in the mud’s seeking to run prior to walking or having hopped skipped and jumped into jobs and titles on a wing and a prayer or many of those other group dynamic features and qualities and attributes and values that have to genuinely be unearthed as being meritable or otherwise.

Congruent? Consistent? Operating from a more Centred place of being?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Dear Dave

You bloody idiot, I said we are called the AngleAFist Team, clean your bloody ears out man. Now we are going to get all those bloody body beautiful nonces and ponces running around thinking that they can make the grade.



Yes strange though true we can of course mishear or deliberately scult and craft words and meanings to every finer levels of detail and of course INTERPRETATION of IMAGE is seemingly KING.

I of course grew up with an elder brother and typically had many a wrestling like squabble and fight with him during our younger years, whilst I also know of other lads who had similar activities with their sibling’s and likewise you often hear about having sisters being worse in that pulling hair and nails etc. comes to the fore, though I generally think such things whilst high-lighting CLAIMED or PRESUMED differences do not necessarily ADD-UP.

I of course grew up watching great big ugly like wrestlers Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy on British TV and they of course led to the Body Beautiful kinds of Wrestlers later seen within the WWF now named WWE (I think) having had to change due to the World Wildlife Fund owning WWF like names and associations etc.

So of course we can say that many of those American Wrestlers were just as ugly in reality as the Brit’s though typically made up for such things with greater levels of Sun Tan’s and PERSONA and very often HGH OCTANE ADRENALINE IMAGES. Hulk Hogan in the News recently of course The Biggest Legend in many ways, strange how times change though I would say that whilst I have not viewed/watched or followed wrestling for many years, his is a name that carries huge international appeal and weight.

In fact I would go out on a limb and say that them (whomever they are) kicking him (Hulk Hogan) out of the Professional Wrestling Organisation is the same as Britain telling the Queen you cannot be Queen anymore).

Yes I know many other wrestlers existed prior to Hulk Hogan and many others have appeared since, though he was at the Forefront of people’s minds when making those buy at ticket BOX OFFICE APPEAL DECISIONS.

So he was or has been an Ultimate EXTREME Entertainer and it is typically DIFFICULT to have a sane discussion on what such entertainers say or do, because of the World in which they inhabit. If Hulk Hogan’s SECRET BLACK LOVECHILD came out and said I do not mind my dad using the N-word the entire landscape would be forced to shift of course, given the Double-edged sword nature of many of those NONSENSE debates as to what is offensive versus otherwise.

I have of course I think spoken on watching various famed American Black Comedians over the years and typically they would often HIGH-LIGHT the disparity themselves in the sense that any race can have a sense or levels and classes of being within a Community and what labels can be applied to differing characters and shysters and gangsters and so on within those Communities, much like Britain had a great debate a few years ago on some seeming disparaging label being adopted as a positive by peoples within the STYLED CULTURE. What was it? I forget in honesty though we again have had them before and they always reappear in some new variant or DISGUISE.

So much like my speech on Supermarket Fruit and vegetables being obsessively chosen for IMAGE and given to Being Rotten on the Inside.

We can of course say the same about many young men and women who have excelled in modelling themselves on Body Beautiful at the expense of personality or indeed the Brains and ability to be a more all-round kind of character.

Yes the obsession that began with go to the gym and sculpt your body shape is all well and good, though typically does not stand up to the scrutiny of those who follow of train in sports.

I say this as someone who has had a Gym Phase though likewise in growing up playing sports, I came to see that differing muscle groups provided differing strengths and weaknesses, typically many a body beautiful gym freak, would not necessarily last very long with someone who is not considered so beautiful though has all the appropriate muscle and body build for Boxing or Martial arts or any number of strength and stamina like activities.

Finding a balance is of course a tough one, I know ex-army lads who used to complain about being literally fed-up encouraged to eat and eat and so on typically of course not complaining when the exercise turned the FUELS into bigger and stronger bodies and so on.

This Input plus that activity equals this set of parameters, values and attributes whether regarded as body strength and density and weight and stamina and all the rest of those things.

Of course maintaining such things through life you can in fact become stronger and so-called hardened through continuous training, though likewise we do hear of fitness obsessive’s over exerting themselves in some fashion or indeed people who have not warmed down appropriately, yes have warming up periods in your activities and warming down periods, (if possible) because going from any kind of extreme to another in terms of external conditions interacting with your body can cause issues.

Diver’s and climbers of course know this in terms of the appropriate levels of Oxygen and Air RATIO’S required and typically such things have to be somewhat PERSONALISED. Yes Body Mass Index Measure can be used as guidelines though any expert in any area of life and field wants to know intrinsically “What their own Body is telling them” and to be better able to make sensible decisions on that feedback, pushing through any mental wall or barrier is not always the best action, if slowing down or speeding up or having a rest can give you a second wind etc.

So another Hot sunny day and the news has been somewhat limited at present where everyone typically thinking about Holidays and SUSPICIOUS HIGHLIGHTED Stories are typically given a “TOLD YOU SO” dismissive shrug of knowing by those who did not really know though like to PRETEND that they did.

Importance rating of a Lord caught with Ladies making a Living from the Oldest Profession Scandal, BORING, The American Scout Movement enabling and allowing Leaders to be Gay, as though permission is required? BORING, though typically I must add that appropriate countermeasure must surely be introduced to counter people who actually believe that SEX PREDATORS of all stripes can be genuinely trusted within given populations, especially given the extremism that often led to such peoples in the first place.

Yes it is okay for you to be who you will be, though likewise that is something that often requires learning as to the LIES AND DECEIPT and nonsense and bullshit that can be found across all communities at all times by many a peoples and persons for most of our lives.

Who is demonstrating operating from a sensible position and who is simply baiting and nonsense generating?

Dirty Money? Another story of course to be considered, given the SPIRITUAL BEINGS living a human existence IDEAS, shifting the IDEA of MONEY into a SIMILAR VEIN must surely follow, all money is spiritual and modern times demonstrate perhaps such things in terms of them being weird and warped and wonderful numbers in computer systems that systematically demonstrate very often that a ghost exists within the machine, given that it mysterious grows all by itself with INTEREST.

The other story is related to the Suspected Soviet Submarine potentially found of the coast of Sweden, that again perhaps related to the Espionage issues, I did write a long article on espionage matters and how you often in releasing come to be far more DISCERNING in what you decided through choice and options to what to be NOSEY about. Many issues and topics of course because this David’s SHOULDER SHRUGGERS.

I can offer and proffer OPINION and ADVICE based upon my own experience, lessons and life though typically many an INTRANSIGENCE cannot be resolved at the Level of Awareness and Teachings and so on, that many a New person may be coming to these technologies from.

Generational Issues also high-lighted in that a Court overturned a Will, where a daughter claimed money’s from deceased mother’s will. Again Exceptionally WRONG, I really do think that will’s irrespective of the time and so on of writing really could do with being enforced at all times, unless significant demonstration can be made as to COERCION or other malpractice by influencers and manipulators and so on. Son Of Gadaffi also high-lighted hence my Generational Label.

Yes weird warped and not very interesting at all really, we shall have to PROCEED WITH our very own versioning of

The Italian Job, now what Country needs and requires some rogue British criminals to race around in mini’s in dirty dozen anti-hero fashion?

Yes in truth it would have been nice because of all these Heightened Cold War Era things coming to the Foreground to see such a movie based within one of those Great Ancient Eastern European Cities that the West has not had access to in recent years.

The Hungary Job? The Slovakian Job? The Prague Job? The Edinburgh Job? The Liverpool Job?

Yes I found myself seeing one or two reference to Liverpool recently and-or at least that is where my own mental trigger took myself when thinking of other Gerry Anderson like puppet shows, no not Stingray but CAPTAIN SCARLET.

Anyway keep on keeping on and write, write, write until you can see that your Editor may very well be hindering you from the performance of a lifetime, or indeed that your deepest FEAR, that narrow dark passage into some minority grouping, is in fact a major RED HERRING and diversion and distraction to far more important matters that all and anyone could be placing focus and attention and concentration upon, now what the hell was that Securicor Van Doing There?

You are only supposed to blow the bloody HOOD off? Yes taking well worn phrases and then popping in an alternate is of course another excellent thinking strategy to getting shifts, as to variations and etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Combinatorial Advertising Systems

If You Have A Mission Impossible, And No-one Else Can Help You, And If You Can Find Them, Maybe You Can Hire The AngelAtHeist Team!

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It:-

Tool Package For This Mission:-

This Message will self destruct in T minus 5-4-3-2-1 Thunderbirds Are Go!


So we take elements of sources and ideas triggers that we grew up witnessing and watching and simply reformulate them into NEW versioning’s and combinations, likewise some teachings have to have been trusted to have been taken in either consciously or otherwise, given the all of time is NOW teachings and how some issues and topics do not necessarily resolve themselves with first encounters of Learnings and Lessons and so on.

I have of course recently seen Star Trek Into The Darkness, starring Sherlock actor as Khan within the alternate Star Trek time lined Universe and a chap named David Khan also wrote a book related to some ESPIONAGE like matters of cryptography and various History’s, excellent book all-round (in fact), and one that I would recommend for any student at any time, the market for such works has become oversaturated, though his is from a time when such issues were still taken seriously being from the height of the cold war.

Elsewhere I noted an Email from Joe Vitale and had a somewhat negative thought related to the chap, yes he has money and can tell a good yarn and indeed explain how you have to understand IDEAS as to like attracts like and Frequency Waves and so on, the IDEA being that you can place yourself in a money zone frequency though I still think raising Threshold and studying more than one characters philosophy can be beneficial, he boasted of being able to charge 5000 for a speech or lecture that could be gained for 19 and I of course, whilst I am aware of his work within a given market place also know that such boasts do not necessarily carry from Nation to Nation.

When we go to the Entertainment Realms and understand the Magnitude of a 7 Billion People Potential Audience, we also have to understand that you can be exceptionally FAMED within one Geographic Location (for whatever reason, positive or negative), without ever having been heard of elsewhere about the Globe.

Typically search for alien life initiatives have also coincided with talk once again of seeking out long lost and known tribal peoples within various rain forests, and a twist can of course be placed upon those initiatives also.

So this David can go and say pay me this amount and I will come and lecture you on the Lessons and Learnings that I have to preach about from the level of Awareness that I have and so on, I can also of course LIST all the qualifications I may or may not have to ACT as a CATALYST (It must be true) IDEA.

People of course often have lists of Corporate Bodies and Institutions they are associated with or can claim kinsmanship with or however though again in prejudicial judgement terms decisions related to individuals can go Any Which Way You Can in terms of TRIGGERS.

Strange though true having studied IDEAS of COMPASS and IDEAS of MAPPING, I was thinking that what then is required of course is the ABILITY to open up closed down sub-systems (those of us who experienced ACCIDENTS and-or Heavy Trauma may well be heavily shut-down to EXTERNAL INFLUENCE TECHNICIANS (again whether having positive or negative INTENTIONS).

Likewise it could well be that in order to survive excessive TRAUMA our bodies in order to REGENERATE had to go into ALTERNATE POLARITY DIMENSIONS, effectively being attuned to what we may very well perceive as Negative Engagement Topics of Debate and so on.

A Dr Who Special HIGHLIGHTED the CROSS-REALM INTERPRETATION PARADOX OF ALL TIME IS NOW, by demonstrating how an IDEA can come to Fruition via Many time streams or dimensions.

The episode had 3 Doctors within a Special Time Stream (normally they are operating in alternate dimensional streams).

The eldest of the 3 in the LINEAR time thinking, set his Sonic Screwdriver to work through some PUZZLE, that would effectively take an exceptionally long time to be calculated.  The 2nd and 3rd Doctors then checked there own Sonic Screwdrivers to see if the Solution had been calculated.

The 3rd Doctor who was the youngest within the Linear time line demonstrated that the Solution was available within his Sonic Screwdriver Device or Tool.  Although the presence of all 3 was a demonstration NON-LINEAR time lines.

Yes easy to understand the confusion and conflict.

Just keep on asking those questions!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well, Be Now 😉

So How Can You Bring Fantasy Science Fiction Ideas Too Wider Audiences

This is of course often dependent upon the realm you find yourself within and indeed how far you have progressed within your own enlightenment research and experimentation and indeed whether you genuinely require or need a foundational set of parameters and informatics to be working from.

I of course embarked on numerous activities often related to becoming once again centred within your own awareness of separating BINARY 0 and 1, which is of course again the game of black and white with numbers. The same can be said of TRUE and FALSE like parameters.

So one IDEA was related to what I called Witch Mapping and Switch Mapping and so on and that quite simply involved taking the IDEA of the United Kingdom as a TRIANGULAR BODY MAP and then finding some LOCAL VICINITY comparison point to be able to get the IDEA of zoom in and zoom out working within some kind of congruent state.

So within Hereford, I simply chose a Car Park that I traverse quite regularly and that seemingly already fits the BODY MAP MODEL.

Some may say why choose that and quite simply it was experimentation, whilst many a person experiences car parks in full flow and rush hours, I personally was traversing the route during non-peak times and I also decided whether appropriately or otherwise that the Location in particular was akin to being something of a 24 HR CAR PARK, fitting the IDEA of an INDEPENDENT REALM within the Greater City limits and so on.

Typically when note taking you can record all and anything, whether your street, or village, or town or estate and so on, though I again wanted something within my broader collection of notes that was not fully representative of a local PSYCHOLOGICAL MODEL, that many a locality can become.

The difference between becoming to locked into any one given psychology and otherwise (potentially) given the stepping stone nature of the learnings and indeed how you can do too much or indeed too little of any one given IDEA.

So I regularly recorded information that I witnessed along my route including a car park and further to that I also of coursed spoke on the IDEA of a Navigational compass and of course anyone who opts into those studies comes to understand that you can have so-called TRUE NORTH that is differing from MAGNETIC NORTH and indeed you can also designate or specify NEW COMPASS CONVERSIONS within a chosen IDEA LOCATION.

So I chose (as an example) to think of the Car Park as a BODY MAP and then have some INTERNAL COMPASS directioning related to recorded notes and what I was seeing during my passage through the environment, that was differing to EXTERNAL Compass information.

I LABELLED for lack of improved or alternate labels the internal as WITCH MAP DIRECTIONS or WM N, S, E, W and so on, this of course might also I felt be akin to a BABY within the womb where the gestation is often spent in what might be regarded as a reversed COMPASSING position. This can of course be extended by anyone anywhere for the locale that they have been born and bred within and so on. So a Southern Hemispheric born and bred individual might well find that there EXTERNAL BODY MAPPING is equivalent to a Northern Hemispheric INTERNAL BODY MAPPING and so on, again wisdom generally suggests not seeking to OVERCOMPLICATE these ideas so much as following lines of enquiry as to opposition GRID REFERENCING POSITIONS whether they are true or otherwise, I have found otherwise in the sense of SHORT CIRCUITS likely occurring whereby the data has been misread or the activity has not followed a CORRECT logical progression, so I once again found myself not utilising a sensible FEEDBACK AND RETURN SYSTEM.

You can often find when breaking down various IDEAS and MODULAR like activities that a best sequence can be established as to how you are modelling things.

So developers of Computers (for example) initially perhaps worked on CPU’S and CORES and then others came along and worked on GPU (for graphics) and likewise others joined in who wanted to work on improvements within this mathematical sector and that sound sector and eventually after much testing and sequencing of various formulations and so on it was decided that a REPLICATION of this studied MODEL is best carried out within this shape and form of fashion.

Likewise of course it is well documented that some systems are more prone to bottlenecks than others and various remedies and workarounds came about, very often through having to cut the apron strings on what went before.

The difficulty for Microsoft (as example) was that they had amassed huge numbers of Customers who wanted backward compatibility with older products, though typically research and development often demonstrated that required letting go of the older for NEW developments and technologies to firmly establish themselves.

Difficult to carry a user base with your well researched progress (for example), when you are effectively ALIENATING them from what was accepted as the norm previously. I think that the FREE WINDOWS 10 OFFER is FANTASTIC and perhaps a LOYALTY REWARD in many ways for those that have payed and payed and payed historically. Likewise I am disappointed that my WINDOWS RT SURFACE PAD is not included within these upgrade offers, perhaps I purchased the PAD on a treat myself whim (that is in fact true) though likewise would still like some further available enhancements, for the non-corporate buyers.

I actually downloaded a 3DMARK BENCHMARK tool system this morning out of CURIOSITY and found that my BENCHMARK RESULTS for the RT were actually superior to those officially given or previously recorded by other users within the database. I have perhaps already mentioned that I took a PURIST APPROACH to the PAD in not allowing HIJACKING to take place.

Many a computer and gadget I have purchased over the years has been seemingly hi-jacked by the likes of all the very many software VENDORS to the extent that they rendered my various PC’s and Laptops and so on inoperable.

Yes I could perhaps utilise removal tools though at some point the desire to simply throw such gadgets out of the window because of all the competing software’s, and start over takes hold, perhaps the non-conscious intention. So in keeping the pad pure for its lifetime, I have experienced NONE of the various FAULTS and COMPLAINTS that I experienced previously, however that does not stop myself from desiring some upgradability when the vendor itself is seemingly making such offerings to the more general Computer, Laptop, Gadget Realms.


It can be demonstrated that a BEST SEQUENCE can be established as to how to place yourself within any given zone, yes we all want REALTIME for all and every function, whether it be colour identity or sound frequency or magnetic polarity, or however, though continued research does suggest that especially for the very many SPORTING REALMS, you want to PEEL BACKwhat you know about the various events and sports in order to see what is a central core IDEA for the game or sport and what is a later add-on.

So for TENNIS for example you might say that two persons are a core requirement, that a ball is a requirement and that rackets are a requirement, or that a playing area are requirement, (yes many a game came about via extensions of children’s street games, though you do (I think) require establishing the foundation for a game and then separating thos foundation component IDENTITIES from add-on’s.

Add-ons are typically all the KIT SPONSORS, and Robinson’s have a drink between games like stuff and towel providers and ball boys and girls and umpires.

So identify CORE or PRIMARY minimum requirements and then identify what came NEXT, so you can gain greater CLARITY as to SECONDARY and TERTIARY non-core additions.

Things that make such activities that little bit more enticing or agreeable within your judgement’s etc.

Most games and sports have had all sorts of generational changes occurring though exercising you ability to IDENTIFY and CATEGORISE those Parameters across multiple realms (whether sports or other realms) can make a huge difference in becoming not only more consistent and congruent but more ACCURATE.

Likewise of course I have spoken on topics such as numbers because they are typically regarded as UNIVERSAL though likewise you still need some basic understanding of the CATEGORISATION and groupings, why does a RAINBOW run RED AND YELLOW AND PINK AND GREEN as opposed to any other alternate colour sequence, does the same happen through a GLASS PRISM (for example) or within a VACUUM of SPACE or with some deep cavern Journey to the centre of the Earth or 20,000 Leagues under the SEA and so on.

So we learn why we are all often hotbeds of confusion and conflict and then systematically work through better ways and means CLUE’ING SYSTEMS that others can understand and be OPEN and AMENABLE to utilising for themselves, I spoke on getting NUMBERS utilising the same IDEAS and FOUNDATIONAL TEACHINGS, though typically we all often have our own VERSIONING of a WRONG SEQUENCE for some issues and topics or indeed NEW information coming to LIGHT that is a very large game changer that we were previously unaware of.

I spoke previously on jettisoning all my sporting knowledge at age 17 when told I could no longer play sports and that was a bad IDEA from my perspective now, (or seemed that way, though I can now perhaps return to such activities from a position of BEGINNERS MIND.

So being open to new sources and ideas often unfortunately requires some investment, hence when you finding quality TEACHERS and so on, seeking to FLOW in ALIGNMENT and indeed understanding that some competitions are not worth taking part in and likewise that some behaviours seeming like sabotage behaviours are often short circuit that people have through an inability to express themselves in an improved or alternate fashion, few of course necessarily want to express themselves in better and improved fashion, though the longer term benefits are there for all to see when you understand or take the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with yourself from an alternate angle or perspective.

Formula One is also on this weekend and I could of course speak on wondering whether daughter Rose is going to phone her mum or family in Rhyd Lewis this weekend or indeed come out with some “From The Mouth’s Of Babe’s” clue that causes Dad to go AH-HA. Of course Epilepsy unfortunately means that she is unlikely to be a driver unless of course we can establish that her Epilepsy is controlled, she has seemingly gone through points where it seemed well controlled and then suddenly had times where short circuits have occurred, I think obviously given her now being close to full adult status and growth, that control should be easier maintained that as a fast growing child and so on.

That al a digression of course though clues can be found and developed from the strangest of ideas, I recently walked passed some folks and heard the word pervert and whilst traditionally such things are used to point at peoples and persons with sex and sexuality obsessions, as someone who has spent time growing up around medical staff nurse mum and worked in NHS and been through multiple First Aid courses and all the rest, I typically perhaps have less obsessions than folks who are perhaps overly sensitive to bodily function and all the nonsenses and triggers that such things can invoke, likewise I am sure that many a person of course who has children and parented also often comes to grow more Mature as to some issues, presuming they are not folks who have RUN AWAY from being an involved PARENT, yes we can feel guilty for having to work though one does sometimes see that many a Runaway System is operating within people fearful of being exposed as bad or non-standard comparable parents with those Perfect Editions, we are often over exposed too on TV sitcoms and Disney Channel and so on.

Yes more recent years has seen OVER EXPOSURE of the Opposite (I think) when we look to ideas such-as Shrek (pulling the rug from beneath Beauty Obsessions). So Divergence and so on exists across many realms and likewise we are all free to choose as to what we ourselves regard as our own spiritual normality and what is typically some short circuit or UNIQUENESS to any given population or Community or however.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Another Rainy Day In Hereford, England United Kingdom

So typically I have of course spent a couple of years writing this blog and also of course tqking down and writing private like notes within a collection of notepads that I have and I also early on spent some time transferring that information and data into my blog initially publically and then private as it became something of a daily RITUAL ROUTINE.

Further to that I have of course spent time studying what others have done within various fields of enterprise to separate out wheat from chaff as to cluing systems and so on. The underlying theme for myself was to become centred in the incoming data that I was witnessing and writing down and so on. Typically Holosync seemingly enables you to slow down in thinking and thoughts giving you that extra TIME to think prior to rushing to ACTION that may have previously been some kind of non-conscious AUTOMATED ACTION.

Yes we can all perhaps be demonstrated to be a mass of bubbling and intermixed sequence of thoughts feelings and expressions and so on, though likewise such things can become separated out far more easily so you can typically begin to TRUST the CROSS-HEMISPHEREIC communications and so on where previously you may have felt in some kind of self-sabotaging ALL AT ODDS WITH THE WORLD, WAR ZONE.

Further to that I have of course spent time studying BEST PRACTICE IDEAS or re-understanding and reinterpreting various DEBATING TOPICS and of course IDEAS as to what does not serve you falls away and so on.

I can of course say that folks wanting to explore the very many sources and resources and lifestyle influences that you may or may not have grown up with should keep in mind that there is not necessarily anything wrong with many of those things, though likewise if you do find yourself seemingly under siege in some fashion from some particular grouping or collective, I can do no harm to explore cause and effect, I typically of course suggested that I shut up shop to a certain extent and that is debatable as a STRATEGY though likewise given the overwhelming opposition I was seemingly facing, the most sensible option was to continue to meditate and eventually get to a level or point whereby the SHIFTING or CHANGING OF THE PARADIGM occurred for enough other peoples and persons that they themselves came to the realisation that some debates and indeed bullying strategies and tactics themselves can become futile.


Typically demonstrates the idea that you gradually move toward as it all being an inside job to a certain extent and that the programmes and thinking routines and so on are just that and can often be calculated out of in some fashion when enough awakening has occurred.

Yes the World in the Mind of the Beholder might be a better terminology though I use that simply to demonstrate that instead of getting locked into some pre learnt STEREOTYPICAL childhood or indeed adulthood INTRANSIGENCE of escape from or escape too, you can question whether you are actually answering the real genuine underlying question.

I of course am known to have come up with the idea of HETEROPHOBIA and whilst I am no longer a big TV FILM MEDIA user, I can typically state that I grew up watching many programmes that typically had portrayals or indeed famed personalities belong to gay cult groups crying Wolf as to everyone’s Homophobia, of course I think most people much like myself have not considered the counter coin side measures of thought that can be introduced because we often typically presume ourselves within our own minds to be heterosexual. This is MAN, Man has plug, This is WOMAN, Woman has Socket, and so on.

So of course the further you progress the more you come to see that some folks have simply opted for some extreme versioning of what they crafted for themselves as a “GET OUT OF JAIL CARD” though typically of course I also introduced the negative and positive implication of coin side for generic and bland ITS OKAY FOR YOU TO BE…

Yes again many a person opts for GAY at the end of that sentence as some kind of extreme make everyone else what I most FEAR about myself.

I of course suggesting It is okay for you to be who you will be or more vague non-specific positions that places the impetus on any given individual making such contrasting decisions for themselves, from within their own database of knowledge and learnings and awareness. The problem then of course that in being VAGUE you typically may be leaving people to FALL INTO ALL THE TRAPS and pitfalls and so on that you yourself fell into, I typically simply recommend the Meditation and The courses, yes they may well bring about IDEAS thoughts and feelings that you ALREADY POSSESS on some level of your life experience, though typically you do also find and create an opportunity for yourself to see events from a differing PERSPECTIVE or VIEWPOINT that you may have not previously considered whilst being in the so-called “THICK OF IT”.

The problem seemingly being that all wordings and meanings are within the mind of the beholder and likewise some folks desperately want and require REPRODUCTION of their mentality and attitude and behaviour, because quite simply they cannot CONCEIVE etc.

So such things of course take you into the realm of NATURE versus NURTURE and also of course into realising the fruitlessness of getting involved in other people’s issues, some games of black and white etc. cannot be won at the level of obsession that some folks spend a lifetime infecting others about themselves with.

So any WORD and OFFICIAL meaning can be taken in ISOLATION and have asked as to what a coin side may or may not be and if no coin side is given CREATE ONE, that is after all what many extremists have done in the first place, as a way to justify some mental health or otherwise position or other.

What else well I have been sent an email for a forthcoming Abundance for Life FEST and whilst I think I do own that course I am unsure as to whether it was a favourite or otherwise, I think it was one I was disappointed with, despite it being HIGHLIGHTED and indeed seemingly being most enticing, this typically a problem of having come to Learning Strategies AFTER having gone via the Holosync Solution route.

So I will perhaps publish details for that FEST and likewise STATE:- do not take my word on the thoughts and feelings and happiness or disappointments with such courses because AS SUGGESTED ABOVE, each person is UNIQUE and you can decide for yourself whether you believe the course to do what it says on the Cover and so on for you yourself, not this HARD TO PLEASE PERFECTIONIST DAVID.

Yes strange though true I was thinking about this NEW forthcoming Course and the diffuclty is of course that it deals with the Non-fiction realm, whereby people are geared towards best practice’s

Write spacious easy to read lines.

Perhaps contain a sub-context within your chosen topic of expertise as David has recommended.

So if you are a writing on a work dealing with your battle against this ILL HEALTH or this SOCIETAL WIDE topic or issue.

You can still contain sub context references of themes for your favourite sport or kind of films or whatever, why do that, well I do really like this IDEA that with enough sub-contexts toward a given SPORT or sequence of AWARDS within a REALM, you could embark on creating a catalogue of such works.

So you write a book on what you know about this serious topic or issue and also give a sub theme of reference for Tennis or Golf or Athletics and so on.

I still believe the IDEA to drop yourself into a given zone whether for a sport or awards ceremony across the very many World wide realms that exist can still be done through repetition and indeed crafting an IDENTIFIABLE sorted sequence of reference or inference that paces you firmly in the zone for a given favoured alternate activity.

Likewise it can do no harm to do the FESTS as and when they appear within the calendar because they too are seemingly scheduled for differing World Wide Regions and Zones and can perhaps accelerate you toward bringing those non-conscious awareness’ back online or front and centre within your thoughts.

So we all have the choice of where we place our own focus above and beyond where others may want us to have such focus and likewise we can always return to getting the questions going as to what are beneficial thoughts and feelings versus otherwise.

I was actually struggling because I still have a desire to work within the FICTION REALM And likewise have some kind of automated obvious TRANSLATOR SYSTEM BUILT IN.

Again the MODULAR SYSTEMS enable such things far more easily, though likewise entering into some areas and topics of debate has seemingly to be done despite many of us having huge blind spots or reluctances to discussion on some areas, I guess that comes down to SENSITITIVIES and many a person (for example) within my working life realm typifies a belligerent & tough Man’s man attitude or indeed Woman’s woman of taking all and anything thrown at them, though in reality what lies beneath for very many peoples and persons is still that NEW BORN CHILD desperately switching into some kind of please all and everyone for safety attitudes etc.

So I have spoken on being told I was being OVER SENSITIVE and that of course typifies that Attitude suggested above of someone who is likely to experience some SUFFERING because they have not appropriately dealt with WHAT LIES BENEATH.

Explaining such matters is of course an ongoing area of debate and can feel a waste of life after so many years given how many people come to HATE and DESPISE all and anything RELATED TO LEARNING, yes prejudice against what you PERCIEVE as a CAUSE for your circumstance again is something that requires that TURNAROUND or SWITCH OF ENLIGHTENMENT or AH-HA, this remedy will work for all peoples and persons from all levels of society and in such a fashion and way as to leave them in no doubt as to developing more empowering ways of being and doing and so on, after so many years though likewise, if making shit roll up hill is the only way to cause the realm to enter into a more prosperous set of events and prosperity consciousness then that is what must be done. Communication of course can be done across many channels and indeed circumnavigate former intransigent blockages and so on, as long as everyone is GEARED to understanding ideas that a BOOK and STORY can be begun at any point in time much like Star Wars films beginning with Episode IV rather than 1.

Another typically taken strategy within film and books is of course prequels and sequels and flashbacks to setting the scene though how might things be different if some 20 or 30 years ago during some desperate time within a Company’s History some Dozy idiot cried out for Jesus or Mohammed or Angels or a Saviour or whatever and ACTIVATED an ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE process that they thought had been answered in some Corporation stepping in, when in fact circumstance led to far greater RESULTS XX many years down the line than could have been envisioned during those moments of desperation.

Will the HERO with a thousand faces and-or know name be paying YOU A VISIT?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

What ever your colour creed nationality and belief system. What and how will life the Universe and Everything come to the rescue and do rescuers require a Hero themselves?

By what level and criteria judgment and so on can INTRANSIGENT unknowns come to fruition of saying


Lame Duck

Yes strange though true I think anyone who understands many a sporting and tactical approach to life the Universe and Everything can understand what I mean by Lame Duck, the question then becomes one of is it true?

I will give multiple examples in a moment though typically whilst Sam Horn oft quoted Chuck Yeager in terms of there being some mysterious point or a moment of truth that separates those who get results from those who provide reasons.

So a Science Fiction version of a Lame Duck is the Character DAVROS within Dr Who, he typically in many a Story has been brought back by his CREATIONS “The Daleks” though typically was nothing more than a kind of caricature FIGUREHEAD personality for them, they typically having their own superior plans of actions and ignoring what the Mad Scientist says beyond having him available almost in some kind of ADVISORY CAPACITY much like Royalty has Church Figureheads.

In terms of a FAMILY it might be concluded that it is comparable with a Family Elder who considers themselves “Head of The Household” whether through some Patriarchal or Matriarchal Tree though again has typically been side lined in some fashion by younger Generations or indeed is possibly maintaining Focus and Concentration on issues and topics that were important to peoples and persons of Their Own, “My Kind Of People” that are typically long since moved on from as debating topics for each and every NEW Generation.

That of course not always true though many an example can be shown and indeed many a intransigent family grouping can be demonstrated to have followed those people to their own doom and so on.

Typical example in World History (for instance) is possibly Adolf Hitler, whereby had he placed some limits on his expansion plans and imperialistic German superiority and so on, a Germany based on his doctrine and mandate and so on could well have continued to exist to this day, strange though true (in my opinion and having looked at some of those CRITICAL points of the War). Many a Combatant Country was placed in a position of having NO CHOICE, as to either having to go to War or lose face and so on. So early on it can be demonstrated that he and the Nazis were indeed getting Chuck Yeager like RESULTS and it was only later when enough other bigger larger groupings joined in that much of the German Empire began crumbling.

It could well be likened to a Lake whereby Germany as Central lake had many strong Trees growing about the Perimeter through a long and well planned build-up of INFRASTRUCTURE and Strategy and so on, the further afield you went from that INFRASTRUCTURE and STRONG supply lines and so on the smaller and weaker the Trees perhaps became, lack of nourishment and also possibly TRUE POLITICAL ALIGNMENT and-or SUPPORT of those taking part such as Career Soldiers and other ESTABLISHMENTS.

So I mention this because many a Strategy for bringing down MAFIAS and so on has often involved targeting of particular GROUPINGS or LEVELS of COMBATENTS for instance, very often using an APPROPRIATE STRATEGY for a given grouping.

We saw this in NEW YORK (I think) a few years ago in terms of a zero tolerance or three strikes and your out kind of tactic being applied to low level anti-social behaviour crime, and that is perhaps typical of targeting your low level hoodlums and street drug dealers and indeed forcing a mental state change within those who often did not regard themselves as CRIMINALS, people who drive 40 MPH in a 30 MPH ZONE and so on, some mental patterns and behaviours often only changed from the GETTING AWAY WITH IT ATTITUDE of everybody does it, when more regular mainstream folks were themselves being placed in a position of FESSING UP or CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET type positions, effectively potentially a position of “STOP LYING TO YOURSELF” and STOP LYING TO OTHERS about yourself.

Another level is this one of BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, whereby in returning to the HEAD OF THE HYDRA position, of not wanting a multitude of “UNKNOWN QUANTITY’S” popping up, you leave the Head in place and chop of his Arms and Legs instead, it could well be suggested that SEPP BLATTER “OF FIFA FAME” has been left in that kind of position of being or appearing to be LAME DUCKED. A complete collection of seemingly CRIMINALISED Generals and upper level realm individuals having been rounded up by the FBI and the ORGANISATION is now WEAK in terms of COMMUNCATIONS between HEAD and LIMBS.

We all perhaps have had that whereby loss of bodily control is induced by too much Alcohol or indeed anyone who has experienced broken bones or had a stroke perhaps understands that you can be sending the SIGNAL and having those non-conscious open hand raise arm like thoughts ignored by the body part you are seeking to address and that is also akin of course to my own daughters Epilepsy whereby some mental Storm occurs and various taken for granted non-conscious communication systems all typically go berserk or haywire, that an extreme like example though again many a person has experienced such things on a low level without OFFICIAL DIAGNOSIS and so on.

So many a HEALTH condition can be experienced by many or multiple peoples and persons and typically even be well documented in folk law and common law social circles without making official STATISTICAL LISTS. One such area or CRIME is typically MUGGING or STREET FIGHTING and so on, whereby I work in a realm with hundreds of people and you hear of someone having taken a beating at the weekend, who has not actually REPORTED such events to the local establishment, and again as much as we may think such things occur within LOCAL COMMUNITIES, these things typically INCREASE among VYING COMMUNITY MAFIAS who are not necessarily local, those international communities that have sitters or RUNAWAY CRIMINALS who are unknown to the local Establishments, very often those groupings are Hell bent on Establishing themselves as the Wheeler Dealer Protectionist like racketeers for all and everything within a given Community. Of course some Wheeler Dealers are straight forward and honest in supplying goods and foods and so on from Homelands and those little bits of Hoe that can make Foreign Travel more appealing, though likewise just as Cannabis is said to be an ENTRYPOINT DRUG to Stronger Classes of Drugs, having a TRUST for some person or grouping for what you perceive as honest dealings, coud well typically lead to less SAVOURY activities, and the FRONT SEEMINGLY INNOCENT PRODUCTS are just that.

So we can ask of all and anyone as to the INCENTIVE or MOTIVATION between Thoughts, Feelings, Actions and endeavours and of course whether everything is as above board as an impression is given to particular AUDIENCES.

This can be demonstrated from both coin sides; or perspectives when Night workers come into contact with day workers during the course of working life and so on, whereby perceptions of some peoples and characters can be WITNESSED to be excessively differing when they are PERFORMING or HAVING TO HEDGE between PLAYING TO THE DIFFERING AUDIENCES.

That perhaps why a level of CONSISTENCY and CONGRUENCE (ACROSS THE BOARD IN ALL REALMS) can either come to serve someone or indeed PULL THE RUG FROM BENEATH THEM when demonstrated to be playing to particular AUDIENCE SEGMENT.

That is typically where many a person FALTERS, and why I actually think some of the newer management training courses have improved things in the grey areas of CONSISTENCY and CONGRUENCE and so on, though likewise typically when any changes are made to any procedures and practices, it does not take long for COUNTERMEASURES to appear among those wanting the “OLD WAYS” or to not have to change, typically of course FLOW or Lack Thereof can catch all and anyone out in some being BLINDSIDED fashion.

This one began with a firm IDEA and then drifted a little so I will perhaps require shifting to IDEAS of RECALIBRATION to a more empowering and life enhancing series of TRUTHS.

Many of us grew up with classic common law quotes of MONEY TALKS and BULLSHIT WALKS.

I think it is only these meditative technologies that typically bring folks to TRULY MADLY DEEPY understand where some of those lessons and learnings originate and indeed how we can perhaps plae ourselves in the MONEY ZONE whilst staying on APPROPRIATE SIDE of Law and Order and Greater Establishments.

Now in the realm of POLITICS we are seeing talk of Labour Party Disintegrations or swinging toward Extremes of the LEFT WING and that typically has occurred because many a MODERATE supporter has shifted to where they feel there MODERATE VOTE is represented, strangely the CONSERVATIVES given the recent ELECTION RESULT.

It could well be suggested that ALL REALMS can grow to rapidly and fast or indeed collapse in on themselves when provided with IDEAS as to REAL TRUTHS and ADJUSTMENTS of MARKETS and so on. The means and ways of establishing what those actually areare excessively cheap if you follw a similar path in purchasing the Technology recommendations I have on , any ORGANISATION can be asking, do we now have the infrastructure to CONSOLIDATE the shifts and changes that we have embarked upon. Instead of continuing in HITLER like expansion you want to slow down and ensure that the new ways and doctrines and teachings are operating successfully from that higher place on the hill, why draw battles and enemies toward yourself if you have built your house on SAND instead of something more sturdy and sound such as a CASTLE ON A ROCKY Mountain outcrop overlooking the surrounding plains and landscapes.

Yes sounds nice does it not, though typically few of us perhaps have the ways and means to GO DIRECTLY TO GO and COLLECT YOUR 200 or whatever the CURRENT level of Money’s and CURRENCY IS. That another Monopoly quote because the game is well crafted in terms of being a square board, I am now of to ponder on what a CIRCULAR MONOPOLY BOARD may look like and whether it would contain the same ADDRESSES, one may well of been created though I am unaware, yes a SPECIAL ROUND LONDON BOARD to HONOUR HER MAJESTY next year could well be a FANTASTIC IDEA or ADDITION to that BRAND of GAMES collection.

Yes so much of what is spoken of here is of course EXTERNAL REFERENCING that many PROFESSIONAL CAREER PATHS have to take into consideration, likewise of course you can operate within any Professional Career Realm and find that the MAP SHIFTS so SIGNIFICANTLY as to render previously lessons and learnings and so on quite simply wrong.

What does WHITEHALL and the MANDARINS therein contained (for instance) make of all this current politicking of BUDGET CUTS and CORRUPTION that we are seemingly finding more and more of as a sub context and sub theme for events within many a sub realm throughout the World at this present moment in time.

You might say that, though I could not possibly COMMENT!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

For One Of Those Kind Of People

So I found myself joking with a work colleague as to some labelled brand that was situated or identified upon his football shirt that he was typically wearing to work, many a sporting fan person typically builds a collection of such associated products over the years and older generation shirts often work their way down through the level of usage process.

What I mean to say is of course that new clothing wear often gradually works its way down through some chosen ranking of appropriateness and so on. So a new football shirt may make the match day and pub and banter in and around your mates and town whilst older editions typically become regular wear for household chores and work and other ideas of scales and measure related to “less than” and “more than”.

Anyway of course the humour being that some exceptionally generic and non-specific phrase such-as “one of those kinds of people” can of course typically send you mentally on some kind of search and find routine of seeking or desiring greater clarity, especially if you only heard the latter part of the conversation.

I of course typically spoke on generational hand me down like behaviours and nonsenses suggesting such things were common among next generation workers, which in my present work environment usually entails Foreign Nationals and “HEY PRESTO”, I later on in the evening or during the course of the night hear young British Workers coming out with typical same old same old patterns and nonsense, I could of course have an internal debate as to suggesting a correction though as suggested by Sam Horn within the write well, write fast, write now course BULLIES typically will bully and brand all and anyone about themselves irrespective of requests to change unless heavier handed measure are introduced, such as my take a weapon to work like days. Of course it should not have come as a shock because the young worker in question is an immediate colleague of a well-known suspected Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris type who has preyed upon all and everyone consistently for the entire duration of my working within the realm. That perhaps similar to the issue being highlighted within the Toshiba Company Scandal in Japan where a protectionist like system operates among managers and cronies and so on that effectively maintained a one directional communication system ~Very often around long term established and pre-existing relationships and Social Mafia’s”. We can of course demonstrate that better communication methods can and should be introduced so such individuals are not allowed to get away with hiding behind work environments and so on, we typically have a WHISTLEBLOWER policy recommendation from one of the major retailers that we supply with regard to product issues and I think such whistleblowing can of course be done with the Police and Local Authorities given that long term abusers often have a history of failure to respond to polite requests.

Elsewhere of course we are rapidly now heading into Summer Holiday Season for the younger generations whose school term times are officially ending around this time period.

Yes I spoke on the IDEA of having a Foundational You Collection and that typically of course involves introducing the CLASSICAL LINKS and ASSOCIATIONS for people so they can then think in terms of stepping stones from that perspective and position of enlightenment, rather than having grown up in an absolutely heavily saturated World of bombardment of sources and resources where the ability to THINK is so far underground as to not be functioning in a WISE or INTELLIGENT fashion or manner.

Now words such-as WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE do typically sound ELITIST though I would like to of course suggest that folks think in terms of multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner Style) and Multiple Wisdoms and Multiple Intransigence’s ~(something I suggested or introduced earlier this year I think).

So what is the classical model?

Well it does actually seem that all and any model has actually been crafted created and designed and so on, though typically we can of course say well if I have to exist for the next X many years then I want to be in alignment with BEST ESTABLISHED DESIGNS AND ALGORITHMS and so on, at least at the SPRINGBOARD FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL, whereby after that resetting to some basics you potentially gain greater perspectives and angles and decision making questioning strategies as to the choices and options that you desire to live your life by.

So the classical model at the most basic point typically runs through an understanding of the dynamics of created relationships between colours (typically those of the rainbow) and sound and the various 5 octave ranges that the traditional Western or European Science introduced, likewise of course when I speak as to bombardment of sources and resources, we can typically see that operating from a REDUCTIONIST STRATEGY to begin with is not such a bad thing after all.

Elsewhere given the mention above of Mr Toxic and given his favourite predatory routine I can of course mention IDEAS such as getting to a point where you can feel and know and better understand ideas presented such-as to FESS UP or indeed the favourite of Gays “He’s so far in the closet he’s in Narnia” typically my response being that Eminem reclaimed the topic of CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET with the self-penned song/rap of that title, he of course typically became famed for leaving no stone unturned in that cleaning out his closet strategy aiming prejudice at all and everyone from his point or perspective perhaps of being a “Performing Artist”, of course some folks TRAPPED within IDEAS to too “THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE” may well have difficulty in gaining and understanding those WITNESS WINDOWS upon the World that give you a kind of WITNESS position as opposed to being fully involved within all the extremism or irrational or ridiculous nonsenses and so on.

Choice and options of course something I think many (from all realms and perspectives and lifestyle choices) come to understand as well as discernment, why focus on defensive positions of being preyed upon, when you can raise threshold and maintain your own choices and ideas above and beyond those that you may WITNESS from peoples with lesser levels of AWARENESS etc.

Likewise of course Numbers as suggested previously are a somewhat World-wide phenomena that all races seemingly have some kind of representative system of understanding about and regard to, so those too in most basic building block terms of 0-9 and + – * % and so on can also be returned to again.

Elsewhere I have in recent days been through the entire Write Well Course and some of the Freebies that were given with the course, quite simply to get some of that repetition and recursion going.

Wendy Greer who is a Learning Strategies Coach made herself available on Facebook and indeed recorded some Feng Shui related exercises to go hand in hand with the course and I think that expertise and so on also strongly contributed to gaining some shifts that I may have not otherwise gained from working through that particular Modality.

Typically of course she mentioned that some folks often come up against recursive or repetitions of mental blocks and the layers issue and all the rest of those things and I think that is typically something I have run into in the sense of identifying best Strategy for Now as opposed to when I was new born or 2 or 5 or whatever life point and age I highlight as seemingly being a point of difficulty and so on.

I perhaps differ in understanding the IDEAS I myself presented of suggesting that your two brain hemispheres may be suggested to represent male and female ideas, that is itself just an IDEA though typically of course can POINT THE WAY in understanding those ideas of FESSING UP and CLEANING CLOSETS from a MATURE POSITION of chosen choice as opposed to some DESPERATE & POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS EXTREMIST SWING of IDEAS that some folk seeming go through, failed marriage, relationship or long list of such events throughout life maybe I will become extremist in declaring a new belonging to this that or the other community.

Of course I personally recommend these TECHNOLOGIES to all peoples and persons irrespective of Race, Religion, Sexuality and Colour and all the rest, though in making such recommendation I can only do so from the position that I myself have adopted of CREATING CHOICE AND OPTIONS with a slow and well thought through perspective instead of PRESSURISED BULLYING/GROOMING.

When you study all the very many options and raise threshold you generally come to see the wisdom in maintaining your own choice and wisdom from a higher place on the Mountain, though typically we can of course demonstrate that some folks within some realms WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER typically continue in the same vain and fashion as though they will never be brought to book or account for the behaviours, typically again such things are suggested as being KARMA related, though I personally think that nonsense.

You perhaps have simply not delved DEEPLY enough at the present moment and time to get shifts, because you have not questioned or followed a path laid out by those who have trail blazed before.

Anyway that enough for today, I simply write whatever comes to mind and of course mention some events whilst neglecting others, so one WISDOM is of course to never RUSH to presume you really genuinely understand what someone else who is external to yourself is inferring or meaning.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉