Beyond The Spiritual Code

So it may of course seem strange that I bring up or mention The Spiritual Code Module and the reason is perhaps that I myself was quite surprised when the Module was announced and released. Why? Well typically when we look to multiple Masters or Mistress’. I can point out at this point that I am unsure if Female Masters seek the Utilisation of alternate titles or otherwise, given how Language development was seemingly geared to many Masculine Seeming Words being given over to the Global Meaning representing both male and female, yin and yang and so on, as opposed to those debatable subcategorizations that many a person often presumes or assumes for themselves as though readying for battle.

So we can of course as is done between Science and Religion argue in some circular roundabout way for ever and a day without really achieving or accomplishing anything.

Anyway it seemed to myself when The Spiritual Code was released that it was an ODDITY amongst the Marie Diamond Collection, even though I perhaps myself did not actually have the entire collection at that stage or point.

So Is the Spiritual Code (at least to myself) may well be regarded as a kind of a Bridging System between what was known previously by those within the Learning Strategies Sphere Of Influence and Enlightenment and what is known now (in terms of New information coming to light) one can again wonder and if so does that Bridging System require further enhancement given the more recent return to her more regular territory of a further Feng Shui Level Four Module, especially as it was mentioned that the Spiritual Code Project had been 5 Years in the making, as anyone knows in terms of research and development and so on 5 years is a lifetime given the seeming modern day pace of Technology Companies throwing out new Systems and a typical example of that is of course todays speak on The Apple Watch, apparently regarded by the Company as an add-on range product to the more established and available products, that have been on the stores and shelves for several years.

Interestingly of course when we get groups of Tarot/Angel or regular Playing Cards or Trump cards or indeed DVD’S and CD cases and so on we can make them into patterns and I was kind of wondering how a Directory Tree of Learning Strategy Products might look when shaped and patterned into a Systematized Root Tree of some description. Clearly it can be suggested that the Company itself has become a kind of Umbrella Organisation though likewise knowing what whose product best acts as a linkage to someone else’s product range and so on is an interesting question that can be asked.

Typically of course we all have hindsight over our lives and likewise I am sure that Ultimate You like course Modules were created to act as a more all-encompassing selection of coaching products that act as stimulus linkages between various pre-existing product ranges that you may or may not have already purchased and worked through.

I of course whilst have listened to many teachers saying seek to take the seed of enlightenment out of your life History and events therein contained do struggle with particular aspects of the feedback and return mechanisms.

Typically of course as well as the Spiritual Code I also enjoyed the Numerology Course and again it may have seemed an obvious to have within your range though did not exist perhaps beyond the development of the Author or coming together of pre-existing Established experts.

So how does one develop one’s own expertise and focus, when one has seemingly failed in the utilisation of pre-existing teachings and so on.

Why ask?

Well I think several teachers have of course spoken on how they themselves had conversation with multiple masters and when given one question each master would typically give a CONTRADICTORY Answer to alternate Masters and of course we then potentially gain some insight and understanding into decisions as to what is best for us ourselves as individuals and indeed how to dynamically steer through those muddy and grey areas of debate.

So I at present still feel (from my perspective) that something is missing within my understanding of the very many syllabus’ and teaching that I have become affiliated with. I do not say that to upset those who I have been gradually moving into greater alignments with so much as to query as to moving or gaining greater clarity and breakthroughs within my own REPORTING and FEEDBACK MECHANISMS.

So I can of course say, well The Write Well Course has typically demonstrated why so very many system exist and indeed how one can seek to align with some writing and authoring practise that work, though likewise it may well be suggested that I had to typically throw in the towel in finding the seeds of enlightenment in many a circumstance because of the heavily prejudicial peoples and persons I was surrounded by within my life, because I seeming was either constantly being asked to DEFEND positions I never necessarily knew anything about or indeed distracted by being overly busy with other IDEAS such-as taking up meditation and outrunning the “catching a bad dosage” that had seemingly set in after several years, when do you yourself suddenly find that you yourself are seemingly the bad dose and when and how and why did that antithesis of how you previously identified yourself come about?

Some of course say that such things come about with age and so on though I really do think that the mental health ratios have become totally skewered in some fashion whereby whilst I may be thick skinned it was never on the list of desirable attributes to have.

So what are the seeming ANOMALIES within my feedback and return mental health reporting system and mechanism that overcomplicate what when I set out were relatively simple and achievable goals, why do they (the teachings and practices) seemingly work for others whilst I myself feel like I have been sucked in to some Vortex or black hole and spat out on the other side without any KNOWN mechanism to be able to shake of the bad karma and misrepresentation and all the rest of those things.

Typically of course I was thinking about the work environment again, and I recall that elder brother whom I recently mentioned, worked there many years ago as have many a person within the City, typically for a relatively short time span, perhaps demonstrating like many others that he could not hack it or survive, I think he actually had wrist issues, as did many a person, manoeuvred toward the exit door, this was of course years prior to the currently established employ staff from Agencies Policy that seemingly grips all but the higher echelon jobs. Anyway I of course may well have been running some non-conscious “better than the brother” competitive attitude or programme that has long since passed or served its purpose, likewise of course in identifying those potential saboteurs I can say well I have achieved that IDEA, though clearly not necessarily a very clever position or purpose to be operating from anyhow. Of course the longer you stay or remain within a realm the greater the likelihood that you become part of the furnishings or establishment yourself in some fashion though likewise how you see yourself within any greater jigsaw and how others represent you is always area or topic for debate, especially given how many nonsense generators of multiple nationalities walk the corridors and halls and so on, I have seen multiple international mafias such-as the Poles move in and out and indeed seen multiple generations of those groupings all thinking they are the next best thing, though typically of course I am well known for criticising education systems and standards and that perhaps is something that is seen throughout World-wide populations when I see first-hand evidence of people who all seemingly operate from extremes of blagging it, pretend you can tie your shoelaces versus thank God Wellington’s have no laces otherwise the Company would be well and truly F*****.

Yes so Reporting system ANOMALIES, within internal external feedback and return mechanisms and seeking improved cross-realm bridging systems in-order to not find oneself returning to misaligned thoughts feelings and actions.

I was of course thinking, Oh I can utilise Future Mapping to establish a NEW course set or sequence of bridging dynamic though likewise cause and effect as to BOTTLENECKS is perhaps an ongoing issue, irrespective of other teachings such-as the Map is not the Territory, some folks or possibly some non-conscious intransigents will forever be determined that a breakout or newly designed manoeuvre cannot be functioned successfully, too ambitious or simply misreading or misunderstanding of the most simple of pre-requisite foundational lessons and learnings.

They say ask believe receive

What Collection would I like to see from Learning Strategies at this present time, well they already of course have created an Ultimate You Series, though from my perspective I would genuinely like to see and yes it is a STRANGE SUGGESTION.


The Foundational You Collection has been specially designed and crafted Complete With Acceleration Coaching Sessions, it is a Hybrid Collection of Modules and strategies that actually move and shift you toward getting some auto corrections operating on those long lost Anomaly like non-conscious feedback and return REPORT saboteurs and bottlenecks. Yes I am going out on a limb in suggesting that data remains fairly constant and in that circumstance the blockages are further up or down the chain to where they are presumed to be.

The issue is seemingly one of classical magician type issues in that smokescreens and mirrors are so effective as to be akin to having a malfunctioning immune system, we all know that immune systems malfunctions and what is perhaps a comparable product range issue now is one of the so-called MAGIC BULLET APPROACH.

Of course each Paraliminal is geared in a magic bullet like fashion anyway though I do think a Hybrid Accelerated Coaching Sequence of Suggestions, to work along those kinds of Present day “other realm” comparables may shift the present feelings of Les Miserables.

What is Beyond The Spiritual Codes?

So why the suggestion? Well typically Ultimate You suggests that you are happy and trust that you will be super boosted to a super version of who and how you are and so on, great if all is fantastic and great within you World, though what if the superbooster simply super boosts all those intransigents that you may possibly want to be shot of, though did not necessarily become aware of that until you studied particular topics and courses.

The Foundational You may well address those issues in being confident that you can have a transition to a more positive and rewarding and uplifting sequence of thoughts feelings actions and remedies and ideas prior to then stepping toward The Ultimate You Collection.

Matters and Topics of TRUST and what you are willing to trust versus otherwise, can I trust that a Foundational You Course would establish a better way prior to moving toward the other course.

FAIR COMMENT? From a relative newbie to such technologies?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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