3 Days To Identify A Bink Moment

Yes it is true believe it or otherwise I have had a reminder email confirming that our next homework for Write Well, Write fast, Write Now is due in on the 7th or 8th and whilst I am sure I could rush through Historical recollections of having had some kind of BINK, in reality I am more interested in having a new bink that is current to now and so on, some shift that puts a new spin on all the various learnings and teachings and so on learn up to the present date.

Of course I did say that extremism is best avoided though likewise I also state that this blog is for those peoples and persons who have invested in some of the Technologies I recommend. That is a simple practical exercise in the belief that I have as to one person’s extremism being potentially differing to what another person regards as extremism although as suggested I have often found through further research and enlightenments that particular IDEAS or THEMES are very often not all that far away when you reduce everything to some very basic range of topics and Societal Wide like obsessions and so on.

Yes so a busy day for sports fans with not only The Formula On Grand Prix taking place here in the United Kingdom at Silverstone, and the continuing Tennis at Wimbledon and The Women’s Football World Cup in Canada and yes you can of course typically highlight a million and one sports just as the gambling websites do, though typically learning strategies to be able to best guestimate winners and so on is a whole differing ball-game, especially dependent upon the intransigent accumulated bias’s that you may or may not be consciously aware as to yourself operating upon.

As suggested it does appear that many a technology seeks or encourages us to move beyond some of those most basic attitudes toward gambling in favour of expanded horizons and upward lifestyle trajectories and so on. I of course have found that following the learnings and teachings can be somewhat troublesome if you are under siege or constant pressure from third party control freaks who imagine themselves as being in charge of all who find themselves within their presence. Such things of course a constant distraction to where you may prefer to have your attention or concentration and focus.

Elsewhere I of course recently mentioned The Mafia type genre film Scarface starring Al Pacino and again his was a face I noted on some TV station film related to the American War of Independence. The interesting thing for myself is perhaps the Brian De Palma linkages that seem to be appearing around the World at the Present time, Scarface perhaps related somewhat to Cuba and Miami and that region and sector that many of us grew to learn about via Don Johnson and his buddy in Miami Vice and again I think the region later featured in a CSI like variant.

So we have CUBA and I recently noted discarded CIGAR wrapper and I of course used to have a Grandfather who smoked various Cigars and indeed they (Cigars) are somewhat popular as stereotypical of what particular groups and cultures in History often built an image around.

Yes so Cuba of course famed for Fidel Castro who is also making appearance in the News, and the famed bay of pigs Cuban Missile Crisis, so it could well be suggested that the entire World has gone completely mad as to where attention is best placed.

We have ISIS in the Middle east and Arab Sheiks of course are one of those Cigar chomping groups also. What else, well returning to the 1970’s again I found myself looking back through some Historically well like, written material; that never strangely translated as well to the small Screen and so on. The example I shall give is The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, and typically whilst many a book was popular and sold many a copy, the stories or mysteries within the TV type series were perhaps very light fair and typically what we later criticised Aussie Soap Operas for in the 1980’s. All image and combed hair and gleaming teeth and lack of personality, of course that could well have been the point. Unbeknown though demonstrated within my research was that the Nancy Drew character actually hard rather a large collection of writers all writing under a shared Pseudonym.

That perhaps goes on far more within the Art Realms than is given credit for, I spoke of that within Cartoon and Animation and we can also point out other Famed Artists such-as Picasso (I think) who created a production line studio of simple signing the works created ny his students or Protégé’s (I could be wrong it may have been that bloke who spoke on being famous for fifteen minutes ummm Andy Warhol, yes one of them anyway) and typically it is known within Fashion Houses also where some leading light Household Name is used as a collective branding for the workforce or creative types behind the scenes, very often prior to a row over fair share of the returns and profits and them going of and establishing their own brands and so on. Yes swings and roundabouts of course, because going with an established brand and having some culture rub of is the same as the old school tie system complained of elsewhere.

Likewise it has long been suspected that particular top selling authors are actually passing of the work of ghost writers of as their own. How true as to these things is anybody’s guess, though likewise given a choice between I writing a book and getting pittance or writing a book for a respectable lump sum and having it released under some pre-existing or established branding whether Author or Publisher is likely to have greater appeal.

That perhaps where the writing issue can be a struggle, in terms of not getting desired returns especially with Amazon seemingly squeezing everybody’s returns and cut or share of the profits. So yes we all of course have choices to make as to when learning ends and active participation or carrying out what you say you are going to do has to happen, though likewise some things such-as my desire for perfectionism perhaps constantly undermine as to what can be done and released in a sensible fashion by a sensible deadline and so on.

Yes some of the course has typically foccussed on areas I no very little about, I having bought some Buy this book that is the Authors Bible and is typically full of publishers and agents and all sorts, though I typically want to simply get a nice big draft together and edit it and be happy prior to being concerned with agents and publishers and all those various peoples who stand between where you are at present and where you may want or desire to be in future. Of course having a script or screenplay or book and so on can actually be self-published in this day and age though likewise where you stand on the scale of performing or entertaining and being charismatic is another debate to be had, some of the greatest minds are typically the dullest people and I recall having watched the odd interview show, with both famous musicians and famous Actors and Actresses and famous Authors and the whole collective and within those collectives even though you may love the WORK, on a day to day basis especially in some of those interviews they can typically seem to be the antithesis of what they are as performers, of course that is often said to be especially true of Comedians and so on often said to be hiding dark and dangerous recesses of trauma though I think that is perhaps simply part of the CULTURE that someone somewhere has said “Yes people love that stuff, we’ll use IT as part of the surrounding SPIEL and razzamatazz” etc.

Yes so I can say that whilst I had never in fact heard of many of the Learning Strategies Teachers and Celebrities and so on that they do often come across as well rounded and entertaining even in those interview like segments often included as extras within some courses or deluxe editions. Yes I can of course include Sam Horn in that, though am less sure as to Japanese Chap Masanori within the Future Mapping course, whilst the course is great and easy to learn and well designed and crafted and developed and so on, I think someone perhaps decided that it was simply easier to have a same first language teacher or the Western Audience, though am sure it is typically his Course and Mastery within the Asian World and so on. We also of course have seen similar within group films over the years where typically within War Films and Dramas Real life actors and actresses from differing lands are joined up to take part in those kinds of films, so where once a certain level of subcultures exists within differing World Wide geographical Zones the inter-connectedness of the World and so on has typically made it far easier to be aware of Great Creatives and peoples from all walks of life who may or may not have made a difference that you may or may not have ever been aware of.

So yes well done to Masanori and Sam and all those other great unknowns who are already famed within the sectors they operate within, very enjoyable and entertaining time tested systems.

Now all I gotta do is find a catchphrase that makes sense.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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