I Knew She Was The Girl For Me When…

She asked if a Phillips screw driver was a cocktail.

Yes okay completely unfair though of course many a person as they grow older develops some humorous guillotine attitude towards many of lives trials and tribulations. Of course further to that the humour of course perhaps matches the headline that I see this morning as to the death of Val Doonican. Whilst I am quite sure many a person will shed at tear for his passing, I perhaps of course too young really to recall anything of his music perhaps beyond associated humour as to his all-round image and so on. He perhaps one of those celebrities that other celebrities of that era tuned into in some fashion and they themselves were popular enough for that humour to kind of generate a national trend of those jokes, I think it may have been Morcombe and Wise or some other mild mannered comedians of that generation.

Elsewhere we are of course hearing on the England Ladies Football/Soccer team having been knocked out of the Ladies World Cup, the word knocked out perhaps unfair given the own goal nightmare scenario (so to speak), though typically the same kind of event has occurred for many a team over the years and they have certainly earned plaudits for gaining a following as the tournament has continued and will likely potentially prosper in other future Competition as a result.

Elsewhere of course the Tennis continues although typically as the competition gradually continues through the earlier rounds we typically begin losing faith in the Brits as each and every aspect of the Home Pressure is high-lighted as reason to lose, though that not really a sensible attitude to take onto court, if you think of it as simply a work environment like any other, then motivation to win is surely all the incentive required for each and every game, that perhaps partially related to the psychology of the internal versus the external, and the ability to turn off and tune out and step up to what you believe yourself capable of in going through the wall or your own personal stretch goals and so on. Yes lots of things can happen in positive and negative fashion though they can at least be looked at as learning opportunities and all the rest of that jazz.

Elsewhere we are reading that the BBC is cutting thousands of jobs and storms have created power outages within some regions and Suspected Terrorists have been arrested in Tunisia and MP’s are considering AIR Strikes on Syria on our behalf. Yes t does seem as though a Summer of Madness is breaking out, though typically of course those who are more interested in the study of cycles and patterns as opposed to being fully within the cycles and patterns are probably more interested in continuing to identify themes and threads and asking those questions as to how can I translate this information into another format or indeed otherwise if you are happy with your own understanding of what you are taking in and so on.

I personally finding it difficult to sleep at present and again I think it perhaps due to the increase in temperature and drinking more and so on, though again it can often be related to how you are personally thinking and feeling and acting or behaving and so on, typically the sunshine and so on can give an extra boost to a night worker who perhaps does not get enough sunlight during the darker winter months.

Likewise I am sure many younger folks are either looking forward to school/college holidays or exam results and everyone winding down for the great international Summer Exodus (so to speak) where typically a million or 2 of the population rush of to Europe for the holidays.

Of course that is perhaps why European Referendum’s are somewhat futile, yes we perhaps would like a differing or better set of all-round rules that everyone generally abides with beyond ourselves, though typically when you look at all the unpaid fines and so on, you perhaps begin to realise that being regimented sticklers to detail and the international law has not really served us British. Perhaps we need or require non-compliance training so we can throw the international laws out when they disagree with our national Identity.

National Identity of course important, because most people live outside of multi-cultured pluralistic London and all the teachings and media bias’ and so on demonstrated from that sector of Society and the problem and issue is typically that you cannot trust distant Governance from London and neither can you trust local Governance often all seen as hand-in-til merchants and so on dependent of course on which stereotype political party is being represented, on the scales and measures ratio we can of course say that each candidate and so on fits into some categorisation and then has to fit into some local party categorisation and all the rest.

Yes, fire in the belly spirit has seemingly been extinguished by generation upon generation of centralised rule and to many vested interests all vying to ensure that theirs is the message that must be complied with or-else etc.

Yes of course when the Tories were first time round and anti-establishment Comedian’s were all the rage such-as Ben Elton (Little bit of Politics) and Harry Enfield (Bish Bash Bosh Loads of Dosh) and the various other comedians of that generation, we seemingly lost all the more mild mannered humour of the previous generations. All the hard-nosed in your face material typically gets tiresome after a while and if you have experienced the broader tongue in cheek generational humour you often perhaps appreciate it more, now it is seemingly vanished from the humour and joke and sketch writers models.

Yes so whilst you want to feel that you have an all round knowledge of life the universe and everything, typically again for each and generation, you want to know that you have money on the table and food in the belly and of course ways and means to be able to achieve those lower level tiers of personal growth and development be it through working life skills or otherwise in order to be able to take the next step up and the next step after that and so on.

Anyway I am typically wittering and bland and boring as I should be at my time of life.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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