What Are The Issues With Hero & Heroine Role Models

Or Any role models for that matter?

So I will first off start by commenting on a discussion I heard as to a Religion versus Science debate or recorded lecture that some “Christian” family members were watching and how I effectively fell fowl because I could see or understand the discussion from a higher place on the Mountain (so to speak).

Whilst the discussion was apparently specifically related to Richard Dawkin’s book “The God Delusion” what actually peaked my interest was said to have been a quote from Stephen Hawkins to the times along the lines of “God is a Fairy Tale Delusion For People who are afraid of the Dark”.

The Religious chap (also I think a Scientist) had been asked for a counter quote and he followed the same line of strategy thinking as Hawkins had “Atheism Is A Fairy tale for people who are afraid of the light”.

So of course that typical of circular arguments that have been thrown back and forth for the best part of most of the 20th Century without any real progress or new Enlightenment understanding from those typically watching or viewing such things. (In my opinion). A Futile debate that possibly increases the Wealth Health and prosperity of those Participants and potentially gives some feel good factor to those who throw themselves into Progressive Religious Causes or Scientific Causes as a Result, the rest of us of course may as well turn of and tune out, especially if we have utilised Technologies that change the playing field to such a degree, that returning to the puerile swings and roundabouts issues or the Slide and climbing frame issues simply no longer fits our own current perspective on Life the Universe and Everything.

I of course have spoken on reaching various Plateau’s within my studies and meditation and typically perhaps alternated Courses to seek to gain new insights and shifts that I may have not previously consciously realised.

The one function that is exceptionally worthwhile in utilising again and again when you reach a plateau is the so-called sorting algorithm, I know one is taught within the Centerpoint and Holosync Teachings of Bill Harris and I also of course know or have since become familiar with sorting like algorithm within Learning Strategies like Technologies and wears such-as those demonstrated with the Memory Optimizer Courses, likewise I can of course be suggested to have taken on various similar styled teachings and algorithm’s throughout my Schooling and indeed potentially Higher Education and of course via various books and Photoreading Courses, we all can perhaps say that we have or operate many of those kinds of functions.

So is there a best sorting algorithm?

Well of course in reality we all of us perhaps want to use those algorithm that are best designed for a particular specific purpose so having a selection available and then deciding upon the best one within this circumstance or crisis I am facing is perhaps the most sensible option. Generally it can be demonstrated as my AI and SEARCH Teachings from University demonstrated that combinations are often utilised in a specific fashion to Harness a particular reporting of the data whether you want to cast a broad and wide net and have a broad and wide church so to speak or whther you go broad and wide and then use a 2nd algorithm to narrow focus.

Anyway the reason for the title is that I recently mentioned noticing that a MARVEL or DC Comics kind of sub context or theme can be found within some of the Historical Learning Strategies Hypnosis like sessions and likewise of course we within the United Kingdom were perhaps not fully involved in being fans of those Comics just as many Europeans may not have been until more recent Times where all the BIG SCREEN OFFERINGS have taken Superhero IDEAS to ever greater Audiences.

In my own childhood for instance whilst an awareness of them (Superhero Characters) perhaps existed they were generally regarded as more NICHE Market Places, I of course seemingly excelled in childhood in having an interest in many so-called Niche market place followings and Ideologies as well as some more mainstream ideologies, so quite a broad and wide intake as to interests perhaps without ever becoming fully obsessed with any given realm to the detriment of other realms.

Anyway it does seem that a full turnaround has occurred within my own life, whereby many a thing I took interest within during childhood is often now regarded as largely common and mainstream among current populations, whilst I myself have withdrawn interest from many of those areas and topics of interest.

My concern as to this matter is perhaps related to the IDEA of Ultimate You like modality and courses that again perhaps are a best of the best of the best for long term followers already well indoctrinated with the teachings, though potentially full of holes and pitfall for those of us coming to them later in life.

I of course can say that despite being Hereford Born and Bred and so on and having lived away that an Ultimate You idea, is potentially somewhat troublesome in so-called REAL WORLD terms for folks from this Region, one I have an elder Brother named Tim and living in the shadow of an Elder Brother or sibling or indeed parent was never within the Itinerary as a child perhaps beyond using such things as a foot in the door kind of competitive wedge, how many a child complains of a sibling being given better attention or rewards than younger siblings and so on, and of course many a family relational model can FORCE STEREOTYPE behaviours on folks that they do not really genuinely want or live successful lives from. Hence releasing modalities coming to the fore in those areas of research I think and feel.

Likewise of course an Ultimate “Local” realworld model for Hereford folks, predominantly though Historical record and Reputation are of the course Service Personnel and infrastructure personnel of Local Military Forces somewhat famed Worldwide for Survival Skills. That of course might be great from outdoor perspectives of surviving in the Wilderness and Jungles of the World though little benefit potentially for the so-called Human Jungle, whereby it could well be suggested that you are effectively being set up for a no-win fail or fall when operating from those “Comparison with the Garrison” IDEAS, because you are potentially going to reject all and any aspects of life where you are not proving yourself to be a survival specialist, the only one who managed to survive behind enemy lines and so on and so forth, I typically perhaps in returning to Hereford after marriage failure and then seeking and gaining Corporate Owned Employment within the area and region typically find that the PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF system of operating consistently failed and was floored, People Like Myself was perhaps a NAÏVE everyone’s a Heterosexual, attitude until evidence came to the fore of otherwise and then of course I quickly found myself asking why are these peoples and persons outing themselves to my Heterosexual personage and so on, as described previously.

The Environmental Balance was out of Kilter because in employing EQUAL RIGHTS IDEAS and having some long term groups of other declared sexualities, people were

OVERCOMPENSATING for feelings of guilt or inadequacy as to other EXTERNAL peoples and person’s LIFESTYLE CHOICES.

That is very important, because such nonsenses once again much like the Religion Versus Science debate above, take you round in circular fashion, and it is why some or many debates are futile when you want to operate from some everyone can be a Winner Umbrella kind of IDEOLOGY.

I think I recently when visiting the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now page noted that one or two individual’s had changed their Facebook Picture to have some kind of Rainbow across their images and that is a personal selection choice of those peoples, (I think possibly related to Alternate Lifestyle Choice Rights groups etc.), though likewise were I to be asked if I thought such Identities to be Unifying I would typically have to say NO, because from my own internal research as to the lifestyle choices of myself, such IDEAS have operated as EXCEPTIONALLY DIVISIVE GROUPINGS, anyone who operates from current TREND UNDERSTANDING & MEANINGS of words and IDEAS, and so on can see that they very often run or go against the so-called typically presumed to be grain.

On a similar note the SORTING IDEAS comes to the fore, because instead of constantly bashing diffing peoples for differing lifestyle choices we can see what the blocks and idiocies may or may not have been within our own Environmental World, as a thought within a body and so on.

So huge great savaging of ISLAM has been occurring within Western Nations in recent years and we can of course see that ISLAM is PLACED within TEACHINGS HIERACRCHIES as A GLOBAL UMBRELLA above and beyond National Boundaries.

Whilst Western Religions typically have “I am an American Christian or I am A British Christian, and so on typically establishing a NATIONAL IDENTITY above The POTENTIALLY MORE BENEFICIAL IDEA that some Senior or more Ancient Religions can give as saying I am A Christian who is American, British etc.

So the ORDER of the HIERARCHY can make all the difference and doing COMPARISON SORT ALGORITHM, whilst potentially leaving you feeling unworthy or isolated or fearful can potentially give you those greater shifts, because typically we can Identify ourselves as many labels above and beyond some of those less rewarding areas of debates such as sexuality nonsenses and so on.

Likewise of course I think the Marie Diamond like courses sum up where watching many a Disney or Barbie styled movie leads for the Ladies in terms of alignment with ideas as to Royalty.

Of course throughout World History we can see that typically a ROYAL HIERARCHY often consisted of the TOP LEVEL OF ROYAL OR FIGUREHEAD being the GOD DEITY anyway, so given that topic I found myself wondering as to where us males might aspire within such pecking orders, whereby we do not throw ourselves into being Survival Specialist in detrimental fashion, when we could be throwing ourselves into being properly rewarded and regarded and receiving lots of APPRECIATION and GRATITUTE for having demonstrated more prosperous health wealth and lifestyle choices.

Yes far to many SUPERHERO characters whether regarded as real world or fantasy typically demonstrate or provide mental models whereby INTRANSIGENCE can only ever lead to an EARLY GRAVE. Likewise having the Wisdom to withdraw or change your perspective and choices when new information comes to the fore can often be a sensible decision and not something to be made fun of or sneered at in some fashion.

So transitions of ideas whether external or internal and regarded as progressive or otherwise often result in step-by-step processes of repetition and recursion though likewise, a backward step is not necessarily a bad choice if it leads to a better dynamically steered course later on within your modelling explorations, where you suddenly feel everything is kicking into some accelerated abundance of AH-HA’s and jigsaw pieces and puzzles that you may or may not have had concerns about typically resolve themselves simply through understanding that you can watch and witness feedback and returns and scales and measurement dynamics from a Witnessing Window upon the World that typically is not being right plonk within the Centre of all the commotions and ridiculousness’ and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well. 😉

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