So Why Is Raising Threshold Or Reinterpreting So Powerful

So Why Is Raising Threshold And Reinterpreting So Powerful

This is of course a question that can be returned to again and again and as someone who came to the Change and Transformation kinds of programmes later on in life I would suggest that lie everyone else from any generation born after Technologies such-as Cinema and Film and TV were created, we typically perhaps get somewhat over-saturated at young ages as to all the very many inputs coming at us and also of course how we interpret such things.

Like many a person, I can say well I was competitive and liked to win and likewise had ALIGNED myself with those kinds of mental processes and thoughts and feelings, typically I remember when young watching Olympics and major sporting championships with typically Britain or England’s latest great MEDAL HOPE and there was something personally rewarding in the associated thoughts and feelings of supporting your chosen winners, we of course during those 70’s years had some great middle distance type runners competing against each other, the Steve Ovett’s and Sebastion Coe and so on, and likewise whilst it may have been disappointing to see favourites missing out in other sports we could at least satisfy a desire to win by being in alignment with Our People who were winning within their chosen field of endeavour.

We could typically go through the motions for many a sport whereby you already new that the World Champion was from some alternate nation and whilst you could enjoy those events it was not the same as being in alignment with the Winners.

So that perhaps in modelling terms an important FACTOR, if you want to win and be the best, you seek to model yourself and align yourself to those winning examples, irrespective of FLAG and PRIDE and so on.

So typically when questioned or indeed interviewed many Great or improving Sports Peoples and Persons will happily CITE THE GREATS from there chosen sport and those greats were often from multiple nations, so you would typically find it difficult to become EXTREMIST as to my nation or Country being Superior to your nation and Country and so on.

It can of course be demonstrated that some Dynamic Steering is required in some of those IDEAS quite simply of course because many a person seemingly builds into themselves an EXTREMISM as some kind of Survive at all costs attitude and values, wrapping themselves in the Flag and very often bullying and savaging all about themselves who does not feel the same way. Such people’s perhaps more prone to wanting to fit reality to that model than some wishy washy blowing in the wind attitude that also at an alternate extreme can come across as pacifism, those who have given in-in some fashion to not being particularly good or motivate to be interested in what they see as the ridiculous nature of the alternate.

Of course circumstance within my own life forced myself in many ways to have to adopt a dynamic steering like approach because I had aligned myself with the idea of being like those sporting greats and some fire in the belly to win competitive nature, and then through accident and injury and recovery found myself unable to COMPETE in the same fashion, typically one or two fights I was involved within a year or two after recovery demonstrated such things to myself in no uncertain terms, whereby whether lucky or knowingly a swift targeting of a known quantity or weakness left myself rapidly defenceless.

So that as suggested previously left myself having to think in terms of getting brainy and having to think in terms of working in office like realms and management and perhaps typically anything and everything that is not regarded as physical labour.

More recent years have of course been to myself a demonstration that I could kick some of those historical IDEAS into touch in having worked manual labour for a number of years, though likewise perhaps demonstrating that the find a peaceful quite office or desk job was not such a bad decision, beyond of course the extreme boredom I experienced within those environments.

The other issue of course is that whilst I can say, well I am going to get brainy or align myself with alternate models within this that or the other realm, most folks and peoples and persons have favoured film stars and so on, likewise finding or IDENTIFYING HEROES and HEROINES and so on, within some fields of activities and endeavours just does not do it for yourself, so I could typically with Physics for instance look at all the Hoo Haa as to a Stephen Hawking and not know what all the fuss is about, I have sadly found myself thinking that way across quite a few of the so-called Science Hero realms, whereby they simply do not seemingly lend themselves to being cast in those kinds of roles, yes society in general rewards them for contribution and all the rest of those things, though it can be difficult to feel excited or become passionate and so on about such activities.

Likewise of course I can actually say that in writing realms, something of a turnabout occurs for myself for a number of writers whereby I think because I enjoyed writing and reading and so on from a young age I really can perhaps become more inspired and passionate about some of those kinds of activities, though likewise very often from a position of being constantly schooled in “you’re not good enough” repetition, the last school Science Physics exam that I took I scored 93% despite being told or having it inferred that I was not good enough to do that subject, the reality having been Religious Parents falling into dispute with Teachers over the School Syllabus.

So anyway, short of returning to do physics at a College or University or some on-line course, all I can really do as to those subject matter is imagine what life may have been like had I followed a sensible approach to my life and future via taking the subjects that I demonstrated myself as being good at via exam results and so on, irrespective of belief disputes between the adults within those debates.

I did of course return and do Electronics Engineering and indeed the Computer AI and Robotics in later life and those can perhaps both be demonstrated to have strong Physics related links, although I am sure that a continuity in the study would have been far superior to intermittent gaps and having to start over from scratch.

Likewise of course in Storytelling terms and what I have learnt in more recent years is that we generally retain our respective lifetimes worth of information’s and so on, so typically the topic then comes down to one or two of those learning strategies courses of how you place information in and how you taken that information out again, a long distant memory of being able to score well in some childhood exam is not the same as being able to tap into such information now, though likewise we know that information is there someone and in theory at least be called upon or utilised irrespective of whether that is being done consciously or otherwise.

So the other issue is of course the lack of neuroplasticity in the brain whereby until a belief is created and a strong enough stimulus introduced, one is likely to simply continue with older points of view as to what and what is not possible, I know it was several levels through of the Holosync stimulus and indeed constant mediation styled breathing practices that finally started getting those more desired shifts, initially I was happy with what the early level stimulus was achieving and producing though it was only later on with constant dedicated narrow minded ness that I started getting some of those bigger shifts, and breakthroughs in terms of how the brain is far more malleable and so on than one can imagine or belief and likewise as repeated many seemingly associative conditions or factors can fall away, as you progress, all too easy to witness events here there and everywhere around the World and then think yourself responsible when in fact turning your attention to more uplifting and rewarding feedback and return IDEAS is perhaps a better approach, yes easy to say and indeed I can say that I have experienced resistance upon resistance as to beliefs and of course I can also say that some boring repetitive and bland saying that some communities come out with as some kind of generic truth is often found to be a complete falsehood and fallacy as you progress, something I am sure some of those folks who take up these remedies have to come to terms with, just as I myself have to come to terms with some of my own more extreme intransigents. The truth perhaps that given the abuse and pressure and so on that I was experiencing, I was highly motivated to rapidly advance through the levels, and likewise the issue was perhaps not helped via the fact that some of the causes of those pressures and extremists were still seeking to bully and manipulate and keep a stranglehold on the peoples about themselves.

Anyway I still have to decide as to taking up the next non-fiction syllabus course, it does read well as a syllabus and outline, and my only concern return again perhaps to what I can write that would make a difference to someone else’s life and so on. I perhaps do not relate to one or two of the questions that SAM HORN provides peoples to get some of those thought strategies going, and that perhaps potentially the difference between male and females, unsure in all honesty, though the question often seemingly what would you want to tell this person that you wish someone had taken the time to tell yourself when you were younger etc., I like the IDEA however-given my life course over the last few years and the battles and murderous and toxic environmental factors, in truth I would be unlikely to make the technological recommendations and so on that I did, I would be more likely to simply keep it to myself and walk away, in a far more dramatic TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT ATTITUDE.

10-12 years of constant war with nothing to show for such things (in terms of material gains and so on), might sound the stuff of Legends and Heroes such-as Odysseus, though typically a more sensible approach and my advice to anyone anywhere going into such toxic and poisonous realms, is walk away and do not take up the challenge, we all like great action films and battles and wars when it is entertainment, it is not so much fun when you have seemingly been chosen to be public enemy number one.

Yes get those ridiculous long lost childhood programmes out of your system and start afresh understanding that you can clear out everything and reinterpret everything because The Holosync Solution for instance, does seemingly get ever greater cross-hemispheric communications occurring and when you understand the basic MODULAR ENGLINE components required, you can generally better pick and choose, irrespective of age and so on as to what you actually want, versus what you simply have, you do not in many ways have to change a great deal so much as very often bring to the fore IDEAS and THOUGHTS and patterns and cycles that you already have at some level whether through birth inheritance or indeed schooling or watching any MEDIA and so on.

Yes whilst you may work in the Valley of the shadow of death fearing no evil, letting go of such indoctrination and taking up more empowering beliefs as to what can be achieved not just for yourself but those about yourself is a constantly moving target, I can of course just as I see colleagues come and go also see that patterns and cycles come and go and one always has to be aware of extremists once again appearing, it is surprising sometimes from what quarters such things appear, though typically of course that perhaps why maintaining a decent level of you own council or mind set and separating that out and not getting drawn into some debates can make all the difference, as can the willingness to write through the pain and the turmoil and follow through on your willingness to get those changes in the World within yourself so that ideas as to being the change you want to see in the World begin more and more to come to a reality and fruition.

Who knows what I can write next?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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