Another Hot & Sunny Day Can Mean Only One Thing

Yes of course whilst e can all sit in front of square boxes and look at a million and one forecasts from around the Globe the reality is perhaps that we are often far more interested in the Local Weather, of course even local weather dynamics can change significantly. I have of course spoken on previous living close to a coast where you could drive through rain, sunshine, rain sequences along the coastal road and likewise I noted a selection of video clips from Downtown Northern Italy demonstrating the effects of a TWISTER, or Tornado as they are perhaps more officially designated.

Likewise I also read with interest that glacier ice tests have revealed that a chain of volcanoes in North America were the cause of excessive damaging weather within Europe during ancient Roman Times, the dust clouds and so on changing Global Climate and the knock-on effects actually led to poor crop seasons and starvation and the spread of disease and plagues and so on. All quite interesting stuff.

Elsewhere another somewhat strange report was that Chemical or Biological Weapons Testing was carried out on the British populace in the years following WWII during the 1950’s whilst Nuclear tests and so on are well known some of the Biological Tests that were carried out are far less known about and included tests on British Soil as well as the Caribbean and Nigeria in Africa and so on. That information was taken from a book review and photographs and research was carried out, little was suggested to countermand what was being said, suggesting that the information was not way “out there” conspiracy theory so much as DECLASSIFIED RECORDS that have now been brought to some public attention.

Yes Society perhaps also presently being encouraged to reflect upon the latest Budget from the Chancellor of The Exchequer and strangely the most interesting tidbit was perhaps that his given name is not George but Gideon, who names a kid after a Bible Edition one can wonder, he having changed names during his youth apparently.

Also being reported upon is a diesel war between the Supermarkets though I have not looked beyond the headline to see what it is all about, I do of course know that huge encouragement was given to the populace to switch to diesel in years gone by just as encouragement is now given to switch to other so-called HYBRID vehicles now, I recently heard about some Electric Formula One brand that tours the World at present and apparently the engineers involved have learnt a great deal from that competition as to how they can make progress in engineering terms and so on, so whilst many a Laboratory Theory or Simulation can be tested to see as to what may occur, it is often only when you have a functioning product or however in front of yourself that you often come to see the REAL WORLD FX. Yes that sadly can take years to find out and discover when it comes to Biological and Physiological type drugs and so on, hence so many disclaimers within drug packets as to potential side effects, effectively seeking a get out of jail formula for the manufacturers in a DID YOU NOT TAKE NOTICE OF THE SMALL PRINT and how this drug is incompatible with breathers of AIR.

Yes strange though true, many a person believes such things, though likewise just as many others spend years and years of their lives HIGHLIGHTING the ill effects and brining such things to greater public awareness, how valuable are those contributions are of course debatable when you take into consideration the Statistics and percentages and how few of us can relate to understanding that we are one individual among 7+ Billion or indeed that we are made up of billions if not trillions of cells, and of course in theory we can reorganise those cellular functioning’s to better reflect new ideas and realities that have come into our awareness through various teachings and so on, the big Solution in many ways is seemingly to cut through Historical detritus and indeed align with ideas as to rearranging in various versioning’s of being in and experiencing best Health and Best Psychology and best all round ideas technician and so on, as well of course as perhaps making best use of the very many combinatorial strategies and learnings that we gain over very many years via family and peers and Societal like groupings and so on.

Of course releasing does seem to be an ongoing area or topic in the manner and way that as much as you release, you do seemingly go through several so called layers of either external persons playing victim to yourself or indeed seeking to cause you to play victim and I have generally found that in such areas, it is not in the interest of either yourself or indeed the external person though of course debates can be had as to where some issue or topic or circumstance was instigated or came about and so on.

Elsewhere I also saw a brief new story as to some planned major street party (in London) for Her Majesty in 2016 (if I understand such things correctly) made up of invited people’s from the very many charities and organisations that she has had involvement in during her long reign and indeed a public lottery system or application system is also taking place whereby you can request a seat. I can say that the adjoining or parallel road to where I live has seemingly had an annual street party ever since they were encouraged several years ago now to celebrate some thing or other, cannot recall though did quite enjoy joining the party within one’s own street and also being able to come and go so to speak without feeling obliged to be present at all times.

Yes the news item gets a mention from myself because the report mentioned I think 1977 (I forget year) though around that time period I like many other young children was presented with a spoon to celebrate the Silver Jubilee at that time, I am sure it is still in existence somewhere. That perhaps also reminds one of the classic WHO SONG that begins something along the lines of being born with a plastic spoon in my mouth.

Yes strange thing to say or sing of course given how much that MOD generation screwed all future generations for all and everything they could. Yes that perhaps part of the classical push the debt forward attitude that was still prevalent within those time periods, though again as I have progressed with my learnings and studies and understanding and awareness, I do in fact have my suspicions that some Societal Sectors have always had high levels of awareness and have somehow managed to simply ring fence themselves from many of the World Wide excesses that the rest of us are seemingly often finding ourselves being caught up in.

Yes so various sporting activities of course continue and typically getting those threads fully operational as to where you want and desire your own attention to be versus where others want your attention to be is on ongoing topic or issue of debate.

I of course because I spent so much time investing in my interest in Science Fiction and Computers and Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and so on from a young age have perhaps despite spreading my interest base around far broader topics later on in life, and not really following all those realms do still keep a hand in and a look out for some recent developments.

A New development from Big Blue (IBM) is once again a new processor chip manufactured with a silicon-germanium combination that apparently is said to operate far more quicker in accelerated nanosecond’s fashion than previous fastest operational generational chips and apparently demonstrates Moore’s Law is still fully working, though likewise bringing such chips to mass market still requires a couple more years of development and full study, less the atoms go berserk and malfunction or something.

Yes strange though true whilst transistors and gates on a chip and so on are relatively easy to understand and design and craft, deciding upon appropriate usage for such things is another matter, that perhaps where modern chips are generally far more geared towards a variety of functionality as opposed to dedicated operations and functions, however some realms do truly benefit from dedicated processors purely carrying out one function and those engineers are well aware of such things, for every mobile phone chip that appears in mass market devices, alternate chips can be found for more SPECIALISED functioning and I have no doubt that that perhaps is the equivalent of another kind of formulaic strategy.

Yes Its Hot and Sunny and I am wittering

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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