Hunting With Dogs

So typical of the news whenever a “County” & “Shires” Political Party is in the full swing of Government and we are all looking forward to the first Budget of a Government with a mandate from the largest minority rule mandate, we immediately hear, yes Free Vote, Hunting with dogs, that’s important to our voters.

And Furthermore Taxes blah blah, and moving onto the topic of Housing blah blah, and as for encouraging growth and industry blah blah and you will be pleased to hear that the removal of subsides living and making MPs comfortable has failed so we are reversing the choices and decisions of previous Government and reintroducing blah blah.

Yes I noted a nest had fallen out of a tree on one of my regular walking routes and that of course enabled myself to walk over the Cuckoo’s nest rather than have to jump or attempt to fly, though I am sure a hop skip and jump may well have succeeded in taking myself beyond the mini-obstacle that presented itself. Likewise of course I think the joke within the IDEA of flying over Cuckoo’s nest’s is in fact because they are generally regarded as laying eggs in other birds nest’s, unsure as to whether they make their own also, though the suggestion is clearly otherwise.

So yes I perhaps unfair as to what can be expected from a Conservative Party Budget, though I would at a minimum expect them to COMPLY with any given measures that they promoted as part of the Election Campaign, quite simply in order to establish that they act in accordance with what they have been saying the will do and so on. Likewise of course some will perhaps have decided that Election Leaflets and IDEAS did not go far enough or indeed that circumstances have changed given the size of overall Victory in the Election. I have however would take exception to any major variance from the Policies that carried them to that victory, so to speak.

Yes elsewhere we are informed that the Aussies are here playing cricket in order to win the Ashes despite not having won on visits to the UK for quite some time, having said that they did not of course have the not so secret weapon of an Aussie as England’s Head Coach.

The Tennis is now typically of course in the so-called squeeze zone where, whilst I have said Favourites are Favourites for a reason, you can pretty much now only choose from those esteemed higher ranking like Favourite level individuals. Does that mean that clues and so on become far more difficult to gauge?

No in truth I have found that data pretty much stays constantly the same and it is at our reporting or feedback and return mechanisms levels that our belief either support and carry us to correct speculation or indeed otherwise, typically of course if we get it right we can give a Hell Yeah and likewise ask what the seed of learning and so on is in having made an incorrect assessment.

Well I think it perhaps comes down partially of course to those issues of levels of clarity, and likewise focus and concentration, whereby either following an expert or indeed group of experts who have a well layed out mechanism and form of cluing systems is perhaps going to lead to further and further clarity as you progress and proceed, or indeed otherwise if you are experiencing ever greater levels of resistance as some of us are known to have experienced.

Trying to put a round peg in a square hole and all rest of those things that many an intransigence specialist is prone to doing, likewise of course if you expand the size of the hole the peg may well fit through anyway, so you do find that differing concepts can be introduced as to ways and means to circumnavigate to Solutions.

Having said that of course I like many others have pondered on PUZZLES within puzzle books and indeed within some standard Newspapers and scratched my head as to how I might achieve the Result or Answer, only to then not work it out and see the Authoritative Answer a day or two later and think OH YEAH OF COURSE THAT’S OBVIOUS.

So why when seeing a Solution do we think something obvious when as a puzzle we were unable to mentally attune to the required Strategy to find an appropriate Solution.

Of course that is perhaps where groups such-as MENSA step in and other INTELLIGENCE TESTING SYSTEMS, often designed around some “ALLEGEDLY” STANDARD MODEL OF THOUGHT and thinking strategies.

Clearly however what that often means, is that you have spent enough time around peoples and persons following or working to and learning those particular models. I think I may have mentioned the Krypton Factor that was on when I was younger and that typically had all sorts of time pressured activities that contestants were expected to achieve some competence within, often of course with a time limit or pressure mechanism of some description.

So reports over the last few years of study that I have heard over and over again are these ideas that when 2 groups of children or peoples were asked as to how they managed to achieve this that or the other result, one group would say that other group is smarter than us whilst they smart group would claim they worked at it harder.

I actually in all and complete honesty have HUGE DOUBT as to such things, yes peer pressure and social grouping and so on can make huge difference, though it has often been demonstrated that folks who do some amazing things have not been told they cannot, and likewise when you look to the deeper circumstance of when those “DO NOTS” originated, very often it was via some CIRCUMSTANTIAL ROUNDABOUT ILL THOUGHT THROUGH LOGIC OR BELIEF, rather than some direct associative issue.

The Rule that is applied across all areas and aspects of life instead of the one area and aspect that it was initially intended for, likewise the reverse principle is operated upon by some individuals where a rule genuinely intended to operate across all areas has somehow found itself being disregarded in some compartmentalised fashion.

I of course suggested taking a Zero Tolerance approach to many a nonsense originating from external peoples and persons and quite simply that was to accelerate the teachings and learnings that you take on board, and likewise whilst it may seem fascist it is often the most sensible way to not pick up a bad dose or indeed OUTRUN the inner naysayers and so on.

Again it can seem somewhat strange in a way, another strange thing I heard recently was that multiple former Colleagues & Cleaners have gradually been gaining employment elsewhere in the wider and broader Business and I can say that is a good thing because, for many years it could demonstrably be seen that working on nights was punished in terms of intended working life advancement, yes I have also heard that limited candidates were applying for some jobs and positions though likewise I think the overall atmosphere and attitude of present workforce is far superior to what is has been Historically, and those moving elsewhere within the business typically take those characteristics with them, yes you often have to work with the peoples and persons in front of yourself though likewise we can see how establishing better group psychology and so on over a longer period can benefit all in the sense that whilst I may use a word such-as CONTAGION to describe some events, contagion does not necessarily have to be INTERPRETED as either GOOD or BAD, just what it is.

So will this be a cut and thrust budget to get the United Kingdom’s blood pumping and flowing in upwardly mobile fashion or will it be half hearted keeping the backbenches quiet or appeasing the extremists?

Yes another topic of course is this one of AGE and GENERATIONAL PSYCHOSIS.

I recently read an article suggesting that the United Kingdom Population in terms of AGE is becoming massively out of kilter whereby the over 55’s are the largest population grouping, that in fact does not surprise myself because when we look to the Historical Record and the Thatcher years and so on, everything was very much selfish housing stock and National Business sell-offs where nothing new was crafted and created in those Societal wide areas place, and typically those peoples are often the ones complaining about jolly foreigners coming and taking all the jobs, if each Generation of a Population thought it appropriate to have children and send them out to work for British industry and so on, in similar fashion in fact to how those of various Religions operate, then the counter arguments against immigrant workers and so on would not be valid.

Yes strange though true of course Catholicism is suggested to grow through the encouragement of traditional family values and Islam is suggested to grow through the encouragement of traditional family values, it often suggested that the most well established mind set within many a Country is to simply OUTBREED the identified opponents, typically of course systems such-as setting up the NHS and creating remedies or cures for many ailments led to huge reduction in the breeding mind set of the British populace (as a whole) am sure some exceptions will or can be high-lighted. Though typically of course it is interesting that the more we speak on rights for all and the freedom to live according to various well established principles and teachings the more one often wonders as to whether those preaching such ideas are actually abiding by such things.

We have all perhaps been that innocent child who has believed all and everything a parent has said and likewise if a parent is consistent in action along with what they say then issues and topics such as congruence are less likely to appear, likewise of course the same can be suggested of teachers and preachers and well just about every sector of life the Universe and everything again.

Yes I have been thinking heavily on the Religious Years of my youth pondering upon what seeds of enlightenment and learnings and teachings may well typically have been regarded as right and true irrespective of the peoples and persons delivering the various sermons and so on. Typically of course QUIET MAJORITIES who often want change stay silent, or indeed Communities Isolate themselves from the peoples and persons they are expected to be delivering teachings and selling products to and so on.

Yes overall of course I often wonder where did this stereotype point of view originate, whilst I did find myself thinking on several religions that I had encounters with, I also found myself wondering as to where WELL KNOWN DOCTRINES or beliefs about those Religions originated as being worthy of being high-lighted, strange though true, it is often suggested that this religious grouping is vehemently opposed to these activities and (give typical 10 commandment like list) however I in my self-inquiry and so on can again find that some topics and subjects and areas (often high-lighted within popular media and so on) were rarely spoken upon or indeed singled out as areas to speak upon, so again it perhaps typical that those who themselves have ISSUES are simply LOCKING into some perceived GENERAL PREJUDICE that is not carried by all of a grouping or faction within some greater “UMBRELLA IDENTITY”.

Saying you are this that or the other, whether a Christian or a Muslim or a Conservative or Industrial Worker, does not automatically carry with it all other highlighted doctrines that a broader faith like CHURCH teachings can included.

What else?

Well another typical area is this one of Health and I noted a highlighted report suggesting that the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) is not living up to its organisational mandate or perhaps operating as effectively as it once did or is potentially capable of. Those things typically confusing given how diverse World Health Care Systems are from continent to continent and indeed what procedures and protocols and drugs and methods are allowed here but not there and all those debates.

Yes as much as any of us would like to be interested in all and everything that goes on about the World it really can be sensible to understand how things can be translated from large windows to small windows and back again and indeed maintain some level of consistency or indeed maintain some level of change if that is required to gain good health and shift toward prosperity consciousness and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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