Do I Lie Or Tell The Truth

Now whilst this can of course be applied across many areas and aspects of Life the Universe and Everything, today I specifically refer to many a quote I have read and heard within the current NEWS giving tribute and accounts of so-called Terrorist Activity on the Streets of London now often referred to as 7/7.


Well I like many a person can cite quite honestly and truthfully that I know or knew exactly what I was doing and so on and so forth on the occasion of some specific events, typically the Twin Towers event in the United States, I can probably give many specifics of related memories and indeed The Death of Princess Diana and the death of Elvis Presley, even (surprisingly given my age at that time) though he did sing “In The Ghetto” and it was strangely a song I picked up on during young childhood and I also have vague memories of his happier films also.

So I can say honestly and truthfully that I have not got a clue as to remembering when and where I was and so on during the events surrounding 7/7.

Well actually, AH-HA!, given that I have been a night worker for some 10+ years, the most obvious is that I was probably fast asleep, tucked up in bed and oblivious to all the fast paced incoming up to the minute news reports and all that jazz.

I can however recall having somewhat non-plussed reaction to the News Reports on hearing them at some later time, again possibly due to having seen far worse in film and TV or indeed, quite simply the pressures and terrorism I was experiencing within my own life at that time.

So what is important to those involved others elsewhere can be oblivious to simply through having far more urgent and worrying concerns of their own within their own life experience and circumstance.

Were all the starving Africans (for example) all gathered around some TV seeking up to the minute news on a bombing thousands of miles away and so on.

So as much as many a person can say yes, we suffered as a result as a Country (perhaps) and all the rest of those things, it can be important to find some DISCTINCTION in how you personally may or otherwise have been affected.

Yes I could take on the fear of Londoners, though given the possible fear I may have already been experiencing within my own more immediate World, doing so would not necessarily be beneficial.

And unlike many a person or Dignitary who within particular life roles have to go along and give platitudes and words of comfort to survivors, whilst I can sympathise and be in alignment with some overall overarching understand that we want remedies and solutions to such issues and topics, that is not the same as pretending I can relate.

Likewise of course, the DISTINCTION between say a WAR on TERROR and a WAR On ISLAM has not been made particularly well, we keep hearing about Ethnic families FLEEING THE UNITED KINGDOM and in many ways I am not surprised, the media and Establishment in General has gone completely stark raving mad in playing fascist and racist hand cards to the broader and larger white populations, pretending the cards they deal are other than what they are, and likewise given how many a media is dominated by very often WEIRD and WARPED demographic representations of populace anyway these things simply get exaggerated into impossible and intolerable positons for anyone wanting to take a more astute and discerning life path.

Meanwhile another small news headline that grabbed my own attention was that 4 Russian Bombers were intercepted not far from the United States Coastline on Independence Day, apparently they being beyond the accepted 12 Nautical Miles Distance of designated Air space and so on. Yes should Alien invaders decide to attack the White House, the Russian Freedom Fighter Allies have a well-practiced route to joining up with Capitalist Pigs Comrades.

Yes so within my own imaginings I found myself strangely thinking about DIRTY BOMBS. Yes much emphasis was placed on the fear as to Terrorist Organisations Obtaining Nuclear waste like Materials and using them within so-called Dirty Bombs that would be released on the Streets of Cities and Town and all the rest of those things, think GOLDFINGER and Irradiating the FORT KNOX Gold Reserve in order to MANIPULATE the International Gold Markets.

That of course was a fiction though typically one that demonstrates a well-worn and used angle often used within many a fiction as inspiration for real life.

Yes so I found myself wondering as to IRRADIATED OIL FIELDS.

Can Oil Fields be rendered unusable in that fashion and likewise of course you then perhaps go into the realms of chemical manipulations. We know that through or via a processes oil can be refined into a usable lubrication and is used in very many products, or indeed altered in some fashion to create some versioning’s of plastics and as research continues apace very many a substance becomes copyable or able to be REPLICATED using alternate ingredients of similar atomic structure and so on and so forth.

An example of that perhaps Diamonds being the same substance as Graphite? I think they often cited as being chemically the same carbon though differing structure. Likewise for instance most DRUGS suchas a Opiates and indeed Morphines and so on from so-called Hard Drugs such-as Cocaine and Heroin have often been recreated via differing chemical compositions.

Likewise of course given that scenario we know that IDEAS again such-as REPLICATORS and CLONING and so on are FEASIBLE. I spoke on 3D printers a year or 2 back perhaps and have suggested that once those technologies really get going, you will see far more day to day replications of things made with differing materials (to perhaps more classical materials) being produced. Again these things often transpire or occur through so called top down seepage.

Top down seepage perhaps that IDEA that a technology is so expensive as to only be afforded by extremely wealthy individuals and then some further research takes place making such things cheaper and larger audiences and so on take up the technology or product, this typically occurs within many realms, though likewise the production scales and ratio’s had been so dramatically radicalised in the manufacturing processes in recent years that what may have once take several years to bring to market can now often occur within weeks or days even.

So the do of course say that many a larger Corporate Entity can have fingers in many pies though likewise still want to DIVERSIFY as to where investment is taking place, it sounds strange that large business might throw money and time investing in some way out there projects though likewise when those things come to fruition you can live of the Profits seemingly through the good times and bad, much like a one hit wonder within the music charts still earning income some 20 years after they had a hit because Radio Stations are still plying the material and so on.

So yes, likewise we have seen historically that some boundaries and borders thought inpossible have been achieved anyway, I recently saw the Forth Bridge in Scotland being given a World Heritage Status and that bridge looks great and strangely also very much like those images we see of a pulse or sine wave or indeed binaurial beat.

In fact anyone who knows computer systems and so on perhaps hears of particular sections being referred to as a bridge and in finance you get bridging loans and likewise within some Hypnosis technologies you walk a so-called bridge between this point and that point and typically of course when we look at cellular structures we can perhaps see entanglement between brain sectors acting as being akin to bridges, likewise in some Holographic principles for those on cards you can of course use the Mathematical Ratio’s of Ridges to produce those those illusions of alternative angles and perspectives of images and so on.

So we can look also to nano technology and beyond and realise that whether within the World of Chemistry or Physics or Biology that technology and ideas are only skin deep just as prejudice is, though likewise those of us who put ourselves into the furnace and so on can perhaps take the lessons and learnings from those experiences that others can never know beyond imaginings, likewise of course I have to imagine what it might be like for peoples and persons who have gone through other trauma that I do not relate to.

So yes DISTNCTION from a norm and being honest and truthful about such things can be good. The psychological trap many a person gets wrapped up in is not necessarily so and the further you follow some Enlightenment Remedies the more you tend to let the non-serving ideas fall away and perhaps gear yourself to more rewarding life designs and visions and so on.

Yes another Sam Horn Quote was “FESS UP” and of course I have seen multiple IDEAS as to CONFESSION within many a realm, some simply the classical housewife collecting her 50 hell mary’s from the local Catholic Priest for confession, and the Pole is on tour in South America (it must mean something.

Likewise of course The Proust Questionnaire taken in private perhaps enables you to fess up, if some subject is not one you want to write upon in some fashion. I typically find that the more you do fess up in your own writings and so on the more you can often untangle long lost confusions and misunderstandings and all the rest, still I believe that some stimulus is perhaps required, though typically for every meditator out there-they’re far more non meditators.

Confection is not of course to be confused with confession nor confederate and many other variations though typically reminding yourself that usage and all the rest of those things began as someone else’s interpretation and knowledge is always something to remind yourself off.

As much as I can fess up within my own life to desires or long lost stupidities and however and clear very many an ill thought or feeling, someone somewhere is likely making all the same mistakes and so on that I previously made myself.

Of course another quote was this one relating to Other peoples INFORMATION, and other peoples life choices and typically of course that is to always remind yourselves that as much as we may want or desire to be part of this collective or that collective or this herd or that herd, the alignments and so on, perhaps require some far deeper teachings and practise in order for some of those things to occur, so you may as well simply enjoy and revel or otherwise in being UNIQUE as much as being UNIQUE may offend your desire to fit into an exact jigsaw like position within life’s greater TAPESTRY.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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