So What Can We Lift The Lid On Next?

Yes of course it is a mighty huge galaxy out there and typical of this time of year we see all sorts of reports and information’s as to The Final Frontier. I have seen headlines typically of the suggestion that life “out there” must surely exist given the right circumstances of conditions (for instance), likewise another report suggested that the Universe end or begins with the Big Rip as opposed the The Big Bang, I really do not understand where many such a speculation originates, though strangely I have of course spoken in the simple fact that whilst we all have bodies and are generally polite as to some subject matter in relation to the body you do see also some of those topics appearing within the greater cycles and patterns, not something to dwell on perhaps for most, though typically things to look out for, especially when you come to understand that symbolic representation is just that and nothing more and it can actually be beneficial to rethink the words and symbols that you have in front of you. Whilst some are not that obvious when you speed up and slow down and improve your hearing and learn to separate DICTIONARY MEANING from AH-HA meaning you can again come to see a whole new Universe of diversification from what may or may not have become an intransigent norm.

So yes typically I noted headlines as to acidification of Oceans, likewise within my working life of course, we typically carry out acid cleaning on Friday’s. Likewise in terms of the body of course you can overindulge in foods of particular acidic bias or alkaline bias when looked upon from the PH Paper kind of viewpoint. Some folks claiming that flatulence and wind is caused by “insert alleged cause/effect” and so on.

What else, well I found myself returning to that Space Theme in terms of Science Fiction and once again the Character Data versus The Character Law, they of course said to be robotic like brothers, one flawed and malfunctioning and the other just how the creator envisioned or intended etc.

Anyway beyond the Star Trek Story Themes presented, I quite simply like using the words LAW and DATA.

I was thinking about other characters possibly Judge Dredge or Robocop like figures who presume or are presented to have the Authority to deal out justice in taking immediate on the spot action and so on.

I am the law type phrases and quotes often typified such characters, and we can often hear similar quotes from parents when demanding particular behaviours from children or indeed managers demanding particular behaviours from staff and so on.

Now of course, anyone who has taken up meditation can often come to see that other phrases such-as “The law is an ass” are potentially exceptionally valid.


Well we often of course grow up in place of birth or Country and we typically of course often Socialised and shaped and sculpted by peers and families into support of Country and Nation and Sporting Stars and you get the picture, typically possibly be proud to be British and be proud to have this name and be proud to be prejudiced and so on.

So of course, those who take up meditation and clear much mental flotsam and jetsam often come to see that pride and being proud can be the biggest or largest load of hogwash in The History of life the Universe and Everything.

Yes I can perhaps state that many an ill health and being wrong footed and alienation comes about very often through rigid intransigence to pride and law.

So what if instead of LAW, we take some of those character quotes such as from Judge Dredd and Robocop and we replace it with DATA.

I am the DATA, yes of course we can all happily state that we are somewhat cosmic mixtures of varying inputs and outputs and expressions and impressions and knowledge and some knowledge can lead in downward unhappy spirals and intransigent position related to ridiculous pride like positions and some knowledge can lead to positive and rewarding and empowering positions to be operating from.

What is an example of that?

Well typically I of course own a website that has AH in some of the featured wording and in alpha numerical terms that might be 18 A=1 and H=8, likewise I could of course follow the trail and that 18 may then suggest the 18th letter of the Alphabet which is R.

Yes you can do all those kinds of games and plays with many letters and turn ridiculousness on its head, though in this example I quite simply suggest that some groups and cults typically take words and then leave the AH out, suggesting that those groups do not want followers to have AH-HA’s less they realise they have been groomed or indoctrinated in some fashion, in looking at many religions and teacher examples, believe me when I say that huge numbers of “NEW AGE” cults have seemingly sprung up around the planet and some even been given rights, though how can you want rights when you leave R out of the cult name.

Yes strange though true, likewise of course I have spoken on this topic of so-called releasing and again it often perhaps means seeking out teachers and masters who have the tools and utensils and technologies that place you in the position where you can have no doubt as to those technologies doing what they say on the tin (so to speak).

So Holosync typically I regard as doing just what it says on the tin and am sure many an associated product also does, though likewise do not necessarily require testing each and every one that exists, beyond perhaps being able to have said I have this experience from this product and it enables and allows the enlightenment that you may be seeking or have been searching and looking for all your life, or indeed enables you to let go of those rigid intransigent pride like downfalls or pitfalls etc.

Anyway that one again a digression, I speak on that issue of releasing, because as suggested on previous occasion I grew up around musicians and that does not mean listening on radio and TV and Film as is a typical persons earliest experience, no mine was very much bands with instruments all makes lots of noise and in and excessive rehearsing repetition.

We typically when going to a concert for instance get to see our favourite star performers sing our favourite song once, even though they may or indeed did sing it night after night within their own World and Life Hemispheres, some performers of course like to mix and match sets (the list of songs they could be singing etc.) according to what they themselves are experiencing and to make things more interesting for themselves, typically repetition in any walk of life can begin to take its toll hence new songs and new albums and so on.

Again digression, however likewise imagine being subjected day after day or night after night to those kinds of rehearsals where you may not even be a fan of the kind of Music that is being performed, as a youngster I even spent time at various recoding studio’s that exist around the County and again recording and repetition of musicians wanting to get it “just right” can be an exceptional tune out turn off experience after a while whereby you typically on the tenth listening to a given track can become somewhat ALIENATED to whatever it is that they are singing about.

Of course we can say well we have these sectors of the music industry, and list pop rock jazz hiphop etc. Although in reality when you strip away many a STYLE that surrounds the WORDS of songs and presentation you get to identify popular culture threads, not only across all those categorisations but also somehow UNIQUE to particular Artist of Group seeking a separate IDENTITY in some fashion or manner from the CROWD of the Performing SECTOR that they are pigeon holed within.

Anway so yes bombardment and repetition of listening to people or person singing song upon song about LOVE, FEELINGS, EMOTIONS and so on can typically cause you to become somewhat “Fuck this for a game of soldiers, I hate love, feelings, emotions, typically sending you to extreme REJECTION of what is being proffered, OKAY that may be an EXAGERATION, though remember when we are young and gathering thoughts and feelings and influences and so on, we do generally have a tendency to more EXTREME rationalisation anyway where as adults we often have more balanced judgment and opinion.

Anyway so those things can of course send you into the realm of I am going to be Mr Spock Super logical without Love, feelings, emotions and of course WHAT YOU RESIST PERSISTS unless of course you have sought to RECONNECT with those thoughts feelings and emotions you may have turned off and tuned out from and typically released upon the subject matter and related issues and topics.

So that is what I personally have done through much meditation and feel a whole lot healthier and so on for that and likewise, I have of course studied various modalities that are fashioned or geared toward particular hemispheres and knowledge bases and sets, typically we are often told that this brain hemisphere carries out those functions whilst this other hemisphere carries out these other functions, and like many a person, as an example I can say that when I use to drink heavily in younger years, I could go to bed and have HEADSPIN whereby if I tried to sleep with head in one direction the World or room would spin and I might get SICK or ILL whilst if I faced the alternate direction “NO PROBLEMO” as Bart Simpson would say.

The point of course being that Alcohol often IMPAIRS those INTRANSIGENTS and cross-hemispheric communication systems actually potentially to detrimental effect or indeed potentially to some benefits when you realise what is happening and occurring and learn to be able to better control or utilise such things (especially when it comes to beliefs). I typically of course in seeking to benefit everyone in some fashion as Super Saviour Dave, cannot of course tell folks how to live life or indeed how they should use these remedies over these other remedies though I can CLAIM to know that a broad collective of peoples and persons from all sorts of Societal Sectors and populations who took up meditation have not been disappointed by some of the realisations and benefits that can be realised through a little retuning and utilising whatever your life times worth of DATA is, in a new and well-crafted or fashioned WAY.

So I spoke as to Gyroscopic like functioning and crafting your bodily functioning in a whole new way simply through some minor adjustments to what you knew then as opposed to what you know now and that perhaps related to what differing regions of the body mind and spirit are geared toward.

Anyway this is a typical example of simply writing upon whatever points are coming up in the World from my perspective or viewpoint at present.

Yes so you take what information materialises within your World and you then perhaps seen to translate or apply such information elsewhere with appropriate questions, I have generally or often found as suggested that whilst I personally am happy to comply and respect the law that in many an area shades of grey exist that are often related to issues of subjective and objective and being in a position to have your own internalised Compass as to what is most appropriate and having your own internalised self-reference can typically again be related to the work that you have put in toward getting those shifts and changes and so on.

So anyone can claim to be self-referenced and indeed it is often demonstrated by all comers in some fashion, though I am talking about being self-referenced from a Higher position on the mountain as to having studied and followed this teaching and learning and lessons as to shifting into the land of witness and data now windows, whilst many a self-referenced person is potentially operating from intransigent law like positions picked up from times of life when too young to be able to judge appropriately or simply from negative life experiences occurring in some fashion.

So as also repeated, no matter what your starting position as to enlightenment and awareness and indeed utilising and being in alignment with greater truths, you can be those things and still find ever greater levels of operating from a position of truth and honesty and integrity and be successful in the teachings, many a person early on typically goes through a phase of being led to believe that this cult or that grouping may be right after all, though I have generally come to understand that despite the INTRANSIGENCE and ridiculous positions and IDEAS being accepted within law that the most important benefit is the INTRODUCTION OF CHOICE, where peoples may felt felt none previously existed.

I just accidently wrote precious by accident and was reminded once again of that Character Golum? within Lord Of The Rings whom dived into the Volcano after his precious ring.

Yes so step by step and process by process we can all come to positions that allow and enable us to CHOOSE based in improved QUALITY FEEDBACK AND RETURN SYSTEM MODELS, and indeed release on areas and truths that do not hold water when placed through sensible and well-designed self-inquiry like strategies.

Yes The Proust Questionnaire mentioned within Write Fast, Write Well, Write Now, is potentially one of those that can be highly beneficial in uncovering or reconnecting with those long lost FIRST THOUGHTS, and once uncovered of course you can often release etc. Yes I have done the questionnaire several times already and believe it may be one I return to again and again, simply because finding methods and formulas and so on to get at those deeper buried traumas and so on is not necessarily as easy as you think when just about everything within the invented World and Universe can be tested against some flipside questioning technique and so on.

Hank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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