And? And? And?

So I of course in having taken up meditation and enabled myself to think a little longer and so on have often concluded that many a headline in any format from any media outlet is often nonsense. Today I turn my gadget on and one such headline appears along the lines of Tunisian Terrorist Makes Phone call prior to Terrorist Activity!



Yes the sad truth about many such Terrorist like individuals is that you could be well surrounded by them and not know, because just like you and I they probably eat, use toilets, dress in clothes, have family and so on and so forth, this was something typically highlighted in a somewhat warped fashion within the film Pulp Fiction and indeed other media like shows that have sought to explore the ins and outs of lives of peoples living within lifestyle zones that have various outrageous appeal factors and so on.

I shall mention The Soprano’s at this point because whilst it was a Mafia/Mob show it typically included all the various family troubles and tribulations of the main family, and I think in many ways it kind of gave new perspectives to some kinds of figures and characters that we often see and read and hear about, though very often in one dimensional caricatures.

Yes okay so I like many others enjoyed Mafia movies such as The Godfather and Scarface and et al though those film format’s often had little choice but to use so called snapshot like episodic methods to highlight best bits of books and stories and so on, whilst TV series often have to either show more of what is in the books or even in many a case invent materials and fillers not mentioned within original books and screen plays and so on.

A typical example would probably be the Harry Potter books, where particular characters such as the Poltergeist were left out completely from the movies, and whilst it is understandable from a main story flow and relevance perspective, one could well imagine that justice could be returned to such characters making appearances in future TV land versioning’s of such books, were they to every make it to the small screen.

Yes what is the next “Straight to” format one can wonder, Many a film is spoken of in terms of Straight to Video, Rental, do we have a straight to streaming? Of course in reality many a such wording is typically the wrong word and is being used in some kind of all-encompassing generic fashion, though likewise you have to have something and the question then is one of using a wording that is most suitable to what it is that you are seeking to say.

What else well typically Wimbledon is getting the Look Everyone Tennis is being played in London England and you have to support your own people, and typically of course we Brits can say that we have rather large gaps and years and years of having players who never quite made it into the higher tiers of the game, or rather, we had “POSH peoples” within the higher tiers of the game and then other Countries all got huge numbers of non-posh peoples within the game that were far superior to those folks and we have struggled to get genuine talents showing up.

These days all the Andy Murray type hype kind of hides the fact that in reality the game still struggles in getting quality peoples, because the same old mentality exists as to grass roots and appropriate backgrounds and so on, I dislike saying that though the game and those in control of the game within the United Kingdom seemingly obsess with EXPERTISE KNOWLEDGE (of their Communities), that is not matched in terms of World Stage Ranking and Performers.

It could well be suggested that the only way for young Brits to be successful would be for them to go and live abroad and train abroad and not be surrounded by the British Tennis Establishments mind set and so on.

So what is the theme?

Well I am most clearly when I look at what I have written so far speaking as to Communities and family is a kind of Community and of course models of reality could well be described as class systems, likewise many models exist as factions within society and area and regions of society also.

The other topic that is strangely within the noggin is the subject of INCEST and INBREEDING and of course when you think about such things and when and where you may have encountered such things you come to see that particular characterisations are often associated with particular communities living in particular streets or regions of the Country, all people who live in that City, Town, Village and so on are said to be inbred’s blah, blah.

Now we can of course WONDER as to how factual such things are or whether someone with some kind of reputation simply managed to smear entire populations of a Community simply through some highlighting of particular behaviours that everyone else hooked and hinged reality on in some fashion, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

Well some person or CHARACTER from particular area or location be that a street, or district, village or city or town became so associated with particular LABEL, that the place itself became strongly linked with the label, even if the character is long since vanished or dearly departed or something.

So in trying to think of examples, Forest of Dean Springs to mind, everyone hears talk of the story of the Bear, URBAN LEGEND and MYTHS that have taken on a life of their own, Robin Hood of Nottingham and so on.

So of course it could well be suggested that once again interpretation is within the mind of the beholder in the sense that it does not matter to many of ourselves as to what or how a particular segment or community or location is identified, though clearly you can find yourself targeted in some fashion through some nonsensical association of stereotype or indeed simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bing in a location when a crime occurs, so does scale and measures matter?


Okay imagine that you are in a large supermarket and a shoplifter is also within that location that you later hear about or become aware of, you are likely to feel entirely differing in dismissive fashion about a supermarket, and possibly more paranoid about a small corner shop or Community shop were similar events to occur.

So that could well be a form of mental SCALES and MEASURES being applied to one environment and not the other, where you want it to be differing, when in fact the statement “a shoplifter in a shop” could be neutral.

So many a person typically says this ACTION is not a crime, in this measuring scale and fashion, though is a crime in this measuring scale and fashion.

Interesting DYNAMIC I personally think, where you can use the exactly the same wording and then TEST the WORDING against the Environment to see not only the real reality (possibly) to stop reinterpreting going on, but also to make others realise that the trigger or LOADEDNESS and so of often realted to particular words meanings and phrases are often in associative groupings or cluster with the ORIGINAL “cause/effect” dynamic that you may or may otherwise have picked some IDEA up.

When did you first learn? Questions

Yes strange though true whilst I have read many a questioning strategy like book and indeed Photoread many more in recent times, that kind of questioning I do not think I have encountered. Could well be operating non-consciously, though I do think a recursive self-inquiry mechanism asking those kinds of questions could be useful in taking the so called STING out of particular stereotypes and so on, that do not necessarily FIT THE MAP that you are building or crafting for yourself now.

Typically for instance I bumped into a guy I had not seen since Primary School and he is in the Police Service and I at that young age could not even begin to imagine that someone from that School might eventually be a copper (for instance), the anti-establishment mental attitudes and so on often noted within particular sectors and regions and estates and of course, kids on those estates often USE such ALIENATION strategies as kind of mini-fagin like characters within the schools and so on, to gain themselves REPUTATION and all the rest, I was wondering where many such a thing occurs and can genuinely and definitely state, that whilst many a family member or parent might be less than enthusiastic about particular establishment bodies, that in reality, most of those things come about through CONTAGION within the estates and schools and very often from family members, of so-called criminal families and CONTROL FREAK like individuals wanting to keep a mental FEAR GRIP on targeted PREY and so on.

Yes SOCIETY could well be suggested to be full of PREDITORS and whilst many could well be suggested to be harmless and mild mannered or even humerous, many others could well be regarded as coming with a TWIST.

Yes the Oliver Twist like realms of course are never often far away and unfortunately when they say “Are there no workhouses” I am in a position to say “Well actually” and even worse than that of course is that the requirement for money to buy food or have a roof over the head, often out ways the amount of targeted bullying from managers and colleagues that any individual is willing to put up with.

So if an internal company or business system has been high jacked by a less then savoury mafia or indeed if it has always been that way, irrespective of background and thoughts and feelings as to the law and police and establishment, everyone is entitled to protection and so on from those bodies and indeed able to repot less than savoury goings on from some quarters.


So if you have GROOMERS or BULLIES within your business, whatever the ranking they hold or indeed at whatever level of business they are at, they are still accountable, Many of us who have continued in the meditation have had to come to terms with many negatives about ourselves and possibly family and friends that are potentially highly detrimental and I have often stated “why release on a topic and issue, if you are then going to catch another “bad dose” father better to draw a line in the sand and make it known that is what you have done. I pay taxes and so on and if criminals in positions of power have a history of abusing such powers then they can go to jail just as quickly as a STEREOTYPE CRIMINAL.

Yes criminal mind sets are never too far away within some realms, though likewise some take themselves and positions and so on far to seriously, I even heard a story of one criminal suggesting that if a colleague had a passion for the job he would do it for free, that typical of many a manger within the realm I work of someone who said “fuck this for a game of soldiers” at the earliest opportunity and simply kept running.

Yes some folks make it through hard work and perseverance and others through running their mouths of and typically the running there mouths of (bullshit jockeys) do seem to be in ascendency within particular sectors of life the Universe and everything. Yes LETS continue in our respective roles for a year and SWAP WAGES for a YEAR and then see if you are coming out with your same GARBAGE is what the employee could well say, having a passion for an activity is not having a passion for the bullshit of colleagues and other employees.

I can be an exceptionally happy industrial cleaner when left alone, though likewise when interfering, managers, colleagues, health and safety and “EXPERTS” come along it is often then that the passion dries up.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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