Yes So In Wanting To Re-establish Inner Communications

I have typically spent several years mediating and indeed have gradually found some seemingly long lost graphical like memories coming back on-line in some fashion.

Now I can state that this is of course an area or topic of mass debate as to what memories are typically REAL and what memories are SIMPLY some kind of FANTASY or IMAGINED REALM like materials.

I of course mentioned going through all the Holosync Courses and several lower level tiers of the Meditation prior to then investing in some of the Associate like courses and packages such as buying and purchasing the somewhat large Paraliminal Collection that Paul Scheele created over very many years.

I can actually whether true or otherwise also mention that I kind of thought myself CHEATING in a way because I would use the PROCESSES CONCURRENTLY with one another.

What does that mean?

Well I have a computer that I was using to listen in to a Holoync Meditation Level on whether an Awakening Level or a Purification Level and I would typically insert the CD and begin meditation whilst at the same time hook up to my internet account with Learning Strategies and Listen in to a given purchased course, effectively listening or using what I thought to be my STRONGER MEDITATION Level at the same time as a versioning provided within some of those Paraliminals, we must of course remind ourselves that many of the early Paraliminal like Hypnosis Procedures and Protocols simply utilised what was KNOWN learnings about how the brain functioned and operated at those times.

So anyway I gave Binaurial Beat Stimulus to Processes that were simply talks through visualization like exercises and well whatever a purpose was given on or within the designated Paraliminal and despite what I thought were by best efforts at using those thought process technologies, I was a little disappointed in some ways feeling that I had already done the Hypnosis and was not overly happy with some of the findings.

Anyway suffice to say I still reinvested and continued in that fashion of continued usage of Holosync and further study of various courses designed to get the brain ore consciously on-line and so on.

Anyway I mention this because I used one of the older Paraliminal’s today that has been made available for those within the Write fast, Write Well, Write Now course and whilst I had not previously felt that such techniques and processes were working, on this occasion I did feel that some shift and so on was occurring or indeed being recalled and so on.

The process was one of taking your real life memories from one path on the far right, and taking you wish fulfilment fantasies from a path on the far left and then having a combinatorial like path down the middle and then a further 4th path that transcends or is above the other 3 paths and in that process you kind of get to pick and choose what you would like based on what you experienced within the other 3 paths.

That perhaps akin to giving you that NEW WINDOW upon the World, that you may not have previously been CONSCIOUSY aware of and so on.

Anyway I personally was somewhat delighted that it did seem to actually be working in that I was getting to perhaps some deep long lost memories of earlier child hood and so on, likewise of course fantasy wish memories are perhaps just that in the sense that we at young ages typically see magic and wish fulfilment through TV and so on and then think I wish I could do that and so on, likewise of course the third perhaps the path where reality meets up with the wishes or obstacles and so on, and then of course that 4th path perhaps the one where the greater INTEGRATIVE like choose is brought to bare in how you might have things different were to to be reborn all over again.

Yes I mention being BORN AGAIN, because some Religious groups or facions often align themselves with the IDEA of being BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS and so on, yes Bjorn again was also the name of an ABBA copy group, who tour around the planet singing the hits of famed ABBA.

That a digression, though typically Sam Horn did suggest within a Course Module or Lecture that Writers get to live twice and whilst I am not fully sure as to the FULL MEANING of her words or intentions I can of course see how we can take those REAL LIFE memories and those FANTASY REALM Memories and see how they can sort of merge into events and occasions and happenings that we may or may not otherwise choose to have and or likewise GO THE EXTRA MILE in taking up that 4th PATH route of taking the seed of enlightenment out of the lower three paths and then plotting a sensible course (potentially via Future Mapping Dynamic Steering) based in what we have learnt from the lower 3 paths.

Of course the more you practice various processes and procedures and protocols the more you perhaps identify what has been working within your life or World Model and what has not been working very well in your World Model Environment and likewise of course those aspects are often INTERCHANGEABLE dependent upon the occasion. How many men for instance and how many women behave differently in same sex groupings to how they might act and behave in the Company of opposite sex and so on, and where or indeed when were those learnings and ideas first brought to your conscious attention and so on.

Anyway of course I did think, I will look up wiki as to some of those religious issues, because I did have to attend Church during childhood and typically wiki was somewhat majorly BIASED in typical fashion suggesting that all within these popular Religious categorisations were CHARLATANS, typically high-lighting all the wrongs of the Leadership, demanding money and tithes and living according to the ten commandments and so on, very often the high light demonstrating how those folks themselves were SINNERS.

Strange though true of course, like all groups and teachers before them, Church congregations and preachers typically high-light that you are a no good sinner if you are not out in the World Preaching the Teachings of the Leadership or Jesus Christ or The Holy Trinity and so on.

Anyway of course, the distinction often comes or boils down to lifestyle choices and the options available to yourself, would you rather be around people being happy and singing and promoting standard relationships and so on versus being around peoples and persons promoting “anything goes” type attitudes and beliefs and indoctrinations without providing alternatives.

Typical of that is of course that many a street rabble rouser or indeed Scientist rallies against classical rules and regulations promote via the Church.

So I of course can demonstrate that little distinction exists between a Charismatic Church Leader and many a self-made self-publicist Scientific Thought Leader such-as a Richard Dawkins or Stephen Hawkins and so on. In fact when you carry out some of these Paraliminal Exercises you come to see that it is in fact exceptionally difficult to separate any variant of some of these peoples and persons, whether as Church Leaders, or Royalty or Art Establishment or Science Establishment and so on. All began very often from some “How am I going to achieve this (insert desired achievement) attitude and then set about “making it so”, recently deceased Reverand Ian Paisley another example of a guy who set up his own Church establishment and gained a mass following and so on, he IDENTIFIED A GAP in the MARKET and then used his knowledge and background and so on to align peoples with a NEW or slightly differing VARIANT INTERPRETATION of Religious like teachings that have been handed down through the ages.

So anyway I was pleased with my usage of the Paraliminal whereby I could actually carry out the exercise and feel that it was working where previously I have struggled, again unsure as to reason for such struggle though likewise can have no complaints as to some of those memory recalls.

So that perhaps an example of myself GOING THE EXTRA MILE in seeking to have these systems processes and so on actually working, rather than simply giving a kind of support that was not being felt on any kind of deep intrinsic level.

What is a deep intrinsic level?

Well we all have perhaps had those occasion where we align ourselves with a viewpoint or doctrine or behaviour and action to make someone else happy, whilst possibly experiencing resistance to such things within our own lives.

I of course work in a work Environment that employs Foreigners and Racists and Heterophobic’s and Homophobic’s and just about any categorisation distinction you can find, and typically you can find yourself having to interact and be COHESIVE in working life with people of alternate chosen lifestyles and skills and beliefs that you may have concerns about.

Likewise such things are often distractions to any body’s ability to carry out a particular job, so should not be used as criteria though typically often is, the HR department can probably list a work environment demographic that demonstrates how the Corporate Company Policy is being adhered to in some fashion.

Typically of course I like many others can find a million and one holes that others may or may not believe to be stab wounds within their personage or level of working life and job.

So typically overtime you often have or develop friendly working life systems among the differing demographics of people and typically you find some in greater or less than versions of resistance to some long held persistence of belief that does not fit the reality.

Typically of course I have been Married and can relate to peoples and persons within Marriage like Scenario’s wanting to adhere to the VOWS that they take or indeed otherwise for those that have developed MENTAL “Get out of Jail Free Cards” for themselves, the bored with the other half I will cheat “what they do not know cannot harm them” attitudes and I am not a believer in the Institution of Marriage doctrine that many a long term non married person in relationships has, I can cite by own brother as an example of someone who has a long term relationship probably getting on for some twenty years and no certificate or rights as to what may or may not happen if he and his Missus split up and I have also had work colleagues fitting that description, so of course I typically think of such peoples and persons as being common law married in all but certificate, though they themselves often big it up in some “I am a free Person” attitude and so on, HOW FREE ARE YOU WITH YOUR CHOICES AND OPTIONS IF YOU ARE RALLYING AGAINST, any typical Societal wide norm, I for instance suggested some time ago that despite my own reservations as to “intimate” same-sex relationships that such folks should have the right to marriage and so on, and recently heard of a couple doing just that, I can wish them well just as I can any other peoples, though likewise wishing peoples well is not the same as INDULGING any given group or individuals Politics or lifestyle choices, and that is typically what some EXTREME individual’s within particular sectors seek to do, we will force this character into advocating this Community they say, and I can typically of course go back to the IDEA of Model’s of reality and Congruence and Alignment and all the rest of such things in seeking to develop and PROMOTE CHOICE and OPTIONS for all.

So I can typically state that many persons who seeks to UTILISE some all-encompassing BANNER BRAND or LABEL or UMBRELLA are potentially doomed to FAILURE, much like my own website where beyond being an introduction to Technologies and so on, typically does not rigidly stick to any given one doctrine and is perhaps regarded as a little WISHY-WASHY as to indicating what my own beliefs may or may not be.

Anyway all those kinds of aspects and relationships and behaviours can of course be placed under the self-inquiry model and tested, I know for instance that I myself can demonstrate double standards as to a number of options and choices that present themselves, though likewise over the longer term period have sought to remedy and realise or IDENTIFY the TRIGGERS and CONDITIONS that brought particular versioning’s of ISSUES to the fore.

Whilst it may typically be easy for us to say it was during childhood or indeed more recent times, only the self-inquiry perhaps gives those shifts and ah-ha’s and I have found that yes some things were from deeply embedded long lost thought processes and misunderstandings, though likewise I can also demonstrate “catching a bad dose” whereby in more recent times going into a working life realm that has developed through CONFLICT AND CONFUSION is not all it is cut out to be, if the inmates of any given one DEMOGRAPHIC of the POPULATION have been allowed to take over the ASYLUM, very often through ill thought out policies of people within positions of DECISION MAKING that have not thought through what it is that they are actually specifically seeking from an employee within a DESIGNATED WORKING ROLE.

We can all typically identify actions and behaviours and peoples who operate in exceptionally divisive fashion and or we can identify people who operate from more cohesive IDEAS as to progress and placing focus and intention and alignment in accordance with more CHOICE and OPTIONABLE ALIGNMENTS.

Typical example was last week at work?


Well I do not know if some great alignment of the Heavens Occurred though strangely found that multiple managers were all on Holiday and only one Learner Manager with the assistance of some Trainers acting as stand-ins were left to coordinate multiple areas and a more senior manager made his presence felt through-out the week, though again it was far more hands off and let the crews get on with the jobs they are employed and trained to do, yes I am sure some less experienced folks may have had all kinds of issues that required super heroic actions from managers and trainers and so on though for myself it was one of those weeks where I simply got on with it, left alone and did the job being asked of myself and collected a wage at the end of the week, no nonsense, politics and all those other pet annoyances I have oft complained about, of course I am sure that whilst I can get on with it workwise, others perhaps require or need to feel that someone is watching over them, as a form of motivation or coercion, though these things perhaps typical of levels of maturity to experience and so on as to being within a role to carry out a particular purpose and that purpose is not politicking or bowing down to power mongers and closet social mafia network members and all the rest of those things. Yes some state of normality and state of emergency shall probably be declared this week where anything and everything that can go wrong be it broken water pumps and power failures and lack of dignity and respect all charge to the forefront of everyone’s conscious awareness.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well. 😉

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