Yes strange Though True

I have of course like many a course module purchased or taken come to feel I know the contributors or authors perhaps more than I do and likewise such things of course can also change perspective or viewpoint upon their writings and so on. That may of course be troublesome if one feels some requirement to remain as to taking some kind of neutral stance, though likewise one can waste a great deal of one’s life focusing on regrets as opposed to futures and that of course one of those big hang-ups or pitfalls to fall into.

So typically I of course when originally had it requested or suggested that I read Sam Horn’s work (I think within the photo reading module) was somewhat disappointed, I perhaps typically of course with many of those book recommendations for that course often feel they are somewhat lightweight easy reading materials and one does at times feel that multiple photo reading book lists could be published so that folks are better able to gauge the various cycles and patterns that they can become attuned to though not necessarily within one particular stream of reading, typically Of course I think within the video material for that course or indeed a related course I saw stacks of what I would consider to be heavier reading materials and wonder as to why such books are never on the recommendations list.

Likewise of course I once again have digressed, though I can most definitely feel that I perhaps know some of the ins and outs or workings of Sam Horn’s mind set (possibly) and that perhaps is better conveyed through the lecturing and teaching model than can potentially come across via a published or authored book.

In fact I perhaps have many books akin to that whereby beyond a name of author and a reading of the given fiction or science or whatever area of life the universe and so on the work is addressing I do often have to speculate as to what they may or may not be in real life.

Some well-known authors and writers and so on, do of course write regularly for newspapers and indeed within their own blogs and various other knock-on outlets when they have been syndicated in some fashion, so it does of course perhaps none of us no harm to begin writings and perhaps reading also to seek to identify those characteristics that we personally like within other’s works and become a variation on a given theme, though likewise we very often perhaps are in a completely differing life and World Zone to such peoples so typically then you often as is also seen get someone seemingly appearing to be original within one area and aspect of life the universe and everything when in fact they are simply taking a model from one zone and transmigrating that model to a zone or area of life where that style of fashion and so on does not fit or is not recognised as having previously existed within that particular realm or categorisation and so on.

So yes the last module or subsection of the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now course is to be given later today and I am unsure at present whether I will be able to listen in live or indeed catch-up later and convince myself that it is close enough, though I can most definitely say that the course has brought a whole new angle and perspective and bearing upon my views and so on as to writing and synchronicity and becoming better attuned.

So I have enjoyed the course and will perhaps feel once again all alone in the World when it is gone and I am no longer receiving those emails to get your homework done and your writing done and your project up and running and so on, working through all the very many procrastination like thoughts and feelings and reasoning’s that can appear as absolute reasons to not write or not compete and not take part.

Likewise of course I do still stand by some of the reasons for those things, I have stated for instance that many a topic whilst interesting from a releasing point of view or perspective is very often counterproductive in terms of being life enhancing and empowering and so on, and some folks unfortunately will forever stay within those realms and sectors of ideas, simply as a motivation or incentive that has served them throughout life and there is not necessarily anything wrong with that, many of us it can be demonstrated to have done that until circumstance has changed in some fashion, though likewise in manoeuvring terms I really do think that some variants of typical examples of extremism really do not stand up to higher levels of awareness and scrutiny and following through in some variations of reasoning and logic.

So to my mind getting and maintaining some level of “Being in the zone” can make all the difference in the World in terms of finding a stepping stone of confidence in what you think feel act and know, likewise as I have repeated again and again, getting any kind of focus and concentration when you are typically under pressure or siege of some fashion really can leave one feeling option less, they (many an expert) says work through those points of conflict and friction to ever higher levels or threshold and so on and typically, if that were true why is someone such as myself and many others I have recommended these Meditative Technologies to, fail to get those mental shifts and discoveries and enlightenments?

We can talk about incentive and motivation until the cows come home and in reality what many of us people know to be true versus what Society and politicians say is true are very differing.

Another example is highlighted in a couple of News articles I read upon my gadget today, one was that David Cameron was speaking upon the matter of the Defence Review that is apparently presently taking place and the suggestion is that the Conservatives are going to abide by the percentage asked for from NATO (in terms of expenditure) and likewise that the budget might be better shaped or geared towards these particular elements, those suggested elements were Special Forces and drone planes and so on and again typically, we do have to remind ourselves that as many a Military expert has suggested the gradual reduction of Military Service Personnel has effectively reduced the catchment of applicants that can potentially step up to those higher levels of service and so on, likewise of course you do not necessarily know if you are capable until you actually simply go for it, I think that has appeared again and again within many of the books from Special Forces personal that they went for those higher levels and were determined perhaps to be the best and so on, though did not have many of the associated big ego qualities that are often presumed of some of those folks. So yes I think that the reshaping of joint intelligence agencies and so on perhaps plays a part of that reallocation of budgets and so on, though typically of course each segment or area and field of expertise will not want too feel they are being hard done by in terms of allocation of those budgets and staffing demographics and so on, likewise it can be all to easy to see such monetary allocations swallowed up in infrastructure and on accountancy spreadsheets, where I am sure that the attitude of personal is one of what do I need at present to carry out this task, and simply have such things made available in the fashion or manner of James Bond, though typically the books always seem to suggest that a BEG BORROW STEAL mentality strongly exists, not only among competing factions within the same organisations but across other comparable organisational realms, Prince Harry of course recently returned from the Aussies equivalence before rushing of to Africa and likewise the American’s and most World Wide Countries have similar supposed or alleged Special Forces, comparable scales and measures of course not somewhere to necessarily maintain focus as being the best might be suggested to be “being the best” irrespective of Origin and Nationality and Religion and all the very many excuses people create mental walls and barriers.

The Other interesting topic was some bizarre claim as to gender and equality pay gaps and how companies had to pay women more and so on, that of course is wrong (as an assumption) to someone such as myself who would include housing benefits and child benefit and tax credits within the calculations, I often amazed as a single guy paying some maintenance each week amongst other outgoings, that these people receiving the money who very often have roofs over their heads and somewhat monopolistic attitudes to wanting and having and claiming all and everything they can get their hands on plead poverty in the pay leagues, when the reality for many blokes is that we are the ones being completely and utterly stiffed by the female mafias that operate and control many of those so called “Public Sector” HELP Departments. Yes they talk of how women stepped up and took over many a working life role during World War II whilst the men went of fighting and the reality is that typically again, monopolistic attitudes and gangs and all the usual nonsenses exist as to who they designate as being appropriate for HELP.

Yes I have spoken on the topic previously and will likely bring it up over and again, because quiet simply many a designated SECTOR (not just the female population) is often encouraged to go round and round and round in games of CRY WOLF without every gaining any kind of actual help or likewise some groups deliberately isolate and target people for SPECIAL TREATMENT, that as I have suggested often requires whether we like such things or otherwise a versioning of EXTREMISM of our own to counteract or countermand getting sucked into topics and debates that can only ever result in Martyrdom, what positions are you willing to die for and what positions do you big it up about without the actual intention to follow through on such action.

Yes they do say that choice and options can be introduced within any sequence of events at any point or time of life, though likewise operating in BEST FASHION as to what is being sensible and what is being truthful and honest and acting from a positon of integrity and so on versus otherwise, likewise of course expressing your voice from your experience does not necessarily mean you are going to gain a positive and rewarding reception for anything you do or say though likewise you can often be better of not going through the same old same old as to debates when better understandings and mechanisms can be introduced for a more personalised improvement plan that actually fits what you may or may not require within your life at present.

The World is seemingly full of experts with programs though likewise I think the other course that I have been working through concurrently with Write fast Write Well, Write Now Future Mapping demonstrates that some kind for measurement and gauge is always going to be required to fit and work along with even when you have no belief in such things beyond of course pointers to cycle and events and all the rest of those things.

Yes the Solution, Write Universal Translator System at the top of your Future Mapping chart and then realise that you likely require more than one chart for more than one component within that system and that the exponential nature of all the system requirements can potentially take a lifetime to achieve without some kind of accelerated learning system or dynamically steered and geared and fashioned and styled understanding of why some debates are better focussed upon than others.

So I often ask does this subject matter and topic put food and the table and a roof over my head and so on and so forth, likewise others who have often achieved all those kinds of things are often only too happy to seek to have you yourself to look down upon in some fashion, we need people to look down upon in Society they convince themselves, as a measure or gauge as to what has been left behind.

Yes that is sadly the BIGGEST TRUTH that I encounter again and again, irrespective of actions taken and modules taken and teachings and learnings taken, the requirement for all others to fail and lose as a way of boosting one’s own level and quality of life etc.

Break them down to build them up or simply chip away at the outer layers to find that the core was already made of granite and many a WOLF in LAMBS clothing is that way for a reason, do you want to see Lambs in Wolfs Clothing?

Yes psychology is always an ongoing area of concern though again I still prefer to have raised threshold and so on than otherwise and improving topics of conversation and areas of mental tourrettes when you are surrounded by people who re inforce negative intransigent positions is cause in and of itself to walk away and not compete, why stick around idiots fighting or living in resistance to greater truths and awareness’ that anyone can achieve through some very cheap purchases.

Yes the Perkins programme is still to be finalised though one can at least confirm that getting true truths out of one’s system is better than playing nonsense games that serve no one but those with vested interests in maintaining power and fear and all the rest of those somewhat questionable attitudes and lifestyles that can at best be suggested to have been ones of choice.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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