Murdered On The 4th Of July

So typical of someone wanting to STUDY IDEAS as to carrying out reframes and so on I decided to wonder as to whether the breakaway declaration made by renegade TERRORISTS against Her Majesty’s Empire really is as infamous day within the Calendar as can exist, typically of course anyone can look up 4th July on wiki, though some information can be regarded perhaps as legitimate other information found on wiki is highly suspicious.

Why have I come to that conclusion? Well I have often cited wiki as a quality resource and very often when looking at scientific realm like materials I have generally been happy with the expertise of information provided. That strangely differs though when I look at some pages of politicians and celebrities and even TV and FILM, whereby I read the material and realise that it is fabricated or quite simply WRONG with what I myself already know to be a more factual truth.

Does that matter?

Well when you look of course at the book industry and how books have traditionally been designed and crafted you have Bibliography very often full of listed resources, you could for instance say that I trusted this resource for this peace of information. So what you are actually doing when you go to that deeper level of thought process is effectively playing:-

The Universal Game Of Pass The Parcel

What does that actually mean?

Well I actually when thinking about it wondered as to how you can read a book and then see XXX hundred resources quoted and wonder as to what the Authors OWN CONTRIBUTION actually was to the work.

So perhaps distinctions are required or need to be brought to the fore as to Originality and Citing or otherwise of Sources and resources and so on. Clearly given the spread of popular MEDIA within the Western World it is virtually impossible to perhaps be completely free of what is perhaps regarded as Horse-Trading. Where a community of individuals all say and are quoted as recommending each other’s work and the OVERALL NETWORK comes on-line or into being as a result of the associations and ALIGNMENTS that those respective individuals are crafting for themselves.

Likewise of course it is well regarded within some World Territories to simply Rubbish perceived opponents whether in Politics or Business and so on and ding or carrying out such activities does not actually have to be carried out in honest and forthright fashion.

I know this because I have found myself on the receiving end of such tactics many times over during my life and that whilst they say that mud sticks, over the longer term you can find that people “run out of steam” or that they lose interest when you are not giving the appropriate response demanded or required for any kind of attention seeking behaviour.

So typically of course I have once again digressed though returning to what I started out with, yes some sources and resources can be trusted and likewise others not.

An interesting dilemma for some folks is of course being able to feel that they can call upon so-called Establishment Institutions despite having long held and promoted anti-establishment viewpoints, whether those establishments are related to Politics or Armed Forces and Police and Schools and Hospitals and so on and so forth.

Where does the ANTI mindset appear and originate from?

And does being ANTI something outweigh the possibility of what you might be better of aligning yourself with. We can perhaps all relate to knowing or encountering people with HUGE ANTI this group or that group or faction and then when it is they themselves that are under pressure they are often the ones declaring that they pay TAXES and are ENTITLED to the FACILITIES and respect of the workforces and so on within those institutions.

So given such FRACTION or FRICTION related individuals is Grease required to smooth over the cracks or reduce the friction and so on.

Yes I was thinking about this of course because anyone in any walk of life can have potentially spent a lifetime PARROT fashion preaching how they are anti this group and that group and very often you are playing into NOT BENEFITTING from those services that you could be benefitting from.

I typically of course can say that since taking up meditation and clearing out much mental flotsam and jetsam, that despite possible historical teaching and learning in particular fashion or actions and beliefs to some institutions that in RETROSPECT I have had to rethink a number of belief systems and alignments in order for myself to be able to make sensible decision making become viable and so on.

Where did this intransigence or positional belief and viewpoint come from or originate? Many of us can ask and typically when it comes to LAW & Order for instance, it was often on some drunken night in Town bigging ourselves up to mates and anyone watching or indeed to others on the estate that we live where Criminal Elements often hold sway over local populations.

The problem of course being that whilst Mr Police man can drive away again in his car those that live in rough estates and neighbourhoods often rush to returning to shut and closed doors and isolationist attitudes as to are my FEARS and so on greater or less than those of others within this living zone or region and street etc. It has of course in some very well-known rough areas through-out the United Kingdom been demonstrated that when enough peoples and persons on an estate say “Enough is Enough” and take action as a group to rectify what is going on within areas where they live that some semblance of sustainable change can occur within those locations, safety in numbers can work just as well for hardworking decent peoples in locations as it can for the rougher elements.

Yes interesting of course given the Declaration of Independence that the America’s quickly descended into Civil War demonstrating that not everyone was of a similar mind set and indeed that some forced alignments within particular designated regions and districts and so on are typically played upon to GREAT EFFECT as to belief systems, typically North versus South and East Versus West, though the further I have progressed in my note taking and indeed releasing and developing more empowering beliefs the more you generally come to see that they are all pretty much programs that are running either consciously or non-consciously and when you know that you can CHANGE and ADAPT to more beneficial Programs and Beliefs and so on in a more integrated fashion.

When you know that many an intransigence does not FIT present or current day reality for instance. So elsewhere the Tennis continues and I strangely found myself noting that The Hobbit was on TV during a work break time yesterday night, I saw a section where the small mixed and rag tag group of Hero humans and dwarf and wizard and so on were fighting some Mountain Trolls typically shown as a group of giants and that perhaps akin to a small group of youngsters such-as primary school kids, having a go at Secondary school kids and so on, of course it is possible for anyone, whatever the working life and living role to TRANSCEND pretty much all of those often long held mental patterns and interplays and so on.

I also found myself seeing some Commercial for a forthcoming Disney Pixar Release entitle Inside Out, and it looks extremely interesting and a film I might like to see, Why? Well I remember as a small child reading Beezer and Dandy and Beano and so on and I do recall that one comic had a group of Characters entitled Numskulls that I think gradually shifted from comic to comic, typically being chosen as a cartoon strip worthy of reinvigorating or reinventing or saving and so on every few years, of course from what I have seen DC Thompson potentially have a strong case for litigation against Pixar though likewise that perhaps the APPEAL of those kinds of Story lines and Themes in that they have a kind of Universalness about them.

So we often read SCARE STORIES of mentally ill and Psychologically disturbed peoples and persons with conditions such as Schizophrenia and so on, and I know that some have on occasion tried to place myself in such a characterisation, although in reality we all have voices in our heads because that is what our self-talk and so on is, as well of course as all the very many sources and resources that we have grown accustomed to having around us throughout our lives, whether through social groups and family and all the rest.

Likewise of course particular kinds of conditions can affect lots of peoples and persons quite simply through falling down on your luck such as having to go without food or sleeping rough and so on. Of course when we hear that related to some sectors of society (such as former Squaddies and Soldiers) it can makes ones blood boil when you hear of other sectors of Society or others being given liberty to take the piss (Immigrants being released from Custody like hostels and so on).

Of course the REALITY is very often choice, I have known a few squaddies over the years and typically on visiting home towns on leave, some would very often be found roughing it in some fashion, such as sleeping on friends living rooms sofas or arriving with a tent for a piss up weekend and so on.

The problem of course that whilst it can be good to have those winging it attitudes and so on, you can typically become so accustomed to the roughing it and “The Hard Life” and personal responsibility and choice that you are less inclined to take advantage of the services that are available when offered. That of course perhaps the same for many of us in Society, though likewise I also know that in seeking some service and assistance from some institutions is typically a waste of time, very often the rules and regulations and so on are so against favouring yourself or indeed attitudes of staff are against anyone who does not fit a pre-requisite Stereotype of some description that you can be better turning your back on such nonsense as those groups come up with and find alternatives (where possible) some positions are of course seemingly untenable, and were those of us in lower echelons of Society, clearing debts and barely surviving able to fund Court Action or approach lawyers and so on, many a local service and the staff could well be held accountable for the bad attitudes and service they fail to provide to anyone who is not a friend.

Yes I heard somewhere that everyone wants to feel that they MATTER, though likewise some quality quotes can be known such-as you catch more FLIES with Honey than VINEGAR and so on. Typically of course some fail to take into account that they themselves could be responsible for alienating the peoples that they have within their lives and so on.

Yes that returns us of course to MOTIVATION and INCENTIVE and very often over the years I have found myself simply shutting up shop because the so-called PRE-EXISTING knowledge, awareness and data was categorised as very often highly TOXIC AND NEGATIVE, many a person typically thinks or operates from “PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF” reasoning and fails to consider that many hole can be demonstrated within many a MOTIVATING OR INCENTIVISING PHILOSOPHY.

Anyway Yes, Strange how The American Renegade Terrorists have managed to CRAFT and REWRITE HISTORY as some Freedom Fighters struggle against an Imperialistic Nation Thousands of Miles away, when they themselves are now regarded pretty much as typifying the Attitude they most dislike, having said that and despite the piss takes of America World Police and so on, I think the World is generally a better place for the study and learning and attitudes and CULTURE that they bring to the greater World.

Yes strange though true, owning a Hollywood Home is still on the To Do list, though likewise one does wonder at times as to whether a Bouquet/Bucket List can be reduced from all the very many distractions and directions that the World Presents and offers, likewise of course one can also wonder as to how the funding is going to be provided to make such things happen and occur.

Yes. HOW CAN I? Questioning strategies and the systems through which they are implemented also appearing once again within the noggin of this individual.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

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