I Can Of Course Be Thankful For My Storm Tech Coat

Yes I have of course been regularly identified in recent years via the wearing of my grey Storm Tech coat and Grey Woollen Hat and of course that image perhaps becomes an appearance and style when you consider days like today with great grey clouds hanging in threatening fashion and manner above the tranquil Wye Valley waiting and considering whether we are deserving of some special attention. Much like anyone who wears any kind of garments for prolonged periods of time. I think I typically decided to invest in some slightly more expensive gear that would see myself through during the times when money or financial issues would ensue. The coat is perhaps somewhat bedraggled and ragged now compared to the presented appearance and image it was given from the manufacturer upon purchase. However I can most categorically and definitely state that it has served the purpose of keeping myself insulated and generally cool against all weather conditions not just those typified by the Cloudy Sky above.

Unsure as to why I mention the storm clouds though typically of course in terms of storytelling and so on, many a story came about through inspirational weather conditions. Typically I of course know of novels such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and all the very many horror classics though in fact when we look to some Visionary choreography within the movie industry and storytelling industry in general, one cannot help to see where very many overlaps and real life convergences and serendipities occur.

One such area or topic that I have perhaps spoken little upon is this one of Electricity and I did in fact find myself deciding to once again research that area and topic and in particular Nikola Tesla, Croatian Legend who in typical Classical tradition of a Dick Whittington set out for the United States and perhaps the pursuit of what has now traditionally been quantified as the American Dream.

However more interesting to myself within my research was in fact that he was born during a lightning storm, Wow how Frankenstein is that, and the of course classic Movie Terminator springs to mind in terms of the required Energy to create and traverse so called gaps in space and time and so on.

Tesla actually when you study him really was in that Genius MAD SCIENTIST BRACKET and one cannot help but wonder as some of his writings and teachings and how they are only now coming to fruition. Yes I say only now because he studied and worked for years and years competing with Thomas Edison in terms of seeking to take Science and Technology forward and had very many innovation and invention patents attributed to him, predominantly in the realm of progressive science and he actually created WIRELESS and very many other technologies that have only really been seen in useable formats over the last 10-20 years.

So the IDEA of Harnessing the power of the Sun or Atom and Particles and so on is one that is also handed down from generation to generation and typically of course we can read upon such characters in the hope that such understandings and beliefs are taken on board within ourselves.

I of course am known to promote the wares and technologies of several companies that often seek to tap into those realms of thoughts and ideas, even if we have not initially directly experienced them from those purveyors. An example perhaps ideas such as we are made up of all the very many influences and societal wide like shaping and crafting that occurred during our younger years, though likewise it can be demonstrated that identifying when particular beliefs occurred or indeed did not occur happened.

By that I mean that many of us have a level of awareness and are often generally happy with such things until perhaps circumstances cause us to have to re-evaluate our lives in some fashion or manner.

I spoke on having an accident shortly upon leaving school and whilst I may have had a religious upbringing I was still typically youthful egotist and can do attitude and manner and so on and indeed COMPETITIVE. That accident effectively changed the playing field for myself in terms of belief because after a long time period of recovery and being unable to compete in sports that I had taken for granted during my youth I then went through a phase of thinking well I have to get BRAINY and intelligent, okay yes I did consider myself pretty damned intelligent during primary school years and often achieved high scores and good marks and so on and indeed it was only in secondary school where again the state of play was altered, I seemingly no longer good enough within the differing school realm, I often think things would have been different if I had remained within a similar district school to the original primary school though the new school typically of a differing societal class sector had differing attitudes towards peoples and persons from differing societal sectors, or so it seemed to myself.

Anyway that is all digression and kind of amplifies and echoes some of the teachings of Paul Scheele and how school often reduces and hinders our capabilities due to the psychology and so on that often pre-exists within those realms.

Yes so I was thinking about this mad scientist business and of course about so-called weather elements and harnessing various ideas and the reading and researching of Nikolas Tesla (despite possibly seeming long out of date) is an exceptionally worthwhile pursuit.

What else well that of course can be linked to various news stories appearing at present though typically we all have our own respective points of interest and may not be aware of where someone else’s focus is at present. The daughter decided she was going to come and stay early for this Summer and I typically set out to fetch her and whilst at the train station decided to get some snacks for the journey and kaboom, wow I have not seen those in years.

Yes in front and centre view at the railway station café counter were, wait for it

Swizzels Rainbow Drops, coloured and sweetened drops of maize and corn (something like that).

Anyway I cannot understand why they shot through my mind as an AH-HA though they most definitely did and I have not seem them in standard shops be they corner or supermarket for years typically perhaps thinking they no longer produced, much like the classic Texan Bar of my childhood and very many other sweets.

Yes so I purchased some rainbow drops fully with the intention of handing them over to the not so little one, though eventually found myself snacking upon them and such taste memories and location memories and so on can actually serve as triggers to previous or earlier life experience, I think that they may well have been served within cinema’s at one time as a kind of popcorn substitute or indeed for parties though likewise am sure I must have tried or ate some on more than one occasion.

Anyway returning to Nikolas Tesla, he carried out research that is still categorised as classified by the United States Government and one cannot help to think that in terms of ideas such as those of Terminator and someone able to harness and pull the future in to his life he perhaps typified that kind of a person.

Given all the so-called fantasy realm of modern cinema and books and so on now, it is actually exceptionally hard to ponder or wonder as to what IDEAS he could of produced that you would not want a general populace to be aware of or indeed an opponent or competitor.

So having carried out that research and thinking about some of the more recent times technologies I have encountered within my life one cannot help to think that I may well have capabilities and skills that I am perhaps less aware of than I previously thought.

We all of course during young childhood have the potential to relate to some big screen portrayal of a downtrodden or typically misunderstood character or personality and I find myself wondering which ones I may have personally tapped into or picked upon given some of the strange events that have surrounded the worlds in which I inhabit in recent years.

Yes so I have not written for a couple of days though strangely as suggested do think we are once again coming into those times of BIG WAR.

Yes I know Prince Phillip A.K.A The Greek recently told a photographer to get on with it and surely we can all perhaps see the humour in such a situation, though likewise World Wide Communications Systems have typically been suggested to result in less peoples and persons wanting to go to war and fight and so on. Typically of course CHOICE IS CHOICE hence we hearing classical stories of fighting soldiers holding a Christmas day football match and so on prior to returning to one’s own trenches.

Yes I really do think that whilst those who know and have greater levels of World Wide knowledge and awareness have sought to steer populations from all out wars and conflict that those things are going to occur irrespective of best laid plans of mice and men.

Typically we are seeing ISIS taking over the Middle East and the rest of the World cannot simply let such events occur knowing that many a dictatorship that arises uncontested or rivalled simply goes on expanding until you suddenly find yourself in some all-out Global Thermo Nuclear War Zone that was not originally envisioned as a Final State of Play.

Yes so lots of interesting ideas and themes running through the media at present and I of course always suggest takin any thread of thought and seeing what triggers may or may not otherwise occur in other realms of focus and intention.

I perhaps when I look back upon many of my writings lack the level of descriptive quality that a good fiction or novelist requires though that typical perhaps of many a modern writers and teachers methodology of being LIGHT and exceptionally ambiguous to the point of conflict and confusion and so on.

So it does seem to myself that several things have suddenly switched into a somewhat more accelerated pace within my own being in recent weeks and months though can typically point back many years to when I first began taking an interest in such studies.

That perhaps part and parcel of seeking to unwind all the very many competing thoughts feelings and actions into some semblance of congruence and unique identity within the greater scheme of things, yes step by step progress can be achieved by anyone, though likewise do not expect everything to turn out as expected.

Yes some other strange thoughts recently were related to a couple of classic children’s adventure seen as a child “The Railway Children” and “The Amazing Mr Blunden”.

I also noted a strange story of the disappearance of some of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers from famed Wizard of Oz, apparently a million dollar reward has been offered for a missing pair, more than one pair apparently exists in the World or was used within the production, though typical of this David I had somewhat warped ideas as to some Rich Heterophobic type such-as Elton John trying to squeeze into them and squawking “There Is No Place Like Home, There is no place like home” and so on.

Yes the World can be made of Dreams apparently though that then of course places all and everyone into a zone of being careful as to what you may or may not wish for.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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