So I Listened In On The Final Module

So I have listened in on the final module of the Write Now course and typically feel that I will of course have to listen again when I am feeling more fully refreshed and taking notes and so on, I very often with some of these courses sit and listen without necessarily taking the notes and typing and getting myself into a muddle.

That of course one of those beneficial capabilities from having an on-line library and perhaps somewhat a little differing from some previous courses and lectures that I recall taking at University (for instance). Yes many study and note taking strategies can be found and some teachers and lecturers ask or inform you to take notes whilst others will typically make course notes or power point slides available to students, I actually have been someone who has traditional been one of those with pads and pens type of people, who sits in the Auditorium trying to keep up and typically of course unless you have some kind of shorthand system going on or indeed carrying out a rewrite of your notes to fill in the spaces and gaps can return several months later to find that you have not got a clue as to what the notes actually mean.

That is not 100% true 100% of the time of course especially since I am now thinking in Future Mapping terms where 120% is the suggested measuring gauge or scale to aim for within the teachings, I think I may have previously of course here on this blog suggested that all those giving it 110% type motivational strategies can be somewhat annoying when referred to from general management type training and motivational courses, though on this occasion and given the teachers involved I have perhaps been more forgiving within my thinking about the module and in fact when you are thinking in terms of TIME and the various alternate given components within the course you come to see that 120% better fits a time RATIO whether thinking in terms of 120 seconds being given a rewrite as 2 minutes or 120 minutes being given a rewrite as 2 hours and so on.

Yes so returning to the course, I do find that a HEALTH theme kind of appears throughout in terms of examples given and indeed having listened to some modules on several occasions I kind of get a theme appearing that kind of makes sense also in terms of what some of the individuals on the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now Facebook page were discussing and speaking upon.

I of course have nothing against the medical professional having grown up in childhood as someone who could say “my mum, whose a nurse”, though likewise of course I have worked within the NHS and indeed experienced things from both coin sides, we do of course seemingly and rightly or wrongly imbue Consultants and Doctors and Medical personnel in general with magical powers and abilities, though they like all peoples and persons can make mistakes and go of the rails and misbehave and or be prone to extremism and so on, I know the department I worked for the Professional individuals were seeking to get their chosen field of expertise recognised as a specialty, and indeed have that area of expertise recognised within medical circles and so on, and the amount of POLITCS that goes on within those medical fields is something to behold in terms of PROTECTION RACKETS (protection of an area of expertise as opposed to mafia racketeering), it could well be suggested that particular MEDICAL BODIES within the Medical Profession were given huge incentives and kickbacks when the NHS was being set up many years ago simply as bribes for the Medical Professionals to become involved, and that system has been maintained come hell or high water for generation upon generation.

Likewise of course it is fully understandable in many ways when we look at how the FREE NHS has been attacked and used as a constant bottomless pit of expenditure example of poor quality management and so on.

To my mind the SIMPLE and BEST SOLUTION toward the NHS BUDGET is to treat it in the Same fashion and manner as the Armed Forces Budget, ah-ha some say given how the Armed Forces Budget has been attacked relentlessly, however I did not say whose Armed Forces Budget, and when we look around the World to the United States for instance, the Military Budget is phenomenal given that the US system is generally based around raising of budgets through taxes and nothing is free.

Yes strange though true Obama care as it is called is typically a watered or diluted attempt to create a kind of NHS system within the states though typically the incentive to the MEDICAL MAFIAS does not exist in the same fashion as existed within Britain during the last Century, likewise of course the rules and regulations are somewhat more lax as to who can set themselves up as an expert within the field of blah blah.

So Britain is somewhat REGIMENTED with lock-in gangs of Professions and Professionals whilst the United States has similar lock-in system within various Professions though typically finds it more difficult to maintain MONOPOLY when the entire SYSTEM or NATION is geared toward open thinking and tapping into new ideas and expertise when where and how they become available.

I for instance have no idea where particular IDEAS I have been crafting and working on originated, beyond saying that I had an idea and went with it to see where it would lead, likewise for myself despite having now taken notes that can be utilised I am unsure as to ins and outs as to possible medical usages (for instance) because I have seemingly worked from a MAGICAL THOUGHT POSITION that has strangely as progression been made, come to make more and more sense in a kind of SCIENTFIC FASHION.

Of course everyone wants a CURE NOW and I was thinking about this because of course many a medical remedy is known to work though likewise, percentages can always be found to demonstrate the other than Norm areas and regions and topics.

Yes so another interesting topic was of course that a new follow-up course has been developed and is available beginning in August time.

I am unsure at present, I do actually given the amount of notes and learnings and so on feel that I can write a book and bring all the various studies and noes into some semblance of a publishable release, the problem of course often being that an area we want to focus on and design ourselves may not be where others want us to speak upon.

So I of course have repeated on this idea as to breaking through those transition points in order to see that very much everything is invented and that we can utilise loose links and threads throughout very many areas and subjects and topics though likewise it is very much a stepping stone sequence whereby we very often have deeply embedded long lost intransigence’s that seemingly become self-sabotage’s when we are trying to transition to our new thinkings and thoughts and so on.

This is a blah blah and wittering, though always handy to speak on first impressions.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 🙂

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