Do Time Streams Really Correct Themselves

So I have recently found myself asking this question quite simply because of many of the STORYLINE influences and factors that I have experienced not only in more recent years since I have taken up meditation.

I believe I mentioned as a young child perhaps reading particular Christmas Annuals for various superhero type characters, one such grouping of characters being the X-Men.

The reason I mention the X-Men is quite simply that I recently watched a film that perhaps demonstrates the confusion and conflicts that can arise via IDEAS as to SUPERBOOSTED THOUGHTS being able to transpose above and beyond more collective ideas as to time and the tradition of linear time that we generally grow up becoming accustomed to.

The X-Men film in question entitled “Days Of Future Past” where at the last gasp of some future time stream involving global conflict and Mankind and Mutant kind being wiped out by Hybrid Shapeshifting and Morphing Robotic like Sentinel Creatures, Wolverine is linked up with another Mutant who sends his mind (consciousness) back in time where he is able to change events meeting younger versions of other characters and change the Course of Human Mutant History and so on.

The GREAT DILEMMA once again being that similar to also demonstrated within Dr Who, whilst he maintains MEMORY of all the other X-Men Histories and storylines he was involved within, the new time line results in deceased peoples and persons still existing and so on, effectively he being the only one (perhaps beyond those whom he encountered such-as Professor Xavier) knowing of what has occurred.

So meditation combined with some Higher Threshold and developing new awareness’ and intelligences enables those sorts of events to perhaps occur, though likewise as many a story ends such things are often given by storyteller with a nod and a wink as to who actually knows of the reality shifts and so on.

Likewise of course there is not necessarily a choice demonstrated to be good bad or otherwise, several characters demonstrated to return to type irrespective of NEW INFORMATION and likewise perhaps one or two others finding REDEMPTION where none may have previously existed within an alternate timeline, hindsight again perhaps being demonstrated as to making new courses of action available and so on.

So in reality then we can say that time streams do not correct themselves so much as can be altered dependent on any given individuals ability to manoeuvre and perhaps go through change and transformation and EVOLVE. So time whether regarded as linear or non-linear for anyone can perhaps be altered or changed according to the level of awareness and personal growth and development you have and likewise of course a willingness to take the actions you require to alter your own path, in terms of what does not serve you falls away and likewise perhaps having a high enough intelligence/awareness/manoeuvrability too make it so.

Yes my thinking is once again returning to my issue of having carried out so much research that has not really been effectively utilised beyond developing my own personal understanding of these matters. The particular area of research was in fact related to the idea mentioned above and written on some past or Historic Blog article as to IDEAS of INVOLUTION versus EVOLUTION and likewise of course I in thinking I am being clever though clearly not think well I can stick an X in front of those words to come up with some great XINVOLUTION versus XEVOLTUTION.

Yes are these subject matter going to put money on the table and food in the belly or are they simply blah-blah versions of so-called FESSING UP.

So I can of course seek to come to some sort of integrative understanding of evolution though likewise also have to understand ideas as to involution because it does seem that the CONSCIOUSNESS STREAMS AND DREAMS ISSUE is potentially one of knowing which is which, that problem of some folks being better able to gain greater clarity than others or indeed believe themselves to be in requirement of such things.

I can of course when I listen and re-examine many or multiple courses actually RELATE many of the so-called teachings and themes and SUBCONTEXTS to many of these so-called SUPER HERO and CARTOON REALMS & CHARACTERS.

I was thinking this recently when listening into Sam Horn for the Final Module of the Write Fast, Write Well, Write Now Module and she speaking on a Dark Night Of The Soul and of course I grew up something of a Batman Fan who is often referred to as The Dark Knight and likewise of course many a Horror has links to IDEAS of SOUL.

I have of course spoken on utilising mental search and analyse and decision tree processes and protocols and procedures and they of course are very SCIENTIFIC sounding, though perhaps once again related to OUTRUNNING our CONSCIOUS EDITORS, to create new mental superhighways and functions and so on.

I can confirm that I have now signed up for the NEW NEXT LEVEL OF PROGRESS COURSE in the Write Well Series, and whilst I have not necessarily any particular reason to take the course or develop a non-fiction book, I do feel a level of enthusiasm for SUPPORTING A COURSE that has been developed (partially within my mind) in response to those questions posed or pondered upon on my website.

Likewise I do actually own another site that has not been developed beyond a name and likewise have also thought of several others though again it perhaps comes down to IDEAS as to income streams, my outgoings seemingly greater than incomings and strangely, I still have little desire to seek to charge for services and teachings given, even though in reality that perhaps because I have not actually beyond COMON LAW teachings do not feel that I have any FOCUSSED NICHE programme worthy of greater attention.

So yes lots of information and juggling has been conducted though it can of course be demonstrated as to so-called LAW OF ATTRACTION ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE type ideas, that stepping stone sequences can occur once I feel in a position to say, write this is the project that I feel I can maintain some focus upon, this is the timeline with built in parameters, and those who have taken these strategies previously are now showing a MODEL with guidelines known to work and any RESISTANCES to them working for myself also, again perhaps come down to level of awareness and persistence in working through old INTRANSIGENTS that know longer fit the REALITY or CONSCIOUSNESS stream and timeline I have seemingly found myself moving into.

Difficult to perhaps explain beyond my rushing through Holosync and Learning Strategies Courses perhaps being a demonstration of 1. It all apparently being an inside job, though that can also be altered changed shifted from and likewise that the EDITORS that we all of us have often over relied upon can be OUTRUN and can also be channelled into creative interactive cross realm like functions that better enable more empowering and prosperous like thoughts feelings and actions to occur.

So walls and barriers once again mentioned quite simply because I noted Wallis Simpson (of Edward VIII & Mrs Simpson Scandal Fame), he of course gave up the THRONE to enable that relationship and indeed the present Monarchy and Royal Family, yes the news was more related to NAZI SALUTES performed by Elizabeth as a child something we all have perhaps done stupidly as children when mocking or referring particular BEHAVIOURS whether from FAMILY or BOSSES or SECTORS of SOCIETY.

Of course some peoples regard those things as unacceptable whilst others glorify themselves and indeed much of my research suggests that the SWASTIKA for instance was utilised throughout the entire planet by very many religions and cults and so on throughout history and indeed when thought of in terms of QUANTUM computing, we typically of course hear from companies such-as INTEL that the QUAD core was all the rage at one point, that simply another FIX or WORKAROUND that was developed to seek to improve so-called REALTIME Processing, that alternate PROCESSOR MODELS did not have a problem with.

So no matter what side of any information database or debate you feel yourself on, you can always debate the ins and outs and IDEAS as to HOW CAN I ALTER THE PLAYING FIELD, win the no-win scenario and be THE GAME CHANGER for my own life and personal development and perhaps those who you love and so on.

Yes I can perhaps say I have made huge strides in mental developmental progresses though likewise perhaps require carefully crafting alignments and game changers that others can follow and TRUST to work, beyond my simply saying this is what works, that perhaps comes down to encouraging folks to take up remedies and modules even if simply HYBRID COMPLEXITY courses, modelled upon the best of the best of the best that research has previously provided us with.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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